A Valiant Life Chapter 575

At the hospital!

The ambulance was here.

When the emergency doctor knew about the situation, he had already changed into the proper attire and was prepared to enter the surgical area.

Lin Fan had been waiting at the hospital for some time.

“Godly doctor, do we send him to the surgical theatre now?” The doctor that was in the ambulance asked.

“Yeah, send him to the surgical room now,” Lin Fan said.

The doctor nodded. Then, he turned to the nurse beside him and said, “Quick, bring the godly doctor to change and then to surgical room 2.”


The doctor and nurses started to prepare everything.

“Please excuse me, there’s an emergency!” The nurses shouted to make way for the stretcher.

Elder Chen and Elder Liang had been following behind closely. They were in an extremely bad mood, especially Elder Chen, who was mumbling Buddhist scriptures to seek help from the Heavens.

Everything was prepared in the surgical room.

The doctor who was supposed to operate on Chen Liang started to prepare but he was stopped by the doctor beside him. “Doctor Ma, you can’t handle this surgery, someone else is doing it.”

Doctor Ma frowned, “What are you doing? His injuries are so serious and you’re bothered by who’s going to do it? Quick, we have to operate on him now.”

The doctor shook his head, “No, the godly doctor said nobody else besides him can operate on him.”

Doctor Ma was furious, he was the head doctor of the hospital but he was being stopped. Then, Doctor Ma was stunned, “Godly doctor? What godly doctor?”

“Godly doctor Lin from Cloud Street. The patient jumped from the sixth level and his life got sustained by the godly doctor. However, a lot of his organs and bones have broken and he has to be operated right away. However, the operation is extremely complicated. Doctor Ma, although your medical skills are superb, you will definitely not be able to handle this.”

Doctor Ma knew about the reputation of the godly doctor. Then, he asked, “The godly doctor is really going to operate on him?”

“Yes. The godly doctor will do it personally.”

Doctor Ma didn’t think about anything else. “Alright, I will inform the Director. This is a major accident, where are the family members of the patient?”

“They’re signing the consent form for the surgery. Although it is done by the godly doctor, we have to follow the rules,” the doctor said.

Doctor Ma nodded. Then, he rushed out. When he walked out, he noticed a doctor who was about to enter the room. Then, he stopped and looked. “Are you the godly doctor?”

Lin Fan looked extremely serious, “Let’s start.”

The nurses and doctors nodded. Although they weren’t going to operate on him, they knew the problem.

In the hospital.

When he reached the Director’s office, the Director rushed out.

“Director, the godly doctor is in our hospital,” Doctor Ma said anxiously.

The Director nodded, “I have already been notified. Gather all the doctors who are available now.”

Doctor Ma nodded, “We have to gather all of them. We only know that the Chinese medical skills of the godly doctor are superb. Furthermore, he said that his Western medical skills are incredible too. If we could witness an operation, it would be of great help to us.”

Outside the surgical room.

Elder Chen was anxiously walking around. He wouldn’t be able to relax unless his son is out of danger.

“Elder Chen, don’t be afraid and don’t worry. He’ll be okay,” Elder Liang tried to console him.

Elder Chen didn’t say anything but Elder Liang could tell that he was extremely frightened.

“Elder Chen, how did it go?” Then, Sister Hong from Cloud Street came with some other people.

When they heard about the news, they were completely stunned. They didn’t expect Elder Chen’s son to really encounter a tragedy. Then, they quickly rushed over after closing their shops.

Initially, more people wanted to come over but were stopped by Sister Hong. If a lot of people came, the situation would be too messy. Hence, only a few of them came on behalf of the others.

Elder Liang shook his head, “We don’t know what’s the situation like. He is currently in the midst of operation.”

Sister Hong replied, “Elder Chen, don’t worry. There wouldn’t be a problem with the hospital bills. The people at Cloud Street have agreed to split the bill equally among all of us.”

Elder Chen cried when he heard that. “Thank you, everyone” Other than that, he didn’t know what to say.

Elder Liang said, “Don’t be too worried. Little Boss is operating on Lil’ Liang. You guys should know how incredible Little Boss’ medical skills are. There would definitely be no problem.”

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that. “Luckily Little Boss is here. Then, there would definitely be no problem.”

Elder Chen was still feeling extremely down. He was never this worried before.

They were really confident of Little Boss and they felt that Little Boss would definitely resolve the problem.

The Director brought the doctors to watch the video footage of the surgical procedures. They were able to see the situation in the surgical room.

One of the doctors said regretfully.

“I can’t see clearly at all. If only we could be inside.”

“According to the patient’s test report, his situation is extremely serious. Even if we were operating on him, we probably wouldn’t stand a chance. Also, even if the operation was a success, the patient would still be in danger. I wonder if things would be different if the godly doctor handles it.”

“I don’t know but based on the godly doctor’s medical skills, I am pretty confident.”

“Look, what’re the needles around the patient’s heart for?”

“The nurses said that they were needed to ensure blood circulation. However, does it really work! It doesn’t seem to have any scientific evidence.”

“It should be a Chinese medical procedure. This time, we will be witnessing a fusion of Chinese and Western medicine. I’m so excited.”

The godly doctor was reputable in the medical world. The surgeons really wanted to meet and interact with him.

In the surgical room.

“Godly doctor, the patient is losing a lot of blood,” a doctor said anxiously.

Lin Fan nodded, “Okay, I know that. Continue cleaning the wounds. I will resolve that. Pass me some acupuncture needles.”


The atmosphere in the surgical room was tense but everything was running smoothly.

During the surgery, the patient had been in a lot of dangerous situations. If it was left to them to resolve it, they’d definitely be lost. However, under the lead of Lin Fan, everything was going according to plan even though it was a little rushed.

The dangerous situations were gradually improving.

The doctors and nurses in the surgical room were completely stunned. If they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn’t have believed that this was real.

They felt that it was simply unbelievable. The small needles were actually capable of producing such great effects.

If they weren’t personally involved, they might never ever have known about how dangerous and complicated the situation was.

Even the most experienced doctors were impressed by the way the godly doctor was handling the situation.

This matter was simply unbelievable.

Time past really quickly.

Four hours later.

The lights outside the surgical room became dim.


The door was slammed open.

Everyone at the walkway held their breaths.

started trembling with fear. “Please be fine, please be fine.”

A silhouette emerged.

Lin Fan wiped the sweat from his forehead and smiled, “He is fine now, he is out of the danger period.”

Then, everyone gasped.

There was a thunderous clap.

“Haha, it’s nothing much.”

“Little Boss is incredible.”

“Awesome, Little Boss!”

Elder Chen was so grateful that he didn’t know what to say. He just cried and held Lin Fan’s hand. “Little Boss, thank you so much, thank you so much”

Lin Fan replied, “Stop thanking me. You already gave me apples. You don’t have to thank me anymore. You have to thank these doctors and nurses too. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish it without them.

The doctors and nurses chuckled. They were also in a good mood. After all, they literally brought a patient back from the God of Death. Although they didn’t do much, at least they were involved in something.

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