A Valiant Life Chapter 573

The fact that a student was going to commit suicide attracted the attention of the entire school.

Some of the students in the class didn’t know what was happening when they heard the noise. However, when they looked out the window and saw the silhouette opposite, they gasped.

“Teacher, someone is going to jump down the building.”

“What the h*ll, who is that? What happened?”

The teacher looked at the window and when he saw the person on the rooftop, he quickly placed his books down and asked the class chairman to take care of the class. Then, he hurriedly went out to have a look.

On the rooftop.

Chen Liang wiped his tears and looked forward. He looked calm but he was really contemplating to jump.

He suddenly felt that he didn’t belong here and everyone was bullying him.

Especially when he thought of what had happened in the day which humiliated him. He felt the urge to jump and he couldn’t get rid of that thought.

The teachers and students were discussing it below.

“Which class is the student from?”

“Hey, isn’t that Chen Liang from the sixth class? He is a good student, why does he want to commit suicide?”

“Teacher Zhang, what happened to your student?”

The teacher in charge of Chen Liang’s class, Zhang Hui, looked at Chen Liang who was on the rooftop. His face was as white as paper and he ignored what the teacher had asked him. He immediately shouted, “Chen Liang, quickly come down. You can tell me what happened. Don’t do anything silly.

Chen Liang didn’t say anything. He just looked forward.

Teacher Zhang was extremely anxious. He didn’t know what to do. “Quick, call the police, call the police!”

The surrounding teachers were all anxious. They quickly took out their phones.

This was a major incident. If it were to happen, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In a distance away.

Li Yang looked at the rooftop and sneered.

“Brother Yang, this fella actually dares to commit suicide?”

Li Yang laughed disdainfully. “Him? I swear he wouldn’t dare to do it. He’s just scaring everyone. When he comes down, you’ll see what I’m going to do to him.”

“Brother Yang, it’s going to be blown up. Why do I feel like it’s because of us?”

Li Yang glared at him, “What do you mean by that? It has nothing to do with us. Stop guessing blindly. Let’s see what this fella wants.”

Then, the principal of the school came.

“Teacher Zhang, what’s happening? Why is your student thinking of committing suicide?” The principal was frantic when he went there. It was an educational institution, why did something like this happen?

If it really happened, he was going to be doomed.

Teacher Zhang shook his head, “Principal, I don’t know. I only realized Chen Liang was missing from the class but I didn’t expect him him”

“What are you thinking about? Quickly get him down,” the principal said anxiously.

Teacher Zhang didn’t think about anything else. He immediately shouted, “Chen Liang, don’t be rash. I’ll come up to talk to you.” Then, he quickly ran up.

At the walkway of the sixth level, there was a metal staircase. It was leading to the rooftop. The metal staircase wasn’t locked at all. Who knew this would happen?

He climbed to the roof.

Teacher Zhang stood at a distance away, “Chen Liang, listen to me. Come over here.”

When Teacher Zhang was inching forward slowly, Chen Liang started to get emotional, “Don’t come over”

“Alright, alright. I won’t come over. Listen to me, don’t be rash. You’re the best student in my eyes and nothing must happen to you. If not, I’ll be heartbroken,” Teacher Zhang tried to console him.

Chen Liang wiped his tears, “Teacher Zhang, I know you are good to me but don’t come over. If not, I’ll really jump down.”

“Chen Liang, don’t be rash. Think about your dad who worked so hard to bring you up. He brought you to Shanghai from the villages and hoped that you would grow up to become a capable man. If you were to jump down now, what’s going to happen to your dad?” Teacher Zhang explained. He knew that Chen Liang was from a single-parent family. His dad was a shop owner at Cloud Street and life was tough.

Chen Liang was a sensible boy. He hadn’t caused trouble before. He didn’t want his dad to be worried. The others didn’t want to stay in school but he volunteered to stay in school because he wanted to reduce the burden on his dad. At the same time, he wanted to concentrate on his studies and do his dad proud.

Chen Liang lowered his head and cried. “Teacher, I”

Then, Chen Liang looked downwards and saw Li Yang.

Li Yang stood there and pointed his middle finger. At the same time, his finger slid across his neck. It was as if he was saying that he was as going to be doomed.

Then, Chen Liang became more emotional.

Teacher Zhang looked downwards and shouted, “Li Yang, what are you doing?!”

Li Yang put down his hand and pretended that nothing happened. “Teacher, nothing much. A mosquito bit me.”

“You you” Teacher Zhang was furious. He didn’t expect Li Yang to still trigger Chen Liang at such a crucial moment. He wanted to go down and slap his face.

Then, something terrible happened.

Chen Liang became emotional and he shouted, “Li Yang, I won’t let you off even if I become a ghost!” Then, he jumped down from the sixth floor.


A series of heartbreaking screams could be heard.

When Elder Chen saw his own son jump down from the rooftop, he shouted like a madman. Then, he collapsed to the ground.

Lin Fan charged forward as quickly as he could when he saw that.

The power that he had gotten from athletics was activated.

He ran extremely quickly and everyone was stunned. He was like a rocket flying forward.

The crowd was stunned and felt that everything was blurry. They wondered how could anyone run that quickly.

Lin Fan stretches out his arm and wanted to stop Chen Liang from falling.

However, when Chen Liang’s waist landed on his arms, there was a loud crack. Lin Fan’s arms immediately bent under the immense force of Chen Liang’s weight.


There was a loud thud.


A series of frightening screams could be heard.

Everyone was stunned by the scene and started screaming.

The female students were screaming non-stop while some teachers collapsed to the ground after witnessing what had happened.

“F*ck!” I just touched him but it was useless.

Lin Fan stood before Chen Liang. He didn’t expect it to be unsuccessful.

His arms were completely broken and they were twisted. He gradually felt the pain but Lin Fan didn’t react to it.

“There’s still time.”

Lin Fan grabbed onto his arms and twisted them back to normal. There was a loud click.

It was a violent way of recovering the use of his arms. The pain was definitely excruciating but Lin Fan didn’t care at all.

“My son” Elder Chen rushed over and saw his bloodied son on the ground. Then, he collapsed to the ground.

Elder Liang’s eyes widened as he couldn’t believe what he just saw.

“Little Boss” Elder Chen’s face was filled with tears as he looked at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan kneeled down and did some visual checks. Thankfully, he managed to help reduce the impact of the fall. At the same time, he didn’t let his head touch the floor. The main area of impact was at his waist. Due to his arms redirecting his fall, the condition was pretty serious. There were a lot of broken bones and organs.

“Elder Chen, do not touch your son, quick, call the ambulance. Let me handle this,” Lin Fan said.

Elder Chen looked at his son, who was bleeding everywhere. He was already extremely frightened. When he heard what Little Boss said, he nodded forcefully. His hands trembled as he tried to make a call.

“Little Boss, please, you have to save my son.” Elder Chen was shocked and he could only pin his hopes on Lin Fan.

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