A Valiant Life Chapter 49

'In his strive to become famous, Yang Xiao Liang dumped his pregnant girlfriend. As a result, his girlfriend committed suicide after getting pregnant.'

This post was really eye-catching. It had three million comments within the span of half an hour and it was number one on the trending list.

"This can't be true. I'm definitely being framed!" Yang Xiao Liang bellowed. He looked at his agent and said, "You have to believe me!"

Yang Xiao Liang's agent took a look at him and sighed helplessly. "The company has made its stand clear. You should settle this by yourself."

"How can it be" Yang Xiao Liang stared blankly at his agent.

This piece of news was credible. Not only did it have detailed descriptions of the incident, it even had photographic evidence.

All these pictures were of Yang Xiao Liang and another girl before he became famous. There were a few of these couple photos and some are even in a group setting.

Yang Xiao Liang, his bodyguard, and his pregnant girlfriend.

It didn't take a genius to figure out that there was no way of denying something like this.

Any attempts at trying to defend himself would have been useless. It would just be seen as an insult to the intelligence of the people.

In the group of Internet trolls, Autumn Sword Fish Killer was ranked second and no one else dared to admit that they were better than him.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer jiggled his belly and bellowed as he read this piece of news.

"You are a f*cking scum!"

Autumn Sword Fish Killer notified his group of Internet trolls, saying that if he didn't clear his name sooner, any other attempts would be futile. The Internet trolls praised him when Autumn Sword Fish Killer said that.

"O great Autumn Sword brother, I think that it will be very hard to clear his name."

"Everyone thought that this person was decent. Who would have known that he was like that?"

Seeing all the praise, Autumn Sword Fish Killer's fat face beamed with happiness. "I am indeed the righteous leader of the Internet trolls, I can't possibly clear everyone's name whenever there's a scandal."

"Autumn Sword brother, something has cropped up. The Godly troll team is still helping Yang Xiao Liang clear his name," one of the internet trolls reported.

"Everyone take action. Suppress the Godly troll team. Target the bodyguard, and defame Yang Xiao Liang!" Autumn Sword Fish Killer ordered.

"Squad number one has received the orders. Time to take action!"

"Squad number two has received the orders. Ready to roll out!"

Lin Fan grinned with interest as he saw what was happening in Weibo. This group of journalists must have been really dedicated to come up with this piece of news.

Lin Fan also realized that the fangirls who were scolding him on Weibo had gradually disappeared. The news of their idol's scandal must have been a great shock for them.

"Master Lin is so cool!"

"This Yang Xiao Liang is so inhumane."

"I'm sorry Master Lin. I rashly scolded you before. I won't ever defend Yang Xiao Liang again."

"^ Master Lin said that there's nothing better than someone changing for the better after realizing his/her mistake.

With the turn of events in Weibo, Lin Fan was extremely happy.

He felt the time was nearing for the third page of knowledge in his encyclopedia to be opened. It all depended on the outcome of this situation.

Lin Fan deleted Fraud Tian's posts on Weibo and posted on his account.

"Hi everyone. I made a typo earlier. My fortune telling shop is located at the following address: Shanghai, Cloud Street, Number 8861. The shop name is Master Lin."

The post had over a thousand comments not long after being posted.

"I've booked my plane tickets. I will be there on time tomorrow."

"D*mn, changing just one of the words caused an eighteen thousand mile difference between both locations. I'm already at Shi Li Street."

"Master Lin is in Shanghai, I am too."

"Wow bless! Master Lin's shop was closer than I expected. I'll look for Master Lin tomorrow."

Lin Fan scrolled through his Weibo. He knew that tomorrow was going to be a busy day. However, the task for the second page of knowledge was to become a well-respected fortune telling master.

Lin Fan was afraid that it wouldn't be as easy as he thought.

Looking at how things were going in Weibo, it seemed that there were a lot of people who were interested in getting their fortunes read by him, but he hadn't completed the mission yet.

It seemed that these enthusiasts weren't revering Lin Fan as a well-respected fortune teller, but were just expressing that Lin Fan's fortune telling ability was awesome. Lin Fan had to put in more effort to get the people to change their mindsets.

The phone rang while Lin Fan was still deep in thought. It was an unknown number and Lin Fan decided to reject the call.

There have been a lot of scammers recently. If it wasn't to promote a product, it would be people pretending to be police officers trying to extort money from you.

The phone rang again, showing the same unknown number.


A minute later.

A message came. "I am Wang Ming Yang. I need to ask you for a favor."

Just as he received the text message, his phone rang again.

"What do you want?" Lin Fan picked up the phone sourly. "How did you get my number?"

"Getting a person's number isn't hard, it's just a simple search on the internet" Wang Ming Yang had been busy for the past few days and he was shocked after seeing the news developments of late.

"What's up? Just don't ask me when you'll strike the lottery. I won't tell you that." Lin Fan was raging on the inside. The last time he let Wang Ming Yang win some money, they got into a big fight. If Fraud Tian wasn't by his side to restrain him, he would have beaten him up.

A laugh emanated from the phone. "I have a friend from overseas who requested that you read his fortune. He has already given me all his birth data. I'll pass it to you later. Can you help me calculate his fortune?"

"Wait a minute, I'm not even that close to you. If he wants his fortune read, he has to come to my shop," Lin Fan said.

"His location is quite far away. It'd be ridiculous for him to come all the way to Shanghai just to get his fortune read. Furthermore, he's such a busy man and he wouldn't have time to travel."

"Then I really can't help you with that. My fortune reading can really change the course of a person's life. If he doesn't come to my doorstep personally, he'll lose out on a great opportunity. Anyway, can you pass me his eight birth characters?"

Lin Fan let out a laugh after calculating his fortune based on it. "He'll regret it if he doesn't come. That's all I have to say. I've got some customers to tend to. I'll hang up first."

Lin Fan put down his phone and looked up. There was a young man outside sheepishly observing the interior of the shop before gathering enough courage to approach Fraud Tian.

"Master Lin?"

Fraud Tian pointed at Lin Fan. "He's over there."

The young man looked at Lin Fan and gawked. "You're Master Lin?"

"Why? Do I not look like one?" Lin Fan asked calmly.

"No, no. It's just that you're really young. Anyway, nice to meet you. I've been following you on Weibo for quite some time, and I really admire you" Liu Ang Xing was overjoyed. He finally got to see Master Lin in person.

Liu Ang Xing studied in a high school nearby. He absolutely revered and adored Master Lin's fortune readings, treating him as if he was a god.

Liu Ang Xing was nearing his graduation and he had received an interview offer from a company. He was extremely anxious as the company was ranked as top 500 in the world. After finding out Master Lin's address, he immediately came over to get his fortune read.

"Master Lin, I would like to get a fortune reading. My friend and I received an interview offer from a company which is going to take place in three days' time. Can I ask if I'll get the job?" Liu Ang Xing asked curiously.

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