A Valiant Life Chapter 571

“D*mn it, since you don’t want it, fine. You actually humiliated me by rejecting my kindness. I won’t give it to you anymore. I’m going to give it to someone else.” Then, Lin Fan kept the pill. This fella didn’t know how to appreciate things at all. He thought of him the moment he got something good. Now, he even said that the pill he crafted was like bird sh*t.

However, he also admitted that it somewhat looked like bird sh*t because it was white with streaks of yellow.

But he shouldn’t have said that.

It was heartbreaking, truly heartbreaking.

“I was just kidding and you thought I was serious,” Wang Ming Yang said as he grabbed onto Lin Fan’s hand. Then, he smiled and placed the pill on his hand. He looked at Iclosely and asked, “Are you sure this pill is edible? Why do I feel like something is wrong?”

“D*mn you, why did you take it if there’s something wrong? Return it to me then,” Lin Fan pretended to snatch it from him.

Wang Ming Yang smiled and swallowed it. “Not going to return it. I’ve eaten it.”

Lin Fan looked at him, “Isn’t there something wrong with it? Why did you eat it?”

Wang Ming Yang said, “I don’t really care if there was something wrong. You’re the one who gave it to me. I know you wouldn’t harm me. If someone else gave me this, I’d have thrown it away. But really, what’s this pill for? Why does it taste a little sweet?”

Lin Fan smiled, “I’ll tell you then. This is the little Intelligence pill. It’s f*cking awesome. There are only 3 pills and you took 1. Now, there’s 2 left. It wasn’t easy to make these.”

Wang Ming Yang was anxious to find out what the pill could do. “Tell me, what’s the main function of the pill?”

“Are you dumb? Haven’t I told you the name of the pill? Little Intelligence pill is used to increase intelligence. If you want to become a genius, you have to depend on it.” Lin Fan didn’t know what the pill was capable of achieving but he knew it was good stuff.

Wang Ming Yang gasped, “That sounds so f*cking awesome. You’re not lying, right?”

Lin Fan was fed up, “You still don’t believe me. Forget it, I won’t talk about it anymore. Anyway, you’ve eaten it already. When I come up with I the perfect pill, I’ll not give it to you.”

“‘No way, we’re good friends. Are you sure you won’t give it to me? I was just asking a question out of curiosity. Why are you so angry?” Wang Ming Yang asked.

Lin Fan nodded, “That’s more like it. This pill is definitely something good. I spent so much time and effort to create it.”

Wang Ming Yang nodded, “I’ll believe you then. Since you said it’s good, it’s definitely good.”

“It’s right to trust me. I wouldn’t harm you.” Lin Fan thought of something else. “Oh, do you know where to buy alchemy furnaces?”

“Alchemy furnace?” Wang Ming Yang paused for a moment. “It’s so rare nowadays. Nobody even uses it anymore. However, quite a number of people use it as a display item.”

Lin Fan was a little disappointed. It was indeed something rare.

If he didn’t have an alchemy furnace, it would be nearly impossible to craft the little intelligence pill. The pressure cooker could only craft normal pills. It wouldn’t meet his standards at all.

After leaving Wang Ming Yang.

He still had the new Jeep. Although Wang Ming Yang didn’t say anything about it, the way he looked at him was obvious. He couldn’t afford to let him continue spending money this way. Nobody could handle the rapid rate.

Before he could obtain an alchemy furnace, he wouldn’t practice pill creation anymore since it was useless.

At Cloud Street!

Wu You Lan asked anxiously, “Brother Lin, is everything ok?”

“Yeah,” Lin Fan smiled. “It’s perfectly fine now.”

Although he encountered some difficulties, everything was still considered to be okay.

Then, Liu Xiao Tian appeared. Lin Fan was a little shocked. “Inspector Liu, what brought you here today?”

Liu Xiao Tian smiled, “Master Lin, look at this. If you encounter something like this, you have to let me know.”

Lin Fan took the paper over. It was a drawing of someone’s face. “Who is this guy?”

“He is a drug trafficker. We got information that this man secretly entered Shanghai but we do not have a picture of him. We only have a drawing from a long time ago,” Liu Xiao Tian replied.

The entire Shanghai police force was on high alert for this case. The police force with the drugs department had been working hard to crack this case.

“How can I find him with this? Is there only this blur picture?” Lin Fan asked.

Liu Xiao Tian sighed, “We can’t help it. This man is difficult to arrest. However, there is a scorpion tattoo on his neck. That is the only clue we have. You are one of us and I’ll just be frank with you. This man is extremely dangerous. The entire Shanghai police force is working together to capture this man. If not, we’d never know the number of drugs he will be bringing into Shanghai.”

Lin Fan nodded, “Alright, don’t worry. I’ll keep a lookout. If I find out anything, I’ll tell you immediately.”

It was virtually impossible to find a man in Shanghai just based on his tattoo.

Although Lin Fan was righteous and morally upright, he could only handle small cases. These big cases should be left to the police force.

“I have to go. We have to continue our investigations,” Liu Xiao Tian said.

As Lin Fan watched Liu Xiao Tian leave, he shook his head. Life seemed good for Liu Xiao Tian after he became an inspector. His status was high now and he was in charge of a lot more things now. He looked way skinnier than what he used to be.

He held onto the paper and looked at it. This man was crazy. He must be asking for trouble to be bringing drugs into Shanghai.

“Little Boss” Then, Chen Jun, a shop owner, came with a bag of fruits. “This is what I got from my hometown. The apples are extremely sweet. I came here to deliver some to you.”

Lin Fan smiled, “Elder Chen, you’re so thoughtful.”

Chen Jun replied, “Little Boss, don’t mention it. You don’t have to feel bad. We are all from Cloud Street and we’re one.”

Elder Liang came over and when he saw the bag of apples, he asked on purpose, “Elder Chen, that’s unfair of you. You gave Little Boss a bag but only gave us two apples. That’s a little unfair.”

Elder Chen rebutted, “I wanted to give more to Little Boss. He contributed so much to this Street. I have to give him more. If you don’t have enough, I’ll give you a little more later.”

Elder Liang twitched his lips, “No, I knew you’d come here to curry Little Boss’s favor.”

Lin Fan smiled, “Alright, alright. It’s good enough for Elder Chen to give you some. Don’t ask for too much.”

“Did you hear that? What Little Boss said was right. You guys think that I gave you too few apples. You are so greedy,” Elder Chen said.

Of course, it was just friendly banter between the both of them. Lin Fan really liked the friendly atmosphere that they have created here.

Suddenly, Lin Fan looked at Chen Jun’s face and he was stunned.

Chen Jun was shocked, “Little Boss, what’s wrong?”

Lin Fan suddenly realized that Chen Jun’s fortune had changed. It seemed a little weird. Then, he took a closer look and started to read his fortune.

If he hadn’t looked closely, he wouldn’t have realized it.

“No, it can’t be. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?” Lin Fan was in doubt. Then, he grabbed onto Elder Chen’s hand and looked at his palms.

He was going to experience the death of a youngster in his family.

Elder Chen was dumbfounded by the Little Boss’s actions. “Little Boss, what are you doing?”

Lin Fan said, “Elder Chen, where is your son studying at?”

Elder Chen didn’t realize the nature of the conversation, he smiled, “Little Boss, my son is with me in Shanghai. However, after he came here with me, he has been staying in the school’s hostel. I believe even Little Boss hasn’t seen him.”

Lin Fan said sternly, “Elder Chen, I am not kidding. Where is your son studying at? Something bad is going to happen.”

“What?” Elder Chen was initially smiling but his happiness vanished. It was replaced with shock.

Elder Liang started to look serious too, “Elder Chen, Little Boss is asking you something. Why aren’t you replying? Do you know what Little Boss is trying to do?”

Then, Elder Chen recovered from his state of shock.

If someone else said that, he would have slapped his face for insulting his son. However, everyone knew who Little Boss was.

Perhaps everyone in Cloud Street knew how capable Little Boss was.

Then, Elder Chen started to stutter. “Little Boss, my son my son is studying at Jin Yang Secondary School.”

“Let’s go, let’s go. We have to go to Jin Yang Secondary School now. Quick” Lin Fan pulled Elder Chen and walked out anxiously.

Fraud Tian and the others rushed out, “What’s wrong? Why did they leave so hurriedly?”

Elder Liang said, “I don’t know. Little Boss said that Elder Chen’s son is going to be in trouble. Then, he took him away.”

Wu Tian He said, “Master Lin’s fortune-telling ability is second to none. I’m afraid something bad is really going to happen.”

Elder Liang felt unsettled after hearing that, “Elder Tian, can you help me look after my shop? I would like to go along too.”

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