A Valiant Life Chapter 488

“The tenth page’s task has been completed. Encyclopedic Points will be increased by 100.”

“Unlocking the eleventh page of knowledge. Since it is the eleventh page of knowledge, a specialty of someone close to the host will be chosen.”

Sh*t, here we go again.

At that moment, Lin Fan was very nervous. He had no idea what the eleventh page of knowledge would be but he was hoping to god that it was not some dishonest craft.

However, based on the knowledge he had gotten in the past, none would be too bad. Therefore, his anxiousness was to a small extent.

“Zhao Ming Qing has great admiration towards the host. However, besides traditional Chinese medicine, he does not have any specialties, so another person will be chosen.”

When he heard that it was going to be chosen from Zhao Ming Qing, he was very relieved. However, his relief was short lived.

Motherf*cker. What was this situation? What did it mean by Zhao Ming Qing having no other specialties and having to choose again?

At this moment, Lin Fan was very worried. He had no idea what kind of surprise the encyclopedia would throw up.

“Tian Han Ming has a strong affection towards the host. Autumn Sword Fish Killer has a deep hatred for the host. One of them will be randomly chosen.”

“Tian Han Ming has many specialties. Unlocking the subclass of the workmanship major class: Godly Back Scrubbing technique (With the Encyclopedia’s mystical boost).”

“Task: To become the well-respected Master Lin.”

“Reward for completion: +20 Encyclopedic Points, unlocking of the 12th page of knowledge.”

“Note: Since this is a sub-classification, you are not required to be involved in the profession.”

“Encyclopedic Points: 220.”

Right now, Lin Fan was dumbly rooted to the spot. Thousands of thoughts were flowing through his head.

Godly back-scrubbing technique

Why do you have to mess with me like that?

I’m f*cked.

“Master, what happened?” Zhao Ming Qing saw his Master just blankly standing there so he couldn’t help feeling worried.

Could it be because he was too tired and it had brought about mental problems?

Lin Fan awoke from his daze and very dispiritedly raised his hands and let out a sigh. He said, “Nothing.”


He wanted to kill himself. Why did it have to be like that? Then he looked at Zhao Ming Qing. Zhao Ming Qing was stunned. He realized that his teacher’s gaze was very strong and he felt a little scared and softly said, “Teacher, what’s up?”

Lin Fan very sternly said, “Ming Qing, when you go back, I don’t care what you do but, besides Chinese medicine, you better pick up other specialties. If you don’t, you’re not fit to be my disciple.”

Zhao Ming Qing was stunned and said, “Teacher, I don’t have the energy to learn other specialties.”

Lin Fan shook his head and said, “I don’t care. Once you go back, you better pick up a hobby.”

Zhao Ming Qing felt helpless and said, “Okay, Teacher, whatever you say. When I go back, I’ll work hard at it.”

“Let’s go.”

He felt like crying but the tears would not come. What in the world was this? Godly back-scrubbing technique? Scrub your f*cking head.

Going to the bathhouse and else to scrubbing someone’s back, that was basically asking for his life. He was such a powerful person but he had to scrub someone else’s back. Sigh. F*ck. Just thinking about it was a pain in the a*s.

However, if he did not do it, then the encyclopedia would be stuck on page 11 forever.

“Forget it, I will think about it at home, no point thinking about it now,” he thought.

The next day.

The news erupted online.

‘The godly doctor has disappeared, no one knows where he is.’

‘These 20 days, the godly doctor gave us an indescribable amount of hope’

‘The whole nation’s medical treatment organizations are all trying to learn the godly doctor’s methods. They are doing intensive research and vow to learn from the godly doctor.’

‘Many major hospitals are trying to hire the godly doctor to be a professor or maybe even a lifelong specialist’

The netizens were all in deep discussion about this.

“Are these editors stupid? No one knows where the godly doctor is? Isn’t he at Shanghai’s Cloud Street?”

“These useless editors. They don’t even get their facts right before writing articles and only know how to sensationalize things.”

“I am really grateful to the godly doctor for turning me into a new person.”

“Thank you, godly doctor, for saving my mother. From this day on, I owe him my life.”

“After this whole fiasco, my impression of traditional Chinese medicine has changed. Who knew that our ancestor’s teachings are still so valid right now?”

“True. All these Chinese doctors should be like the godly doctor. All those tactless Chinese doctors have all smeared the good name of Chinese medicine and made us lose trust in our ancestors.”

“I’m ready to personally head down to Cloud Street and give the godly doctor a banner.”

“Guys, take a look quickly. The godly doctor has posted on Weibo.”


“This is big news.”

On Weibo.

Lin Fan said, “With this volunteer medical work, I’ve used up a lot of my inner strength. I need at least 10 years to recover it. If you have anyone who sick, please do not come and find me. I want to help but I don’t have the in strength to do so. I will die if I try.”

“Pfff. This is such a sour message to read, the godly doctor was here for such a short period of time.”

“I told you all. How could this godly doctor have such amazing power? Turns out he had some inner power. But what in the world is that?”

“Let me explain this to everyone. What the godly doctor is trying to say is that he doesn’t wish to see any more patients, so don’t go looking for him.”

“Don’t do this, godly doctor. You are a god to us.”

“We can empathize with this. After twenty days of volunteer medical work, seeing so many sick people. It must have been at least a thousand of them. It definitely must have sapped a lot of his energy.”

“Sapped my a*s. If there’s a picture, it’s the truth. See for yourselves.”


It was just a few pictures of Lin Fan holding some steamed buns and nibbling on them happily.

Cloud Street.

The shop owners were all gathered together.

“Our Little Boss is back. Let us give him a warm welcome back.”

Elder Zhang said, “We definitely will. We need to make a giant banner for him. Little Boss is a godly doctor, who went to do volunteer medical work for 20 days. He is definitely a hero.”

Elder Liang nodded and said, “That’s right. Look at the townsfolk. They haven’t been complaining about the lack of scallion pancakes as they have been touched by the Little Boss’s actions.”

Sister Hong laughed and said, “Elder Chen must be filled with regret now. He was suffering in the hospital so much. Especially when he found out that Little Boss was a godly doctor, his intestines must have been filled with regret.”

“Haha. He didn’t believe Little Boss and got what he deserved. Sigh, you’ll have to beat me to death to get me to leave Cloud Street. It is so great being with Little Boss that I want to be neighbors with him forever.”

“I feel like Little Boss is our mascot here at Cloud Street.”

“Okay, let’s get to work. Little Boss is on the way back already.”

In the afternoon, Lin Fan could not help smiling when he stepped into familiar territory. He was finally back.

The only thing was that he did not know if the residents would beat him to death or not. He felt that they probably would not since they loved him so much.

His regular customers saw Lin Fan and immediately cried out in surprise, “Little Boss is back.”

“Little Boss is back.”

At this moment, the sound of firecrackers rang out.

The shop owners all came out with a giant banner in their hands that said ‘Welcome back Little Boss’.

When Lin Fan saw this, he was almost moved to tears. He was really emotional and realized how much he meant to them.

In the crowd, a series disharmonious voices rang out.

“Little Boss, you were gone for so long so you should sell twenty scallion pancakes a day now.”

His original feeling of being emotional disappeared. It turned out that they did not miss him but rather, missed his scallion pancakes.”

“Woof woof”

Elder Dog Nicholas rushed to Lin Fan. Lin Fan had not seen him for twenty days and it looked like he had grown in size. Also, it looked like he was running on his two legs a lot better now.

Elder Dog Nicholas was sticking out his tongue and was full of joy. He was running circles around Lin Fan, looking really happy.

Wu You Lan had not seen Lin Fan in a long time so she was all smiles when she finally saw him.

Fraud Tian gave him the thumbs up, showing his approval.

Zhao Zhong Yang started a live broadcast and shouted, “Little Boss is back!”

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