A Valiant Life Chapter 509

Chapter 509: This doesnt seem right at all

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The next day!

This matter was still bubbling on the Internet. Initially, it had only been a dispute among the Chinese Medical Academies but now, the public had joined in.

However, the Chinese Medical Association, Zhou Qing Quan and the rest, were fervently supporting Zhao Ming Qing. They had a rather good relationship and Zhou Qing Quan could roughly guess what was going on.

The teaching materials were probably being written by Master Lin.

But Zhao Ming Qing didn’t say this openly and it seemed like he was worried about something. If it was to be written by Master Lin, Zhou Qing Quan and the rest would be in great anticipation, wondering what kind of masterpiece would be produced.

Cloud Street.

Whenever there was nothing to do, Lin Fan would sit there, writing the teaching materials. Regarding the understanding of Chinese medicine, there was probably no one who was more familiar than Lin Fan. After all, the Encyclopedia was so perverse. If there were still people who could still match him, that would be as shocking as seeing a ghost.


While taking a break, since Lin Fan had a computer now he naturally had to be using Weibo on his computer. However, when he saw the trending news, he couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Why is Ming Qing disputing with other Chinese doctors?” Lin Fan’s heart started thumping as he wondered what the heck was going on.

Fraud Tian looked over, “Isn’t that your student, the Chinese Medical Academy’s Director? Why is he trending? It looks like he’s even disputing with Chinese doctors. That’s strange.”

“Mmm.” Lin Fan didn’t say anything as he went through the web pages.

Wu You Lan and the rest gathered by Lin Fan’s side, looking at the news on the screen.

“This matter is quite huge, replacing the old teaching materials. No wonder it’s drawing conflict from so many people.”

“Teaching materials are all decided by the Education Department. This disciple of yours is replacing the academy’s teaching materials on his own accord, of course he’d be flamed.”

Fraud Tian said analytically, “These old teaching materials have been used for a long time and they’ve pretty much been regarded as godly books. Trying to change them without consent is simply asking for trouble.”

Lin Fan said in a strange tone, “The way you said that, it sounds like you understand this a lot.”

Fraud Tian said confidently, “Well, of course. I, Tian, have seen every aspect of society.”

Wu You Lan knew that Lin Fan would not just leave this be. “You’re still writing the teaching materials now. What do you plan to do?”

“I don’t even need to think about that. Ming Qing is my disciple. Since my disciple is being flamed, I, as the teacher, will not stand this. I have to do something. Aren’t they saying on Weibo that the new teaching materials will be rubbish? I’ll shut all of them up.” Lin Fan was pissed.

Weren’t these people just not giving him any face? After that voluntary medical practice incident, anyone who had noticed would know that Zhao Ming Qing was one of Lin Fan’s people. By flaming Zhao Ming Qing like that, they were simply not giving Lin Fan face.

And what happens to people who don’t give Lin Fan face?

It was needless to say that they would suffer a tragic fate.

Lin Fan sent out a Weibo post.

“Hello, everyone. Excuse me, I’m the writer of the new Chinese Medicine foundational teaching materials. Those who said that what I’m writing is rubbish, we can interact a little. Even if you all are Western doctors, it’s fine. I’m very proficient in both. But don’t worry, I won’t embarrass you all too much. This is all I have to say. I’m going to continue writing the teaching materials. If you’re unhappy, then come to me. Also, as for those descendants of the old Chinese doctors, do whatever you should be doing. The reformation of Chinese Medicine foundational teaching materials is necessary. Your grandfathers and ancestors have made a huge contribution to Chinese medicine, so I don’t want to say too much.”

Done and dusted.

Fraud Tian said dully, “Will there be any problems if you say it like that?”

Lin Fan shrugged. “What problems could there be? I didn’t even boast. If there really are people that come and challenge me, I’d be happy to entertain them.”

Zhao Zhong Yang sighed, “Brother Lin, you really are awesome.”

They all knew how great Brother Lin’s medical abilities were. There was probably no one that could match him.

If they were unhappy, then they would get screwed. There was no need to speak any nonsense.

He had said it so bluntly, without any respect for them. He wasn’t afraid of being attacked or being challenged.

After this Weibo post was sent out, waves were instantly made on the Internet.

“D*mn, the main plot is out. The writer of the new teaching materials is Master Lin.”

“That’s a little scary.”

“Master Lin is pissed and he’s flaming people. Those guys actually said that Master Lin’s writing is rubbish. Isn’t that just a slap to the face?”

“Anyone with eyes would know that Master Lin’s medical skills are great. If Master Lin is writing, then I feel that it’s going to be very reliable.”

“Yeah, I paid attention to Master Lin’s voluntary medical practice. He was really amazing.”

“I told you so. Director Zhao, as an old Chinese doctor, would not replace the teaching materials for no reason. There must be a reason. Master Lin’s medical skills are so great. Teaching materials written by him would definitely be earth-shaking.”

“That makes sense.”

Education Department.

“Those teaching materials are written by him.”

“Then it’s hard to say. This man’s medical abilities defy nature. You all know about the voluntary medical practice incident. That was insane.”

“Let’s not involve ourselves in this for now. Wait till the teaching materials are out, then we’ll talk.”

“Really, Zhao Ming Qing. If it was being written by the godly doctor, why didn’t he say so earlier?”

“Who knows?”

Fellow Chinese doctors of the same profession.

Most of them had been shut up. Although they had never met Lin Fan before, they knew of his ‘Godly Doctor’ title.

To them, this young man was quite terrifying. His medical skills were too strong and they simply couldn’t compare to him.

Those Chinese doctors in the Chinese Medical Association, in particular, knew just how amazing this godly doctor was. The ‘Various Types of Typhoid’ that they were currently studying had come from this man. Its contents were very detailed while also easy to understand. The book opened many new doors on their path of Chinese medicine.

If faced with such a master-level Chinese doctor, they would all be powerless.

Moreover, he had even said that anyone who was unhappy could go to him. Challenging a godly doctor in medical skills was simply asking for pain.

There was complete silence.

No one was grumbling anymore. They all pretended to not know about this incident.

When Zhao Ming Qing saw his teacher’s Weibo, he was stunned. Then, he felt touched.

To him, his teacher must not have been able to stand to see him get flamed, so his teacher stood up and backed him up. Thisthis

It’s so touching!

However, if Zhao Ming Qing knew that his most-respected teacher was only furious because people said that what he was writing was rubbish, who knew what kind of thoughts Zhao Ming Qing would have?

Lin Fan’s number of followers on Weibo was over five million. It was still much lower than some big superstars but he could already be considered a famous person.

Even netizens who were clueless as to what was going on would become involved.

“Who do you think you are? They’re talking about Chinese medicine. Do you even know anything?”

Just after this comment was sent, a large number of people immediately replied.

“^ did your family just get an Internet connection? Go and do a Baidu search on Master Lin before talking nonsense.”

“There are idiots every year but there seem to be especially many this year. You don’t even know who’s the Godly Doctor and you come to his Weibo to flame him. Your home should be blown up.”

“You’re right. The Godly Doctor definitely doesn’t know about Chinese medicine.”

“Mmm, that’s very reasonable. I give you full marks.”

That netizen had initially just wanted to express his own opinion but he never thought that he would get flamed so much in just an instant.

This didn’t f*cking make sense.

Didn’t everyone on the Internet hate people who thought they were amazing?

This didn’t seem right at all.

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