A Valiant Life Chapter 576

In the ward.

The situation had been stabilized.

Elder Chen said anxiously, “Little Boss, when will he wake up?”

Lin Fan patted him on his shoulder, “I think he’ll be awake soon.”

Elder Chen replied, “He fell from the sixth level. Can he wake up so quickly after just a surgery?”

Lin Fan didn’t say much. If it was a typical patient, he/she would definitely still be in a coma. However, with the mystical boost of the Encyclopedia, the patient would definitely wake up in no time. If not, the boost would have been useless.

Chen Liang started to make soft noises from the bed. Elder Chen was ecstatic, “He’s awakened, he’s awakened! This fella scared the hell out of me. I have to talk to him about it.”

This matter nearly shocked Elder Chen to death. If not for Little Boss, the consequences would’ve been unimaginable.

Lin Fan replied, “Elder Chen, hold it in. Your son just woke up. You can scold him in the future. Furthermore, this matter isn’t as simple as it seems. I will help you to handle the aftermath of this incident. How could the school advocate violence? It is unacceptable.”

“Dad” Chen Liang was still in a daze. However, when he saw his dad’s anxious expressions, he thought of what had happened. He was embarrassed and fearful at the same time. He wondered why he was so rash.

Elder Chen said, “Lil’ Liang, how do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“It hurts” Chen Liang was in pain everywhere. It was as if every part of his body was broken.

Initially, Lin Fan could’ve removed the pain but he didn’t. He wanted this kid to feel the pain and realize how foolish his actions were.

However, some things cannot be understood by third parties. The individual’s mental health is different and people would act rashly under certain circumstances.

The medical knowledge of the Encyclopedia did mention that the brain would secrete a substance under rash circumstances to trick the brain. People would normally feel remorseful for doing it but it was useless to be regretful.

“You deserve to be in pain. This should teach you to not be so impulsive in the future. Your dad was almost shocked to death,” Lin Fan reprimanded.

Elder Chen felt helpless. Initially, Little Boss told him to not scold his kid but Little Boss actually reprimanded him. However, he wasn’t angry at all because Little Boss meant well for Lil’ Liang.

Elder Chen said, “Hurry up and thank Uncle Lin. If not for Uncle Lin, you wouldn’t be here now.”

Chen Liang knew who Lin Fan was as his dad told him about him before.

“Thank you, Uncle Lin.”

Lin Fan nodded. “No problem. What happened to your face? Did you get bullied by the students?”

Chen Liang hesitated for a moment and nodded, “Yeah.”

“Why didn’t you tell your dad about it?” Lin Fan asked.

Chen Liang said softly, “I was afraid of being beaten up by them.”

Elder Chen shook his head helplessly, “Little Boss, this kid has been a timid boy since young. He has been soft-spoken and doesn’t really like to talk to people.”

Lin Fan replied, “It’s okay when he recovers, he can undergo my special training for two months. This way, he wouldn’t be timid in the future.”

Naturally, Elder Chen knew that Little Boss was just kidding. He just wanted his kid to be fine.


The people from the school came.

The principal and the class’ form teacher brought some things in.

Elder Chen stood up, “Principal, Teacher Zhang”

Regardless of what had happened, these people were the leaders of the school. Although it was somewhat related to them, it wasn’t something that they wanted to witness.

The principal said, “Mr. Chen, sorry. As the principal of the school, I didn’t expect this to happen at all. I want to apologize to you and I hope you would forgive me.”

Elder Chen was furious but he wasn’t someone that would scold people for nothing. “Hey, I don’t blame all of you. I just want an explanation to seek justice for my son.”

The principal said, “Of course, the school will definitely give Chen Liang a satisfactory answer.”

They had been extremely nervous after the incident. They were afraid that something would happen. After all, this involved the school’s education system.

Teacher Zhang came to Chen Liang, “Chen Liang, sorry. In the past, you have reported it to me before but I wasn’t bothered by it. I didn’t expect this to happen at all. Would you forgive me?”

Chen Liang replied, “Teacher, I don’t blame you. You’re just in the dark.”

Lin Fan wanted to scold the two of them for being so ignorant about what was happening in school. However, they seemed repentant and his rage slowly disappeared.

“What is happening now?” Lin Fan asked.

The principal knew that this man was the person that saved Chen Liang. He was the godly doctor of Shanghai. Hence, he replied politely, “Teacher Zhang and I just came out from the police station. The investigations have concluded that Li Yang led a few other students and bullied Chen Liang. The school will definitely follow up on this matter and give all of you a satisfactory answer.”

Lin Fan said, “This is school violence. If you don’t follow up with it, who will? You can forget about washing your hands off this matter.”

The principal nodded, “Yes, yes. We will definitely follow up with it till it is over.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything else. The school’s management had already put it that way. Then, he stood up and said, “Elder Chen, take good care of your son. I will be heading to the police station.”

Elder Chen didn’t know what Little Boss was up to but he just nodded. Then, he spoke to Teacher Zhang and the others. Something like that had happened in the school and regardless of whether it was because of the school or him, they were both important factors. At the end of the day, it was all because he didn’t take good care of him.

The doctors of the hospital wanted to keep the footage of the surgery as a specimen for them to study it. When they wanted to look for the godly doctor, they couldn’t find him and they were regretful.

On the Internet.

A video was posted online.

‘Shanghai Jinyang Secondary School had a case of violence. The victim committed suicide by jumping down from the sixth level. His fate is still unknown.’

When the video was posted online, it immediately caused an uproar.

School violence happened occasionally but serious cases like this were rare.

Most of the netizens who watched the video were furious.

“D*mn, is he even human?”

“If I was there, I would’ve beaten the hell out of this fella.”

“The education system is too useless. Are these even kids? I’m afraid that even adults aren’t as inhumane as them.”

“What happened to the kid? Does anyone know the final outcome?”

“He jumped down from the sixth level. Do you think he can still survive that?”


The video was posted from the police station. One of the workers found the video after checking the phones and he was furious after watching it. Then, he immediately sent to the online groups.

In the end, it went viral.

The online discussions were endless and they were all talking about the flaws in the education system.

A lot of people started reading about it.

The principal who was still in the hospital didn’t expect the matter to have blown up. The educational department immediately instructed that this incident must not happen again.

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