A Valiant Life Chapter 661

Zheng Zhong Shan had a stern look on his face as he led everyone towards Director Chen’s place.

Everyone had a little rage in their hearts. They had interacted with Elder Lin before and they knew that he was a really capable person. His Chinese arts skills drew their admiration. Now the incident had caused Elder Lin to want to leave the association, it was a monstrous crime.

Not far away, the teachers in charge of judging the Youth Cup were discussing.

“Elder Qiu, something seems to have come up regarding the Youth Cup. Wang Hao Yang’s drawing has drawn suspicion. They suspect that we made an underhanded deal.”

Elder Qiu knew about this but there was nothing he could do. Director Chen had already spoken on this matter, what could he possibly do? One of the leaders’ child wanted to get first prize, they had no choice but to agree.

The Youth Chinese Arts Cup wasn’t some important competition. Its impact was very small. Hence, whether there was corruption in the judging didn’t matter.

If it had been a large-scale competition, they wouldn’t have dared.

But who would’ve thought that even in the small competition, someone would expose their corruption?

“Elder Qiu, do you think we’ll be in trouble? After all, we’re the teachers that did the judging. If things get out of hand, it will be hard for us to explain ourselves.”

Elder Qiu was silent for a moment. At that moment, he saw President Zheng. “Let’s not talk for now. President Zheng is here.”

When the rest heard this, they looked over quickly. When they saw who had come, they all stood to the side. Although they were association members, they were far from being in the association’s inner circle.

Zheng Zhong Shan was blazing with rage. But he suddenly stopped in his tracks and looked at Elder Qiu.

When Elder Qiu saw that the President was looking at him, he smiled and nodded. “President Zheng.”

But what made Elder Qiu feel as if something was wrong was that President Qiu had a strange look in his eyes as he looked at Elder Qiu.

“President, what’s wrong?” asked Elder Qiu cautiously. He was more than ten years younger than the President and he knew about the President’s background. Hence, he was feeling very nervous.

Elder Zheng took a deep breath and said, “Let me ask you since you were the judge for the Youth Chinese Arts Cup, how did you guys choose the winners for the first and second prize? Were there any underhanded deals? I want you to answer me honestly. I don’t want to hear a single lie.”

Elder Qiu and the rest were dumbfounded. They had never expected even the President to know about this. Moreover, the President looked very displeased.

At that moment, their hearts were all filled with nervousness.

Tao Shi Gang was a little angry as well but he held it in. “Lil’ Qiu, what exactly is going on. I know you. You definitely wouldn’t do such a thing. Tell me honestly what happened.”

He had a pretty good relationship with Lil’ Qiu. Naturally, he had to let Lil’ Qiu know the severity of the matter. If Lil’ Qiu tried to hide the truth in front of Elder Zheng, he would probably be kicked from the association.

At that moment Lil’ Qiu understood the severity of the matter. Then, without hiding anything, he explained the whole situation.

In the office.

Director Chen was leisurely smoking a cigarette inside. Then, a phone call came.

“Leader, what is it?”

“Lil’ Chen, I’ve heard that there’s been an issue,” said the leader.

When Director Chen heard this, he smiled, “Don’t worry, leader. This matter is under control. I’ve already clarified things on Weibo. There won’t be any problems.”

The leader replied, “Mmm since you’re taking care of things, I don’t have to worry. I will remember this favor.”

Director Chen smiled, “Thank you, leader.”


At that moment, the office door was flung open violently.

Director Chen looked a little displeased. Who was being so rude, entering without knocking? But when he saw who it was, his expression changed instantly. He stood up immediately and said, “President Zheng, why are you here?”

He knew about this old man’s identity. Although the old man was already retired, he still maintained his dignity.

“Hmph!” Zheng Zhong Shan snorted. “Who are you talking to?”

“This” Director Chen started stammering. Then, he wanted to put the phone back into his pocket but Zheng Zhong Shan would not let him do that.

“Give me the phone,” said Zheng Zhong Shan sternly as he stepped forward.

Director Chen was in a tough spot but in front of Elder Zheng, he could only pass the phone over obediently.

“I’m Zheng Zheng Shan. Who are you?” Zheng Zhong Shan knew that the person on the phone was the behind-the-scenes manipulator. He had overheard the conversation just now from outside. However, he held in the rage in his heart. He wanted to see just who it was who dared to do something like this in his association.

When the person on the other end of the call heard this, he said respectfully, “Nice to meet you, Elder Zheng, I’m Lil’ Wang, Wang Cheng.”

At that moment, Zheng Zhong Shan’s rage completely erupted. “I don’t care who you are. You’ve gone too far. Let me tell you that if I don’t manage to resolve this issue, you can expect to be removed from your appointment.”


He hung up the call.

Director Chen just stood there, not daring to move at all. He suddenly realized that this situation had gotten complicated. Elder Zheng’s expression was one of great anger. Then, Director Chen asked meekly, “Elder Zheng, what’s going on?”

“You’re still asking me what’s going on? I should be asking you! You were the one who rigged the winners for the Youth Chinese Arts Cup, right? Did you have some kind of deal with that person on the phone just now? I’m only giving you one chance. If you don’t answer me honestly, I’ll have you kicked out of here immediately and I’ll also haveyou put in jail.” Zheng Zhong Shan said this in a very grave tone. He wasn’t giving the opposition any respect.

Master Lin wanted to leave the association. To others, perhaps this wasn’t a big issue. However, to them, this was like a thunderstorm.

When Director Chen heard what Elder Zheng said, he was dumbfounded. He had not expected that Elder Zheng would come because of this incident. He was momentarily lost for words.

But at that moment, he understood that the man who he challenged on Weibo wasn’t just a simple man.

On the Internet.

“Haha, I’m dying of laughter. Since the Chinese Arts Association uploaded this post, Master Lin has disappeared.”

“What else could he do? Is he supposed to enjoy being shamed?”

“That’s right. Let him quit the association if he wants. According to my knowledge, countless people want to join the Chinese Arts Association. There must be many people happy that he’s quitting.”

“F*ck! Hurry up and look at the Chinese Arts Association’s official account. Something big has happened.”

“What? What happened? Could it be that this matter has taken another turn?”

“See for yourself.”

At that moment, people who had been paying attention to this incident all turned their gaze to the Chinese Arts Association’s official Weibo.

In an instant, cries of shock were emitted from the Internet.

“F*ck! Something like this could happen?”

Chinese Arts Association official Weibo: “Sorry, Master Lin.”

Everyone couldn’t understand it. The Chinese Arts Association, which had been going against Master Lin a moment ago, suddenly said something like that.

When they saw the second post, everyone felt as if there was something wrong with their eyes. How could something like that happen?

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