A Valiant Life Chapter 577

At the police station.

It wasn’t the one that Liu Xiao Tian was at, it was the one near Jin Yang Secondary School.

Lin Fan went there to look for witnesses and at the same time, he wanted to see how the post-incident investigation was going.

The policemen recognized Lin Fan. He was the one that cracked the major human trafficking case and they definitely knew who he was since then.

Lin Fan said, “Where are the few students locked at?”

The policeman replied, “They’re inside. We’re investigating the situation. Master Lin, how is the boy who jumped down?”

The policemen were concerned about the boy’s safety.

“He is okay. He is not in any danger anymore,” Lin Fan said.

They heaved a sigh of relief, “That’s good then. Thank God he kept his life. School violence cases like this are common and I wonder why.”

Lin Fan smiled and didn’t say much. Why? It was obviously just a way that teenagers used to protect themselves.

The times have changed and some laws have to be changed to meet the changes.

In the past, teenagers who were 13 or 14 years old were still watching animated cartoons and they didn’t think so much about these things.

However, the Internet has been so developed these days and teenagers may even know more things than adults now.


Lin Fan looked at those few students and they looked fearful. However, one of them looked calm and was trying to argue with the police officer.

“I’m not involved. I only whacked him. I didn’t ask him to kill himself. Why did you arrest me?” Li Yang said calmly.

The police officers shook their heads. This type of students was no different from the thugs outside.

They just changed the location that they were messing in. They treated the school like the society outside.

Lin Fan asked, “How’s the situation here?”

The police officer replied, “We can only detain them for fourteen days. The situation depends on how their family members choose to settle with the victim’s parents. If they can resolve it privately, then they wouldn’t have to be detained for fourteen days.”

Lin Fan furrowed his brows, “It doesn’t matter if they only caused physical injuries. They caused him to commit suicide. His injuries should be considered to be a serious case. Shouldn’t they be locked up for a few years and not just detained for fourteen days?”

He was extremely unhappy.

The police officer was a little embarrassed, “We can’t help it. The law states that those who are not of legal age cannot be punished so severely. Furthermore, there isn’t any similar case in history that we can use to decide on the punishment.”

“Initially, they could be sent to some disciplinary homes but these students are not even fourteen years of age. The law states that those who are not fourteen years old are to be disciplined by their parents.”

Lin Fan shook his head, “Look at them. Do you think they look like they’re not fourteen years old?”

The police officer shook his head helplessly. Their identification cards were there and that was evidence. They couldn’t have done anything about it.

Then, some people came.

A group of parents came in and were extremely frantic.

“Son, how are you?”

“What are these police officers trying to do? My son is not even fourteen years old yet. You guys handcuffed him. Do you want him to be traumatized by this? What if he has flashbacks of this in the future? Are you going to be responsible for that?”

“I want to sue all of you.”

These parents that entered were furious.

“Dad, save me”

“Mum, save me. I don’t want to stay here.”

Those students were shouting for their parents.

The police officers tried to manage the situation. Some of them were even stopped by the parents.

Lin Fan shook his head but he was just looking at one of the males.

The man didn’t cause any trouble. He calmly handled the situation.

Li Yang saw the person that walked over and said, “Dad, save me”

The middle-aged man nodded and asked a police officer, “Where is your inspector?”

Lin Fan guessed that these parents were gathered by this man to make the situation more complicated.

“Shut up,” Lin Fan said sternly. “Your kids were violent to another student and caused him to commit suicide. He almost died and you guys can still make a big fuss out of it?”

After he said that, the parents shouted.

“That’s not possible. My son will never do that.”

“That’s right. It must have been a misunderstanding.”

“My son is a very kind boy. He wouldn’t even bear to kill a chicken. How could he show violence towards a student?”

“You must be maligning him. Quick, release my kid.”

The police officer replied, “Master Lin, this matter isn’t as simple as it is. We can only let them out quickly.”

Lin Fan didn’t want to say anything else. Anyway, he couldn’t have spoken to them about it. Even if this matter was real, they wouldn’t have believed it.

Furthermore, those kids looked innocent and fearful. They looked as if the incident didn’t happen.

After a while later.

Li Yang’s father appeared with the Inspector of the police station, Inspector Wang.

“Silence,” Inspector Wang said.

The parents kept quiet. It was obvious that they wanted their kids to be released as soon as possible.

Inspector Wang added, “We are currently investigating this matter. Your children caused physical harm to another student in school. That has been confirmed. According to the rules, we have to conduct further investigation. What you can do now is to speak to the parents of the victim and seek forgiveness.”

The parents didn’t agree to it.

“Sir, what if he doesn’t want to forgive us? My son is not even fourteen years old. Could he end up in jail? The law didn’t say that.”

“Yeah, my child is so young. How could he be locked here?”

“We admit our mistakes but you have to release our kids to let us discipline them.”

Inspector Wang was frustrated, “Send them out.”

The police officers went forward and asked them to leave the police station.

It was impossible to release all of them now. The online discussions couldn’t be of any help. Furthermore, the educational department was also involved in this matter. The situation was still unknown to many of them.

Then, Inspector Wang looked at Lin Fan, “Master Lin”

Lin Fan nodded, “Inspector Wang, how are you going to resolve this?”

Inspector Wang sighed, “Sigh, Master Lin, you don’t know how difficult this matter is. Right, this is Li Yang’s dad. Li Hu.”

Li Hu stretched out his hand and smiled, “I’ve heard of Master Lin’s reputation. I didn’t expect you to be so young. I really didn’t.”

Lin Fan looked at Li Hu and shook his hand. Then, Lin Fan gently sniffed. “Your hand smells weird.”

Li Hu was a little embarrassed and guilty. Then, he smiled. “Master Lin, you’re humorous. What do you mean by my hand smells weird?”

“Our Lil’ Yang is wrong for this matter. I will discipline him sternly. At the same time, I will speak nicely to the victim’s parents. I hope we can be forgiven.”

Lin Fan sneered, “He’s probably like that because of you. Since the older generation is involved in vices, it is normal for the younger generation to turn out like that. Your ‘stern disciplinary measures’ will probably not change anything. I think he should be thrown behind bars for a few years to learn from his lesson.”

Li Hu was furious but he held it back, “Master Lin, I don’t really catch what you are saying. This matter is indeed infuriating. My son turned out like that because I am bad at educating him. I will be going to the hospital to talk to the victim’s father. I’ll leave now.”

Lin Fan knew that Li Hu was already overthinking but he wasn’t bothered by it. He knew that something was up with him.

If he was an honest man, he would definitely be okay to settle this matter slowly.

If he was a dishonest man, he would definitely make things difficult for him.

Lin Fan said, “Inspector Wang.”

“Yeah?” Inspector Wang asked.

Lin Fan added, “I suggest Inspector Wang stay away from this type of person. You might be in trouble because of him and it will be too late to regret it.”

Inspector Wang was stunned. However, when he wanted to ask him about it, Lin Fan had already left.

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