A Valiant Life Chapter 517

The next day!

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was a heartless man. After being pestered by someone last night, he was still extremely lively today. He wasn’t bothered by it at all. He didn’t even think about it. Sometimes, he would think about it but realize that there was nothing he could do to change the situation.

He was concentrating on writing the books. It was finally the last book and it would be a relief to finish it. Then, the matter wouldn’t concern him anymore.

Meanwhile, things at Nanshan Children’s Welfare Organisation were normal. The kids loved Chinese arts and although they didn’t make much progress, he believed that they would definitely become potential young Chinese artists in a few months’ time.

As he thought about that, he felt much happier.

Suddenly, Fraud Tian came forward and looked into the distance. He said, “Look there. That person has been staring at me for a long time. I have been noticing her for some time now but she’s still staring.”

Lin Fan was stunned when he looked towards that direction. That b*tch was just standing there watching him as if she was following a movie star.

“Do you know her?” Fraud Tian asked.

Lin Fan shook his head, “Nope.”

Fraud Tian replied, “Looks like we have to be more careful. I’ve seen quite a lot of movies and this types of people are usually up to no good. Look at her. She’s a woman but she’s wearing men’s clothing. I think she’s a pervert. Besides me in this shop, I doubt anyone else would be her target. I have to be careful.”

Lin Fan just stared at Fraud Tian in shock. Could he be any more shameless?

After a moment, Brother Qiang Qiang disappeared. It looked like she had left.

Lin Fan wasn’t bothered by it as he continued writing his books. When he felt tired, he just scrolled through Weibo.


Suddenly, Lin Fan gasped. Then, the others came over. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Lin Fan shook his head. “Nothing, it’s just a pity that an old grandma died.”

The others didn’t know what was happening. “What does it have to do with you? Why did you make such a big deal of it?”

Lin Fan pointed at the screen, “Take a look at it for yourselves.”

Fraud Tian looked at it and read. “An old lady picked up a stranger’s call and the person said that her retirement funds were ready to be collected. Then, she went to the bank to make a transaction and lost $50,000. She was devastated and she died from that. D*mn, these scammers are too inhumane. If they’re so capable, try me. I would definitely make them eat sh*t.”

Wu You Lan remarked, “That’s so pitiful. There are so many scammers now. We can’t seem to stop them.”

Zhao Zhong Yang said, “Look, do these netizens have a screw loose? They even commented bad stuff about this. That’s so immoral.”

The netizens discussion.

“She deserved it for being so stupid.”

“She had $50,000 and she still wanted to ‘redeem’ retirement funds. She’s already so rich. Why did she apply for it? It’s normal for her to be scammed.”

“^ are you guys stupid? How could you scold her for this? It shows how inhumane you guys are.”

“How pitiful, the scammer should be shot to death.”

“In the past, this happened before too. The scammer said it was for a scholarship. In the end, he cheated the person of his school fees. These scammers look for people that need help. Furthermore, they know a lot about their family situations. Someone must have sold the information to them.”

“Isn’t that rubbish? I bought a house and I received a lot of random calls a few days later. They told me they needed to renovate the house and asked me about mortgage loans. The housing department must have sold our information to them.”

“Things are different now. They talk about retirement funds and that information can only be found in government departments. How do these people get it? Besides arresting these scammers, they have to arrest those who sold the information too.”

“That makes sense.”

“That makes a lot of sense.”

Lin Fan was infuriated. “Look, these scammers are too incorrigible. I can’t take it anymore.”

Fraud Tian added, “Yeah, I can’t tolerate it. As long as you’re human, you shouldn’t be able to tolerate this.”

Lin Fan opened up Weibo. “Let’s look at other news.”

On Weibo.

This incident had become the headlines and everyone had been discussing it.

“This incident reminded me of the news that happened three years ago where Xu Jiao Feng died after being scammed too.”

“In the end, the scammer got caught, right?”

“Yeah, he got caught. I think they spent about a month on it.”

“Hey, if people didn’t die, the authorities wouldn’t have treated the matter seriously.”

“This is about whether they’re determined to arrest the culprits or not. It’s totally two different things altogether.”

“I want to see how long they’ll need to arrest this culprit.”

Lin Fan said, “Look, the netizens on Weibo are friendlier. It’s unlike the other websites.”

Fraud Tian nodded, “Yeah.”

Lin Fan immediately posted on Weibo. “This matter is too heartbreaking. We have to arrest the culprit.”

When it was published, netizens immediately commented on it.

“Master Lin is right. This person is so inhumane. He actually cheated the money of an elderly woman.”

“I am an Internet policeman. It is extremely difficult to capture these scammers. It is unlike the past. After those incidents in the past, the scammers have become smarter.”

“Master Lin, please read their fortunes and see where these scammers are.”

“Do you think Master Lin is a God? Reading fortunes? But if there were super hackers. They’d be able to hack into banks and steal information.”

“^ I think that’s logical. However, did you think about the consequences of hacking into a bank? They’d definitely be imprisoned.”

“That’s true.”

After looking at the discussion of the netizens, Lin Fan thought of something. “I have an idea.”

Fraud Tian was stunned. “What idea do you have?”

Lin Fan smiled, “I gotta stay low-key. Can’t tell you about it yet.”

Wu You Lan said confidently, “I believe Brother Lin has definitely thought of a plan. We have to capture these people.”

Lin Fan nodded, “I’ll be heading out for a while.”

He had thought about this. His computer skills were awesome and it was easy to capture these people. However, he knew that it was difficult to erase trails after hacking into a system. He would definitely be arrested for that.

Therefore, he needed the support of someone.

He thought for a moment and felt that he could only approach Liu Xiao Tian about this.

Justice had to be sought for this incident. He didn’t care about completing his task anymore.

Lin Fan was a man of morals.

Fraud Tian looked at him, “Where is this fella going again? He’s so secretive.”

Wu You Lan said, “Brother Lin must have gone to seek justice. He is the man that I admire.”

Zhao Zhong Yang said to his broadcasting camera, “Brothers, did you guys hear that? Master Lin is going to seek justice. Under his might, any criminal would definitely be caught.”

“666that’s impressive.”

“What’s happening? Why is Master Lin trying to seek justice?”

“I don’t really understand but I think he’s awesome.”

“I’ll only shout 666 and say nothing else. However, that’s enough. I would only shout 666 for Master Lin.”

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