A Valiant Life Chapter 666

Chapter 666: The Beginning

The problem with the Chinese Arts Association was over. Besides some news about it online, nothing much was being reported about it.

What made everyone curious was that the President of the Chinese Arts Association actually took the initiative to apologize and that stunned everyone.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan’s fans were ecstatic. The more powerful their idol seemed to be, the happier they became.

A few days later.

At Cloud Street.

Zhao Ming Qing had left Shanghai for a few days and his chosen destination was the mountainous regions of Yunnan.

In the mountainous regions of Yunnan.

Zhao Ming Qing came out of a torn and tattered wooden house. He wasn’t wearing the same thing as what he would wear in Shanghai. His clothes were a little torn and he wore a pair of cloth shoes. They were stained with mud. He certainly walked through several treacherous paths.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to send me. Lie in bed and continue resting. Take your medicine regularly and you will recover soon,” Zhao Ming Qing said and smiled. Qiu Jie and Zhang Tong Tong were with him. They carried their suitcases and came to the mountainous regions together. They only brought the important tools.

Zhao Ming Qing’s Chinese medical skills were powerful. He was able to use acupuncture with Chinese Medicine to treat illnesses. At the same time, he provided free medical treatment. He would pay for those villagers that were in difficult situations and didn’t charge them any money.

With Zhao Ming Qing’s abilities, his children had all become adults with their own careers. He was the Director of Shanghai’s First Chinese Medical Academy and his salary was pretty good. He had quite a lot of savings and he could afford to pay for them.

Qiu Jie and Zhang Tong Tong were full of hope for Chinese Medicine after the free voluntary medical booth that time. Although they came to a mountainous region, they reaped a lot of benefits. They finally understood the deep meaning behind their jobs.

“Thank you, Doctor Zhao.” A farmer said. She had some problems with her lungs and she was coughing non-stop. Sometimes, she would even cough out blood. However, since Zhao Ming Qing came here, her illness had improved significantly.

Initially, she didn’t really trust these strangers but she later realized that they were good people.

The head villager welcomed Zhao Ming Qing and the others warmly. He even arranged for a special accommodation for them.

The village was occupied by mostly the elderly and young children. When they knew that a doctor came to give free treatment, they were ecstatic; especially since the doctor was highly skilled.

Zhao Ming Qing smiled, “You don’t have to send us off, you can return home.”

The old villager didn’t return home. She just stood there and watched Zhao Ming Qing and the others leave.

As they walked a distance away, Zhao Ming Qing turned back and waved goodbye. Then, the villager slowly made her way back home.

Zhao Ming Qing said, “This time, you guys have to learn as much as you can. The most important thing about Chinese Medicine is to be grounded. At the same time, no matter what status you hold in the future, you should never forget these values.”

Qiu Jie and Zhang Tong Tong nodded, “We will remember it.”

They felt extremely blessed to be able to be with the Director and he was willing to teach them valuable lessons. These were lessons that they would never be able to learn from the books.

Ding ding!

His mentor called and Zhao Ming Qing picked up.

“Ming Qing, how’re things at Yunnan?

Zhao Ming Qing replied, “Teacher, everything is fine. The quality of healthcare here is low. They don’t even have doctors here. I feel that we might have to stay here for a longer period of time.”

“Oh, no problem. Please take care. If you encounter anything that you can’t resolve, inform me. I will be there as soon as possible.”

After hearing that, Zhao Ming Qing was moved, “Alright, noted, teacher.”

Zhao Ming Qing felt lucky to have met a teacher like Lin Fan. He helped him in every step of the way and at the same time, he was very concerned about him. He felt that besides his marriage with his wife, this was the most joyous occurrence in his life.

They hung up.

Qiu Jie said, “Director, did Master Lin call?”

Zhao Ming Qing nodded, “Yeah. Alright, let’s go to the next house.”

After a short while.

When the three of them reached the entrance of the village, they saw a group of people with suitcases that were filled with medicine. They didn’t look like locals and they looked more like volunteers.

The head villager looked at Zhao Ming Qing and walked over, “Doctor Zhao, where are you heading to?”

Zhao Ming Qing smiled, “We’re prepared to go to the next village. Who are these people?”

The head villager smiled, “Doctor Zhao, let me introduce you to them. This is Doctor Di and the others are volunteers. Doctor Di is from a big hospital somewhere and is here to treat our illnesses.”


The head villager nodded, “Right, right, America. They’re Americans.”

Zhao Ming Qing looked at them. The leader of the team was a dark-skinned elderly Caucasian. He was wearing about the same clothes as them. Although it was clean, his pants were filled with mud stains. It was obvious that he walked through a lot of muddy paths to reach the place.

Doctor Di looked at Zhao Ming Qing curiously and stretched out his hand. He said, “Hi, I am Di Jia Nuo from America. I studied cardiology in America and I brought some volunteers to the mountainous regions in China to treat illnesses.”

Zhao Ming Qing smiled, “Hi, Doctor Di. I am Zhao Ming Qing from Shanghai. I specialize in Chinese Medicine and I’m glad to be here to meet all of you.”

When they both heard that they were doctors, they were more open about sharing. Doctor Di said passionately, “The mythical Chinese Medicine. When I was in America, I studied it briefly. Some of the knowledge is profound and deep. Are you guys here as volunteers too?”

“Yeah, we just arrived yesterday,” Zhao Ming Qing said.

Doctor Di said passionately, “Doctor Zhao, we are all volunteers. Let’s explore together. Our aim is to walk through all the mountainous regions of Yunnan”

Zhao Ming Qing smiled.

Both of them were doctors and they were volunteers too. They clicked immediately. What made Zhao Ming Qing curious was that there were Caucasians that came to China’s mountainous regions to treat illnesses.

The fusion of Chinese and Western medicine was something that Zhao Ming Qing wanted to witness.

Especially since his mentor was awesome in both Chinese and Western medicine. This sparked Zhao Ming Qing’s interest in Western Medicine too.

The head villager smiled as he witnessed them talking to each other. He felt that they were in luck to be treated by these voluntary doctors.

At Cloud Street.

Lin Fan was scrolling through his phone.

Then, he frowned.

The news online.

‘International Arts Exhibition, Korean artist, Okamoto Tenji and Jin Cheng Guo belittled Chinese Arts. They feel that Chinese Arts would be the least popular in the upcoming International Arts Exhibition.’

The impact of the news was great. Those that didn’t understand Chinese Arts also joined in the discussion.

It even developed into an argument between the countries.

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