A Valiant Life Chapter 621

Eastern Han Group.

Wang Ming Yang was currently in his office. He was choosing the next development project when his phone started vibrating. It wasn’t a call, but rather it was a notification from Weibo.

He was following Lin Fan’s Weibo, hence whenever there was a new discussion, he would automatically be notified. There were both as close as brothers, so he would definitely root for Lin Fan at moment’s notice.

“Hehe, my old brother. What earth-shattering discussion did you post this time?” Wang Ming Yang was very curious. The moment he looked at this phone, he was immediately stunned.

Ma Qingzhou?

Why did my brother mess with Ma Qingzhou? The expression on his face slowly changed. He immediately called Lin Fan.

Wang Ming Yang said, “Brother, what are you doing? Why are you going head to head with Ma Qingzhou?”

Lin Fan was flabbergasted, “You know Ma Qingzhou as well?”

“What nonsense. I’ll never forget this person in my lifetime.” Wang Ming Yang wanted to bring up something that happened in the past, but his blood started to boil.

Lin Fan replied, “What happened? Did you two come across each other before?”

Wang Ming Yang furiously said, “This isn’t as simple as just coming across each other. A few years back, I was at Qingzhou getting ready to develop a site. All the preparations had already been done. The only thing was that Ma Qingzhou also fancied this land and so, he just snatched it away from me. It left me with no choice but to endure it and come back to Shanghai. That cost me a total of six million. I would remember it forever, never forgetting it!”

“F*ck!” Lin Fan was enraged. “That b*stard actually dared to bully you. Say no more. Originally, I only planned to contest him. However, now that I know that he also bullied my brother, I want him to kneel down and call me daddy, or else I would have let down the relationship between us!”

Wang Ming Yang hurriedly said, “Don’t! This guy isn’t someone to mess with. Forget it. Hurry up and delete the Weibo. You don’t want to be having nightmares.”

“No! What’s there to be afraid of. It’s only Ma Qingzhou. This isn’t the Wang Ming Yang that I know. Are you actually fearful of him? Don’t you worry. Take it that I’ve helped you get your revenge.”

He would never put Ma Qingzhou into his eyes. If he couldn’t destroy him with hatred, then he’ll just f*ck with him! He always had a plan.

However, they currently live in a peaceful society. Beating and killing people wasn’t right. However, if the other party was too presumptuous, he wouldn’t mind as well. He could always wear a mask and play the part of an assassin.

Just as Wang Ming Yang wanted to say something, a beeping sound came through the phone.

“Haiz!” Wang Ming Yang sighed. He was left helpless. This brother of his was good at everything, except that he was too stubborn. He wasn’t sure if he would suffer from it in future.

It wasn’t that he was scared of Ma Qingzhou, but rather, he didn’t want to piss off such aperson.

At Qingzhou.

Ma Qingzhou was taking his medication. He knew the condition of his own body.

*ring, ring*

His phone rang.

Looking at the notification, Ma Qingzhou couldn’t help but laugh. “Young Huang, what just happened again?”

Young Huang was the young master of a Qingzhou native family who ran riot in Qingzhou. Even though Ma Qingzhou didn’t have many fears, with regards to these families, he still had to have a good relationship with them.

“Godfather Ma, did you know that your Weibo has been ridiculed by others?”

“What?” Ma Qingzhou was stunned. “What do you mean it’s been ridiculed by others?”

Young Huang answered, “You can open Weibo and take a look at it yourself. It’s by Shanghai’s Master Lin. He’s considered famous on Weibo.”

Ma Qingzhou had some doubts, but he managed to reply calmly, “Thanks for informing me, Young Huang. I’ll go take a look at it now.”

He put down the call and immediately checked his Weibo.

Even though he didn’t use Weibo often, having Weibo was still trendy.

When he saw Master Lin’s Weibo, Ma Qingzhou’s expression changed instantaneously.

“Seeking death?” He gritted his teeth and he flared up with murderous thoughts. He never thought that this b*stard would be so presumptuous.


He threw an expensive ornament beside him onto the ground.

Liu Ren, who just came back from Shanghai, heard the noise coming from the room. He immediately rushed inside to take a look. He was shocked to see what has happened. He asked, “Godfather Ma, what happened to you? The doctor has warned you to not get angry.”

Godfather Ma stared daggers at Liu Ren, “Take a look what this guy has said about me on Weibo.”

Liu Ren didn’t quite understand what he meant, but when he looked at Weibo, his expression changed as well. He was astonished and with a sharp voice, he exclaimed, “How dare he?”

He didn’t think it through. Why would anyone dare to clamor with Godfather Ma? Furthermore, he even dared to comment on Godfather Ma online. This was complete madness.

If it were in Qingzhou, this guy would be kneeling in front of Godfather Ma within an hour.

However, this guy was in Shanghai.

Ma Qingzhou was absolutely fuming. “This b*stard is looking for death. Does he think that I, Ma Qingzhou, am easy to mess with?”

Liu Ren replied, “Godfather Ma, please keep calm and be patient. Don’t get too worked up over this matter. You still require his assistance in treating your illness. Right now, the families in Qingzhou know of your illness and would take this opportunity to alienate us. Some businesses would also be taken care of by others.”

As Godfather Ma’s advisor, he is naturally smart. This matter would require Godfather Ma to hold his actions.

After all, he has to rely on the other party for his current medical condition.

“Hmph! This b*astards. When I was at my peak, they all relied on me to establish a livelihood for them. But now that they know my body is weak, they are slowly drifting apart. Things aren’t as simple as that! As for that other punk. If he doesn’t want to help me, he should have just left it like that. If I can’t invite him here, then I’ll just kidnap him here. I want to see what kind of abilities he has to reject my invitation. Give him a call! I’m gonna give him one last chance!”

He wasn’t simply messing around in Qingzhou. The relationship network here was complicated. On the outside, he was the first in Qingzhou. However, in the underground black market, these families in Qingzhou were passed down from 2 or 3 generations ago and they had a large influence. But they still required Ma Qingzhou to deal with the situations in the underground black market.

Right now, he knew that his body wasn’t in a good condition. So it wouldn’t be easy even if he wanted to avoid the situation.

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan looked at his Weibo. He didn’t expect that sending out this Weibo would attract so many followers. Moreover, many of them were also discussing and writing down their own experiences.

If he were to gather them all, this Ma Qingzhou would have accumulated many evil consequences. His death wouldn’t be enough to compensate for his evil deeds.

Just at this moment, there was a call from Ma Qingzhou.

Lin Fan had thought of not picking up the call, but looking at the situation, the other party must already know what’s going on. He wanted to see what he had to say.

“Why are you calling again?” Lin Fan smiled.

It was Ma Qingzhou at the other end of the call. His tone was somewhat very serious. “Godly Doctor Lin, by doing what you’re doing, you aren’t putting me in your eyes.”

Lin Fan replied, “Indeed! I really don’t put you in my eyes. Why do you still ask when you already know the answer?”

“You” Ma Qingzhou was furious. He didn’t expect him to not follow the usual routine. Who was it that gave him such courage to speak to him like that.

Ma Qingzhou couldn’t help but sigh, and with a nervous laughter, he asked, “Godly Doctor Lin, seeing you like this, you must have a very big supporter backing you. Who could it be?”

Lin Fan laughed out loud, “Haha! Telling you would just scare you to death! Listen properly. I’m the successor of a party. I’m backed by thousands of citizens. Someone as evil as you should just give up as early as possible. You should just reveal all your criminal activities out, or else there wouldn’t be a very good ending.”

“Are you f*cking joking with me?” Ma Qingzhou snarled. His face was red with rage because of Lin Fan. His breathing became more and more hurried.

“Yes, I’m trying to joke around with you. I originally wanted to play slowly with you. However, I didn’t expect you to bully my brother. This matter cannot be calculated as before anymore. I’m preparing to go Qingzhou. Are you ready to welcome me?” Lin Fan laughed.

Ma Qingzhou replied, “Okay, okay. Welcome! I, Ma Qingzhou, will be the host. I’ll forever let you remember Qingzhou and Ma Qingzhou!”


*beep beep*

The phone call was cut.

Ma Qingzhou threw the phone onto the ground straight away. His eyes were filled with rage. He screamed, “I want him to kneel before me!”

Stunned, Liu Ren stood to one side. He knew Godfather Ma was thoroughly pissed off.

Qingzhou was about to be turned upside down.

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