A Valiant Life Chapter 489

Chapter 489: This is Normal
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Zhao Ming Qing had been following his teacher around all this while. When he finally got home, he laid down on his sofa, not willing to move an inch. Although he was very tired, he felt good inside.

“Are you tired?” His wife was holding a bowl of chicken soup in her hands as she approached him. She had not seen her husband these few days and was missing him dearly.

Their children would also frequently call. At first, they were not happy about it but they eventually came to accept it. She felt it too. However, to be able to turn on the news every day and see her husband on it made her feel very happy inside.

Zhao Ming Qing smiled and nodded. He replied, “I am a bit tired. However, I feel very fulfilled. You may not know this but besides being married to you, these past 20 days have been the most important of my life.

His wife laughed and said, “As long as you’re happy, that’s good enough.”

“Teacher’s medical skills are really amazing. If he was placed back in the olden times, he would be known as a godly doctor and be famous for hundreds of years. Even though I said I was tired, Teacher is even more tired. The patients came from far away just to see him. So compared to him, my job was easy,” Zhao Ming Qing sighed. Then, he took out his notebook which was completely filled up. Although to others, this was useless, to him, it was a priceless treasure.

In his journal, he wrote down the illness of each patient, what Teacher did to heal the patient and what kind of prescription he gave.

He also wrote down all the things that he did not understand at first but understood after his teacher explained it to him.

However, this was just the tip of the iceberg. A disease had many different forms so it requires a much deeper form of research. However, if they were able to treat a certain disease, it did not matter how it mutated as the general way of treating it was still the same.

Zhao Ming Qing asked, “How are the kids?”

“They are good. Are you still angry at them?” The wife smiled and asked.

Zhao Ming Qing shook his head and said, “They’re all my favorite children. There is no angry or not. I’m just disappointed. Please tell them that if it was anything else, I, as their father, would be able to accept it. However, if they disrespect my teacher again, then don’t blame me for my actions.”

His wife shook her head and said, “Why do you have to be so serious? The kids haven’t been thinking this way at all. Recently, they have also been feeling pretty good after seeing the news.”

“That’s good,” Zhao Ming Qing nodded. The age difference between him and his teacher was pretty big so many people would find that pretty weird. However, to him, he was lucky enough to be his disciple and he did not care what anyone else said. He had a huge amount of respect for his teacher.

Traditional Chinese Medicine was something passed down from his ancestors. To have someone like his teacher personally teach him about it was something that made him very happy. In fact, nothing in the past few years had made him happier.

Ding ding~

A call from Zhou Qing Quan came.

“Look, my phone has rung. Must be someone asking about our volunteer medical work. I’m going to go to my room first,” Zhao Ming Qing said as he picked up the phone and was all smiles as he walked upstairs.

To see her husband so happy made her feel happy inside too.

To be able to do what he loved, especially during his old age, also being able to meet a teacher who has taught him so much, made her feel happy for him.

At the Chinese Medical Academy.

Qiu Jie and Zhang Tong Tong were standing at the entrance to the school.

There was a banner raised at the entrance to the school, welcoming them back.

It was an honor to them and it made them feel very emotional.

Qiu Jie happily said, “This period of medical volunteer work is one I will never forget. I have so much confidence in Chinese Medicine and I believe that it will pick up in popularity.”

Zhang Tong Tong, who was a girl, nodded her head, saying, “Yes, we were definitely very lucky to meet someone like Master Lin. Director Zhao also told us if we have any further question we could approach him. Do you think that Director Zhao will take us in as disciples?”

Qiu Jie happily replied, “It’s still too early to say. Although Director Zhao isn’t at the level of Master Lin, he is still a Chinese medicine doctor. If he takes us in he will definitely be very strict in observing and testing us. So we still have a long way to go if we want Director Zhao to take us in. However, he did say that if we have any troubles we could approach him.”

“I told my family about this and they all praised my decision. They also became very supportive of me learning Traditional Chinese Medicine. This whole situation has had a very big impact on the way they view Traditional Chinese Medicine,” Zhang Tong Tong said. To her, there was nothing else that made her happier.

She was a girl, so initially, her family did not support her studying of traditional Chinese medicine. But after this whole thing, they approved of it.

The surrounding students saw the two of them and they were extremely envious. They were also filled with regret. Had they known it would be like that, they would have signed up also.

However, it was too late for regret.

Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was very reluctant to even pick up his phone.

However, there was a phone call he could not reject.

“Dad, is something up?” Lin Fan asked.

Father Lin said, “Son, is that you on the news? When did you learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine?”

Lin Fan laughed and said, “I taught it to myself.”

“My son is so amazing. Self-taught and yet so successful. Okay, I’ll leave you to your own business. Oh yes, your mother wanted me to ask you, when are you bringing a girlfriend home? We are very eager,” Father Lin said.

“Soon, soon. I’ve been very busy recently so let me finish my things first. I’m almost finished with it,” Lin Fan said. He could only delay. This whole situation had not yet concluded. Moreover, it was definitely not so easy to find a girlfriend.

After hanging up.

In a residential building in Zhongzhou.

Father Lin was staring at the news on his phone and he could not help laughing. He said, “Dear, I’m going to Elder Li’s house next door to gloat, I’ll be back soon.”

The corridor outside.

Father Lin knocked on the door and said, “Elder Li, quickly open the door. Let’s go for a walk.”

He was prepared to go into the room, take out his phone and surprise Elder Li with the news. He wanted to show off to Elder Li. This time he had definitely beaten him.

On the other side of the door.

Elder Li took a glance through the peephole, then he looked at his phone. On his screen was the news about Lin Fan. “Hmph, this Elder Lin is up to no good again. He is probably here to show off again. Do you think that I haven’t seen the news? Last time, you already came down here to show off, do you think I’m going to give you this chance again?”

Elder Li pretended not to be home.

Elder Lin became suspicious and said, “Ah, is Elder Li not home? Forget it, I’ll come back tonight.”

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan unlocked his phone and checked Weibo. He had gained a lot of followers and had over 5 million of them. This was really a massive change, especially in his comments section. There were many enthusiasts all praising the godly doctor’s reputation, making him feel very good inside.

He saw a private message, so he opened it to have a look.

“Godly doctor, it’s me, Brother Qiang Qiang. I have been having some weird symptoms. My voice has changed and became more feminine, is this a problem?”

Lin Fan laughed and was wondering how this was a problem. He replied, “Not a problem. This is very normal and is just a short-term effect. After a short period of time, it won’t change anymore.”

Brother Qiang Qiang replied, “Oh, that’s good. Thank you for your time godly doctor.”

Lin Fan smiled and said, “No need to thank me, it’s what I should be doing. Remember to follow the prescription.”

To be able to settle the problems of a beautiful lady made him feel very good inside.

Once Brother Qiang Qiang completes her change, what will she look like?

Thinking about it made him very curious.

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