A Valiant Life Chapter 641

The next day!

He had again accidentally got onto the headlines again.

‘Mater Lin leaves Qing Zhou, thousands arrive to send him off in a touching gesture.’

‘Before leaving, Master Lin reminds citizens of Qing Zhou to pay attention to his Weibo. As the editor of Qing Zhou’s News agency, I am one of the first to do so.’

Netizens from Shanghai

“He is from my Shanghai.”

“The person up there, you must have got it wrong. Master Lin is from Zhong Shou, not from your Shanghai.”

Go away, what do you know? My daughter is pretty ready to be married to Master Lin. Once he moves into my house, he’ll become a Shanghai person.”

“Get lost! Master Lin is so awesome. Is he even going to consider marrying into your house? I’m trying for a child now and I’m hoping that it’ll be a daughter. I’ll wait for her to turn eighteen and I’ll marry her off to Master Lin.”

“The person up there. Are you trolling? Aren’t you afraid that the age gap will be too big? By that time, Master Lin will be forty already.”

“Age isn’t a problem. It’s Master Lin we are talking about.”

Facing all these comments online, Lin Fan felt helpless. Being popular was starting to feel like a curse.

He continued scrolling through the internet.

He was welcome everywhere and everyone treated him like he was a hero.

Truthfully speaking, the people of Qing Zhou were rather kind. They really did pay attention to his Weibo. The number of fans that he had skyrocketed to six hundred thousand, a phenomenal amount.

And these fans weren’t zombie-like, but were very active on Weibo.

After looking through his social media, Lin Fan felt elated on the inside.

A few days later.

The hype died down and the days started going back to normal. Everything was being settled smoothly in Qing Zhou.

During this period of time, Chief Qin called, but his voice didn’t sound surprised at all, nor did it have any hint of admiration. What kind of person was Ma Qing Zhou? He was the apex predator of Qing Zhou for sure.

Now that Lin Fan had gone to Qing Zhou and caused some of the criminals to give themselves up, he knew that Chen Chang Ping would have netted a huge success over here.

Chen Chang Ping called Lin Fan once, enthusiastically inviting Lin Fan back to Qing Zhou. From Chen Chang Ping’s point of view, it was Master Lin that netted him such a huge catch of criminals.

Lin Fan naturally agreed to go back, but as for the timing, it was another issue.

Cloud Street.

Lin Fan came early. He whipped out his phone and started playing with it. On the phone screen, there was a map and a beacon of light was blinking on it.

“This is awesome. This Big Tiger is from the Capital City,” Lin Fan said to himself.

He managed to check the location of the phone card that made the call, but nothing else.

The phone cards of today were more sophisticated, and charging money required identification. However, some cards could be anonymous.

He gave a call.

The phone should still be off, Lin Fan thought to himself.

But at this moment, Lin Fan was surprised. The call actually went through.

Not long after, the person picked up, but no one said a word.

Lin Fan got the ball rolling, “Hey hey, who are you? Give me a name. I’ll look for you to play with. Why aren’t you saying anything? Don’t you have any balls at all? I, Master Lin, stands for justice and I will never bully anyone without any cause. Are you scared of what I’ll do to you?”

“Aren’t you going to speak? Are you dumb? Did you want to take revenge?”

Lin Fan continued his rant, but the other party remained silent. Lin Fan was starting to get annoyed. “Damn, consider yourself lucky, but remember this. I will call you every night and make sure you never get to sleep.”

At this moment, a male’s voice could be heard over the phone.

“Who are you?”

Lin Fan was taken aback. “Who are you?”

“Who are you? You don’t know who I am and you call me? Who are you?”

“Who are you?”

The battle of the question ‘who are you’ lasted for quite a while, and Lin Fan was on the verge of hanging up the phone. “Crazy man,” Lin Fan sputtered.

Wu You Lan looked at Lin Fan. “Brother Lin, what’s up?”

Lin Fan shook his head.“Nothing. I’m just talking to this crazy man. What is with people these days? I just asked him who he was and he stubbornly wouldn’t answer me. Are people that defensive now?”

Wu You Lan chuckled. She didn’t know how to answer Brother Lin. This problem was just too complex.

She realized that she hadn’t gone out with Brother Lin in quite some time, but she had a plan. She approached Lin Fan and used her deft fingers to massage his temple, and while doing so she asked, “Brother Lin, we haven’t gone out to play in quite a while. How about we go out soon?”

Opportunities were for her to create, and Wu You Lan was not going to miss it.

Although she could see him every day which made her happy, this was different.

However, there was the problem of Fraud Tian and Zhao Zhong Yang in the shop, who were terrible third wheels.

Lin Fan closed his eyes- it was comfortable. “Alright, since I haven’t gone out in quite a while. Why don’t you organize? This really hits the spot, please don’t stop.”

Wu You Lan was overjoyed, as she continued to put in effort to massage Lin Fan. “Mm.”

“Oh, right. What are Liu Xu and the other girls doing?” Lin Fan asked.

“They’re doing rather well. The last time I paid them a visit. Sister Liu Xu is really a capable career woman. She did the hotel up rather nicely, and the business is rather brisk.”

“How about the other girls? She still has to take care of their relationships, and the business, and she only has a pair of hands. However you shouldn’t get too close to her, she isn’t a good person.”

Wu You Lan chuckled. She knew that Brother Lin and Sister Liu Xu had beef between each other. Although it couldn’t really be considered beef since they just couldn’t see eye to eye.

However, none of them hated each other.

And now, Liu Xu was chasing a lot of people, and the people that she courted were overwhelmed by her, almost terrified.

After a brief massage, Lin Fan’s mood was lifted. It was almost time to open the scallion pancake shop.

There was a long snaking queue outside the shop.

“Alright, let us begin selling scallion pancakes.”

He sold ten scallion pancakes a day, and everyone went crazy over it. Since he sold small quantities every day, some people could queue for a whole month and still not get to eat his scallion pancakes at all.

However, the scallion pancakes were just too delicious to give up. If you didn’t queue up, other people were going to queue up.

“Eh, sister, what is that thing that you are holding in your hand?” Lin Fan asked one of the middle-aged women who was in front of the queue, looking at the brochure curiously.

The middle-aged woman replied, “This is the brochure National Youth Chinese Art Competition, and my daughter is participating in it.”

“Chinese Art” Lin Fan didn’t think much of it at first, but after a while, he suddenly remembered that the children in the Children’s Welfare Institute learned Chinese Art. Maybe it was good to bring them out for a while.

If they could win the competition, it would be great.

Even if they didn’t, it was still good for exposure.

At this moment, Lin Fan gave a huge smile, “Sister, could you let me see that?”

The middle-aged woman handed the brochure to Lin Fan without hesitation.

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