A Valiant Life Chapter 663

Zheng Zhong Shan looked at Elder Lin’s unhappy face and smiled, “Elder Lin, I’m not saying this to spite you but the three of us rushed here for you. Are you going to let us wait outside?”

Although Lin Fan was angry, it wasn’t really because of Elder Zheng and the others. Then, he said calmly, “Since you’re here, come in and have a seat.”

Zheng Zhong Shan looked at Yue Qiu Ju Shi and smiled. It was an improvement for them to be able to enter.

In the room.

“Elder Lin, you should know that because of the incident yesterday, I was so angry that I almost hit someone. I called you and you didn’t pick up. I thought something terrible happened. Therefore, I rushed over. On the plane, my persistent sickness came back. It was so d*mn painful. But when I thought that Brother Lin was still angry, my sickness was nothing,” Zheng Zhong Shan said with exaggerated gestures and expressions.

Furthermore, Yue Qiu Ju Shi and Tao Shi Gang were also cooperating with him. They also showed exaggerated gestures and expressions. They didn’t care about anything else as they just wanted to see him.

If Lin Fan had believed them, it’d be a miracle.

“Haha!” Lin Fan laughed. “Elder Zheng, why can’t I tell that you’re sick? You look to be in the pink of health.”

He wasn’t really angry with them. After all, they didn’t know what happened and they reacted immediately after knowing the problem. It was sufficient to show how much they cared about him.

Then, Zheng Zhong Shan suddenly recalled that Elder Lin had powerful medical skills. If not for that, his grandson wouldn’t have recovered. He realized that his trick was going to fail. Then, he smiled, “That Let’s not talk about it first. Elder Lin, I’m 100% against you leaving the organization.”

Yue Qiu Ju Shi added, “Elder Lin, you’re too rash. When the incident happened, you should’ve told us immediately. If we had known about it, we wouldn’t have allowed it to happen.”

Tao Shi Gang nodded, “Yeah, yeah! Did you know that Elder Zheng actually gathered everyone for a meeting yesterday? He was furious during the meeting. It was scary.”

“Alright, just tell me what is it. What exhibition did you guys talk about?” Lin Fan asked.

Zheng Zhong Shan waved his hand, “Initially, that was the most important thing to talk to you about. However, it is nothing compared to your current situation. What would happen to us if you were to leave the organization? We’re here to resolve that issue.”

Lin Fan took a glance at the three of them. “Don’t think I’ll be moved by your words. I have already made up my mind about leaving the association. I have ripped the documents apart.”

“So what if you ripped them apart? Our association didn’t agree to your withdrawal. We can just re-print the documents for you. Look, I brought them over. They’re brand new and they’ve been tessellated with gold,” Zheng Zhong Shan said as he brought out a stack of brand new documents.

Lin Fan waved his hands, “I’ve withdrawn and that’s it. I won’t return.”

“No, we didn’t agree to that. You’re not leaving the association,” Zheng Zhong Shan immediately replied and shook his head. It would be a joke for Elder Lin to withdraw from the association. The association would be a meaningless place.

Furthermore, Elder Lin’s artistic skills were second to none. They even wanted to request for an artwork from him when they felt that he was in a good mood.

They kept the artworks that Elder Lin gave them in the past and treated them like their heirloom treasures. They were prepared to hand it to the next generation.

Lin Fan said firmly, “I have made my mind. It’s useless to say anything. I have withdrawn. Our relationship is still decent. Since you guys are here, tell me what’s wrong then. I can satisfy you on the first day of leaving the association.”

Zheng Zhong Shan waved his hand and said seriously, “We don’t have any problems. The reason why we’re here is to resolve your withdrawal from the association.”

Lin Fan looked at the three of them and was almost moved by their words. However, if he didn’t know the trick up their sleeves, he might have really been touched by their words.

“Uncle Lin”

Then, Lil’ Fatty came in.

Zheng Zhong Shan was stunned, “Elder Lin, the meaningful artwork was drawn by this Lil’ Fatty?”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect people from the association to see its meaning. I thought nobody besides me would be able to see it,” Lin Fan said it with a hidden meaning. He was still spiteful of what had happened yesterday.

Elder Zheng and the others understood what he meant. They smiled, “Who said so? All of us could tell. Lil’ Fatty, you’re good! Do you want to learn Chinese Arts with us?”

Lil’ Fatty looked at the three of them and went to Lin Fan, “No, Uncle Lin can teach me.”

Lin Fan patted Lil’ Fatty’s head gently, “Lil’ Fatty, go out and play. I have something to discuss with them.”

“Okay.” Then, Lil’ Fatty went out obediently.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t even think about it. Who else besides me can teach Chinese arts the best? Furthermore, Lil’ Fatty is extremely gifted. He will become the top Chinese artist in the world even before 30 years of age. All of you will regret this.”

Elder Zheng was stunned, “Elder Lin, you’re kidding, right?”

Lin Fan smiled, “It’s okay if you don’t believe me. Do you know what’s talent? Alright, I won’t talk too much about it. What do you want from me? Just tell me now.”

Zheng Zhong Shan realized that Lin Fan really didn’t want to go back. He started to become anxious, “Elder Lin, don’t be like that. We came here from so far away. Are you really not going to give us face?”

Lin Fan looked at the three of them and he was in a dilemma.

It definitely wasn’t about giving them face or not. It was because he said it very clearly on Weibo yesterday. If he were to go back on his words, it’d be a joke. He didn’t want to be involved in such a thing.

Zheng Zhong Shan was a witty man. He knew what the problem was with Elder Lin. It wasn’t because he was telepathic, he was just an old and experienced man and he was able to see through things easily.

Then, before Lin Fan said anything else, Elder Zheng took out his phone.

Official Weibo of Chinese Arts Association: As the President of the Chinese Arts Association, I am here in Shanghai to request for Master Lin to return to the Chinese Arts Association. As to his decision to leave the association yesterday, all members of the association were not agreeable to it. Hence, we have to get Master Lin to return to the Chinese Arts Association no matter what it takes

“Elder Lin, is this good enough? If you don’t agree to it, do you really want the three of us to die from anger?” Zheng Zhong Shan showed Lin Fan the phone’s content and asked.

Lin Fan was stunned. He didn’t expect Elder Zheng to do that for him and he was moved by his actions. However, he didn’t want to appear to be moved. He wanted to let them feel that it wasn’t an easy task to convince him to return to the association.

He hesitated for a moment.

“Sigh, forget it. Since you guys acted this way, what else can I say? I will agree to it then. However, I will put it this way. There will not be another chance,” Lin Fan said.

After hearing that, Elder Zheng and the others laughed. They immediately assured him, “Don’t worry. There won’t be another occurrence. Since it’s like that, we can discuss about something else.”

“D*mn, so the three of you really have something to discuss with me about,” Lin Fan said helplessly.

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