A Valiant Life Chapter 53

The next day.

Lin Fan told Fraud Tian to open the stall slightly earlier. From the look of the current situation, if they did not implement something to control the crowd, they might really die in their shop.

While there were no customers yet, they discussed for a while and came up with a solution. They decided to limit the number of customers daily and the customers would be able to make appointments with the shop prior to visiting.

Lin Fan instructed Fraud Tian to print a poster and paste it on the door.

'Please note:

Only a maximum of twenty customers daily. You may make an appointment before coming. We will not be open on Saturdays and Sundays.'

Fraud Tian was heartbroken when he was pasting the poster on the door. They were saying goodbye to a lot of money.

The lady boss of the apparel shop located beside Lin Fan's shop saw the poster and flirtatiously said, "This is the first time I've seen such a rule. Fraud Tian, you can come have a seat in my stall when you're free."

Fraud Tian was grossed out when he saw that the fat lady boss was trying to flirt with him. He quickly waved his hands and rejected her.

You must be kidding. I, Tian, am of indomitable spirit. How can I be tempted by such a f*cked up figure? If so, at least give me someone that looks better.

"Fraud Tian, I think this lady boss has a thing for you. You're single anyway. Why not try it out?" Lin Fan laughed and said.

"F*ck off, I know I'm handsome but I am not so casual when it comes to these things." Fraud Tian replied.

Just as they were chatting, a customer entered the shop.

"Master Lin, there will be a limit on customers in future?" a surprised middle aged lady asked as she saw the poster.

Lin Fan replied calmly, "Yes. It's really tiring for me to read the fortunes of so many people. You're the first customer today. What would you like to find out?"

"Recently, I keep dreaming of my husband having an affair. I would like you to have a look." said the middle-aged lady.

Lin Fan smiled as he looked at the customer and said, "It was already kind of explained in the dream. To dream of your husband having an affair, it means that you care a lot about him and it shows that you have a strong relationship with him. There's no problem at all."

"Oh," the middle-aged lady sighed in relief after hearing what the Master had said.

"But you have to be more cautious for now. I'd advise your husband to not go overseas. He will likely encounter loss of wealth but it won't be life-threatening." Lin Fan added on.

"Master, could you be a little more specific?" the middle-aged lady panicked and said.

Lin Fan waved his hands and replied, "The mysteries of heaven must not be revealed. You must remember to remind him to not go anywhere far away during these two days but even if he decides to go, it'll just be a loss of wealth for him."

If not for the Encyclopedia's stupid rules, Lin Fan really wanted to tell her the truth. But that was all he could've said which was not much different from telling her everything.

The middle-aged lady believed in Lin Fan. She was an active member of Weibo and when she had found out that Shanghai had such a great Master, she naturally had to come for a session of fortune-telling. Then, she paid and left the shop.

Just a few words in a few minutes and he had earned a few hundred dollars. Where else would you earn such an amount in just a few minutes?

Lin Fan happily put the money away in the drawer. Then, he noticed that Fraud Tian looked at him suspiciously. He asked, "Fraud, why are you looking at me like that?"

Fraud Tian mumbled a weird noise and said, "Sometimes I just gotta give you all my respect. Guess I'd only get angry if I compare myself to you."

"You're absolutely right." Lin Fan laughed and said.

Fraud Tian rolled his eyes. This guy just loves to tease others .



The reporters who had previously interviewed Lin Fan were all excited when they found out that the lottery winner had actually won because of Master Lin's prediction. However, the reporters were still quite doubtful of Master Lin as it was still difficult for them to believe everything.

In recent times, there were many great Masters. But with the persistence and curiosity of the reporters, their tricks and lies had all been exposed.

Therefore, Master Lin attracted the attention of many reporters as they wanted to expose him too, thinking that he was a liar.

On Weibo, a post surfaced and it became increasingly popular. It even became a trending topic.

"Shanghai's Master Lin is always accurate with his words. He discredited the president of the national Metaphysics society, Wu Tian He."

The metaphysics society president, Wu Tian He, wasn't as popular as the superstars but those in the same trade all respected him. Lin Fan was very popular on Weibo recently and that article had attracted the attention of many netizens.

"What a big claim. Wu Tian He is a top fortune-teller in the country and has helped many wealthy and influential people in terms of fortune-telling."

"This Master Lin is getting a little cocky. Just a few accurate predictions and he really thinks that he's a God."

"Master Lin all the way. Who is this Wu Tian He? How can he compare to our great Master Lin?"

"To the guy above, go search him up. Even the Chief of Weibo has sought help from Wu Tian He before."

"D*mn, I just took a look. How formidable. He must be an expert."

The incident on Weibo caused many people to discuss it.

Those who studied metaphysics all doubted Lin Fan. They criticised him as they felt that Lin Fan just wanted all the attention and had no talent.

Who was Wu Tian He?

That's the number one metaphysician in the nation. How could this young and inexperienced chap doubt him?

But these people didn't even have a Weibo fanbase that was comparable to Lin Fan's. Naturally, they didn't have the capability to influence anything.

But some of those influential people who had sought Wu Tian He's help before came forward and made some statements. They were loyal believers of Wu Tian He. How could they let this young and new fortune-teller criticise him?

At a luxurious villa in Lian Zhou.

The interior of the villa was designed with a vintage theme in mind and was even filled with vintage furniture which was extremely expensive.

Wu Tian He was a seventh-generation Metaphysician. In the trade of Metaphysics, he had attained many achievements. He had given advice to countless people and many of them were influential and wealthy men.

He was a prestigious Master within Lian Zhou and even across the country. As such, he was well-respected by the influential and rich.

A young and beautiful lady was lying on the luxurious sofa, scrolling through Weibo on her phone. When she saw the news on Weibo, she jumped in anger.

"This guy is too much!"

"You Lan, please refrain from speaking like that. What is it this time?" an elderly man reminded gently as he overheard her daughter when he came out of the study room.

The elderly man was Wu Tian He, the nation's top Metaphysician. Also, he was considered to be the top Metaphysician in all seven generations.

There was a rumor about Wu Tian He's younger years. His whole family had been hiding from oppression and they went to hide in the forests when they saw a female corpse at the riverside. Wu Tian He helped to bury the female corpse and dreamt of the girl on the same night. The girl wanted to return the favor and gave Wu Tian He two choices: to be rich or to lead a peaceful life.

He chose the former and then he realized that his achievements in Metaphysics improved tremendously. When Wu Tian He had reached his middle age, he was already successful and famous. However, he had read the fortunes of too many people and had revealed the mysteries of Heaven. As a result, his future generations were destined to lead tough lives.

Especially when he had a daughter but lost his wife due to a difficult childbirth. Furthermore, his daughter was fate to live a terrible. She lacked two things in the eight characters of birth. Hence, she was named as 'You Lan' to make up for the loss in the 'Earth' and 'Water' aspects.

But it was in her fate. Wu Tian He couldn't do anything to change it.

"Dad, look at this Weibo. This guy actually said your skills are lousy. How infuriating" Wu You Lan said angrily.

Wu Tian He was a benevolent man. He wasn't bothered by it at all and replied, "Stay calm, do not be easily angered."

"Dad, look. He actually said that something bad would happen to me today and asked me to be cautious. I'm so angry. I am so angry!" Wu You Lan said and typed furiously on her phone, scolding the other party.

Wu Tian He shook his head and said, "Don't be bothered by these things. Dad has already read your fortune. You will be safe today, nothing will happen to you."

"That's for sure. Dad's already said I'll be safe and this guy still tried to scare me. Who does he think he is? I don't have to bother about him. Those uncles were also furious with this chap." Wu You Lan put down her phone and embraced Wu Tian He from the back. "Dad, I'm going out now. I will bring some delicious food home for you."

Wu Tian He lovingly looked at his beloved daughter and replied, "Be home earlier and stay safe."

"Don't worry, I know," Wu You Lan packed her bag and left the house.

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