A Valiant Life Chapter 526

“Forget it, forget it. Anyway, it’s a good thing that we cracked the password. Whatever this computer contains must be important since the hacker paid special attention to it. There must be something special,” Shen Jie Yun said in a serious tone.

Whatever important document, he had to be the first one to report it.

After the people standing around heard what he said, they nodded in agreement. Now wasn’t the time to wonder why the password was so easy, but what was inside the computer.

If there were any confidential documents of national importance, it would blow up to become a huge case.

“Let me,” Shen Jie Yun said, walking up. He wanted to handle this personally. Both his hands were laid on the computer. “Now, let us access the hard drive of the computer to look all the documents that the hacker downloaded recently.”

The specialists from the Internet Safety Department all fixed their gaze on the computer.

“The Computer Guru’s computer looks rather simple. There’s nothing much on it. ”

“That’s weird. He hacked so many banks. Why aren’t there any tools or software on his computer?”

“Maybe he deleted it already.”

“Yeah, it looks like he did that.”

On the screen, the numbers continued crunching, and the people standing around all looked on intently.

Suddenly, the computer gave a beeping sound, and Shen Jie Yun exclaimed excitedly. “Found it. He downloaded 8 gigabytes of data yesterday. This is huge! Such a huge document. I wonder what it contains!”

“Videos. This folder contains videos. Could it be…could it be…” The people from the Internet Safety Department were all watching on in anticipation, anxious to find out what was inside the folder.

They had met this kind of situation before where they found avideo folder and whatever it contained was revolutionary. The folder had contained a video which explained a revolutionary new weapon system.

Inside contained scientific data and records. If anyone had analyzed it, they would have been able to duplicate the results.

Shen Jie Yun heaved a sigh. His hands maneuvered the mouse as his body started trembling.

“Boss, you’ve gotta stay calm. Open it quickly.”

“Yeah. The anticipation is killing me.”

“He really is the Computer Guru, to have been able to download such a large classified file without getting detected. His skills are just too superior.”

“Too strong!”

“Boss, the wait is killing me! Quick, open it!”

“Remember, whatever we see later stays here. None of this information gets out of these four walls,” Shen Jie Yun said.

‘Don’t you worry boss. This isn’t the first time.”

“Yeah, we’ve been professionally trained, and our loyalty lies with the nation. We will definitely protect national secrets.”

After getting assurance from his men, Shen Jie Yun nodded his head, clicking open the video.

The illustration popped up.

The screen was momentarily black.

At that moment, a few Japanese words appeared on the screen.

“This is a Japanese file, could it be…?” the people standing around were all shocked. They had never imagined that the secret file that the Computer Guru kept was a Japanese file, and looking at the situation, they were speculating that it could be a top-secret scientific experiment or even national secrets.

And just at this moment, a song blasted through the speakers. This song sounded rather familiar, almost as if they had heard it before.

“Eh, this song sounds familiar…”

“Kinda sounds like… ”


“The show called ***. It’s the opening song.”


The video changed scenes.

The black screen vanished, and in its place were a pair of slender legs. The camera panned upwards, showing a scene of a pretty girl.

One of the colleagues exclaimed in excitement. “I know who she is! She’s from the company k99 in Japan, Jing Xiang Zhi. She went out to sea for awhile to take this movie. I think…” Just as the colleague was about to continue talking, he suddenly decided to shut up.

Because he realised that something wasn’t right in the atmosphere.

Shen Jie Yun looked at the movie as it continued to roll, his face in a daze. He turned around, looking at the rest of his men. “I want your opinions. Do you think I over thought this thing?”

“Boss, you shouldn’t say things like this. You are a professional and this Computer Guru…”

“This Computer Guru isn’t like the rest.”

“Right, Boss. You shouldn’t blame yourself for this. This really wasn’t your fault. The Computer Guru’s skills were so superior, it wasn’t wrong to think of him like that.”

“Then this…” Shen Jie Yun looked at the video. The meaning was clear. The video was for his own personal viewing.

Elder He was a password cracking specialist, and apart from computers, he did nothing else, staying at home almost all the time. As he looked at the video, he realised that something was different. “Eh, this one is the uncensored version. She only had the censored ones before.”

“Brother He, you realised it too? Where did the Computer Guru download this from?”

“This is good stuff. Do you guys have a USB thumb drive? Since I travelled so far just to get here, I might as well copy this video as consolation,” Elder He said.

“I want a copy too!”

“Come, come. One by one.”

A bunch of people who ever only spent most of their time on their computers. When they saw the new porn video released, all of them suddenly became excited. For them, apart from their computer job, they relied on all these videos to get them through the night.

The next day!

The internet was exploding with crazy reactions from everyone.

‘The master hacker has been caught, and he is Master Lin.’

‘In the name of justice, to expose scammers, Master Lin broke the law and was taken in by the police. The outcome is still unknown.’

‘A shocking thing is happening across the country. Scammers are surrendering themselves to the authorities by themselves.’

‘An analyst’s take on Master Lin’s case.’

‘Hacking the bank and police servers will result in a hefty jail sentence.’

The morning working crowd were all shocked and astonished at what had happened as they scrolled through the headlines on their way to work.

They felt that something was starkly different.

Lin Fan’s Weibo was crowded with activity.

“D*mn, is this real? Master Lin just got taken in.”

“Why did they arrest Master Lin? What he did was a good deed.”

“Amazing. The person I respect most is and always will be Master Lin.”

“Wow, I never thought that Master Lin was a highly skilled hacker. Who can beat him in hacking?”

“Even the guys from the Internet Safety Department were defeated by him and their identities were all exposed. Is there anything else that needs to be said? This guy is just freaking awesome. ”

This case had made all the netizens astonished. They had seen other related news before of malicious hackers who hacked into some place and were then caught and taken away.

From their viewpoint, those hackers were already something special, and Master Lin took it a step further. Awesome was not enough to describe it. It was heaven-defying to have been able to hack into all the national banks and the police servers. No one in history had ever done it before.

Even the international hackers who were ‘highly skilled’ couldn’t compare to Master Lin at all.

Cloud Street.

Wang Ming Yang rushed over, grabbing Fraud Tian by the shoulders. “What happened to my bro? Why was he taken in by the police?”

“This… I’m not sure what to say. Just watch the news. I don’t know how this one will turn out.”

Wang Ming Yang was flabbergasted. It was as if he had seen a ghost, as he started to become even more anxious as the time passed.

Hacking into the national Bank and police servers. This was huge.

Even he didn’t have the ability to get Lin Fan out of this problem.

At this moment, Wang Ming Yang panicked, as he went around asking for the story and for new developments.

He had tried to call Lin Fan’s cell phone, but he couldn’t get through. He was anxious and was completely at a loss for what to do.

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