A Valiant Life Chapter 671

Chapter 671: Absolutely Wonderful

After scanning the entire scene, Lin Fan felt very satisfied. So much so that he felt a little excited inside. The encyclopedia had let the skills of these famous painters reach his hands. Thinking about it definitely would make anyone excited.

Also, his own works were very similar to the famous paintings from the olden times that were in the encyclopedia.

The next day!

Everyone from the Chinese Art Association was very excited. Some of them went directly to the art studio to wait. They all knew about it, Lin Fan was going to start painting.

Some of the people who had just joined the association eagerly looked into the window. The had a lot of confidence in their own artistic abilities so when they found out that this Master Lin was the number one person of the association, they were filled with curiosity. They all wanted to know how good this guy was, for him to be so warmly-received there.

He was so young. Some of them were insistent on not admitting defeat to him.

However, President Zheng had already issued an order that no one was to disturb Master Lin. Even if they wanted to stand outside, they were not a make a sound.

Of course, everyone followed Presiden Zheng’s intention at the start, which was that no one was to get close to him. But towards the end, everyone thought that they should just forget about it.

After all, there were not many chances to personally see Master Lin paint. Since they were here, it was essential that they learned something.

At that moment, Zheng Zhong Shan, Yue Qiu Ju Shi, and Tao Shi Gang arrived on the scene.

Everyone said, “President”

“Hush!” Zheng Zhong Shan indicated for everyone to keep silent. Then, he stood in front of the window and looked inside. He saw Lin Fan just standing there, not moving at all. It was like his mind was lost in thought.

Zheng Zhong Shan whispered, “All of you, look at this. This is the grandmaster quieting his thoughts and relaxing his mind before he draws. The moment he picks up his pen, it’s like his drawing is being blessed by God. Being in this sort of state is something that a lot of people try to get into. But to be able to reach this high of a level is something very few can attain.”

Everyone was shocked and they sighed. The master was truly a master, unlike any ordinary person. To be so young and yet attain such a level. That was something that really shocked them.

If Lin Fan knew that Elder Zheng was praising him like that, he would definitely cough out blood. This kind of praise was definitely a bit overbearing.

Was he really that sort of person?

The truth is that he was only just deciding which set of painting to paint first.

At that moment, Lin Fan opened his eyes. He had decided which set of painting to do.

‘Picture of The Ode of the River Goddess’

This piece of art had a length of 8cm and a breadth of 1cm and was classified as a large-scale painting. When creating this category of paintings, one had to know the background story behind it. Surprisingly, the background story in the encyclopedia was the exact same as his. The only difference was that he did not have this style of painting.

“He’s starting, he’s starting. Master Lin has finally picked up his pen.”

“His painting speed is so quick, it’s as if he doesn’t even need to think at all.”

Zheng Zhong Shan lectured them, “What do you guys know? This requires a lot of thinking. When a true grandmaster is painting, he is just sketching out the idea that has been formulated in his mind, so he just does it all in one go.

Everyone nodded. They were all in complete shock as his level of skill was really too amazing. At this moment, they felt like they were so far away from Master Lin in terms of skills.

Just from this action, it had caused so many of them to feel inferior.

However, they definitely did not know that Lin Fan was not thinking at all. He was just directly copying from the encyclopedia, which did require any thinking at all.

Time slowly passed by.

The 5-meter tall painting canvas began to become more and more enriched. Although the people outside could not clearly see what was inside, they could feel a spark of vigor hitting them right in the face.

At this moment, there was complete silence. No one said a word at all. It was like they were all scared that if they were to open their mouths, they would disrupt Master Lin’s train of thoughts.

One hour passed.

Two hours passed.

Four hours passed.

The action inside was nonstop.

Yue Que Ju Shi whispered, “Elder Lin is painting with so much intensity. Will something happen to him?”

Zheng Zhong Shan was also a little worried and replied, “I don’t know but we can’t disturb Elder Lin right now either. If something really happens to him, then it will be a failure just one step short of success.”

Tao Shi Gang nodded, “Yes, that is true. Elder Lin’s way of painting is different from ours. When we paint, we have to pause to rest. But you guys can see that Elder Lin has yet to put down his pen. If I did not see this personally, it would be something very scary to hear about.”

The surrounding members who were all looking on from outside were all dumbfounded. It had been close to five hours already. If it had been them, they would have been dead tired a long time ago. How could they be like Master Lin, painting with such high intensity and yet not stopping at all?

Some of the members could not take it. They just stood there watching and feeling that it was a little hard to bear. They also did not know how Master Lin did it, how he was able to maintain it all the way.

It was really too scary.

Seven hours had passed.


Everyone saw Master Lin put his pen down. Their hearts were all on edge, not knowing specifically what the situation was like.

Then, Lin Fan immediately took a deep breath and pushed the door open. He did not say anything to anyone but just came to the scene and shook his body a little.


A sound that was like a bean splitting open rang out.

When everyone heard this sound, they were all stunned. What was going on? To just move his body a little and be able to make such a sound was too incredible.

However, at this moment, everyone’s eyes were locked onto the painting inside the room.

Inside, their hearts were very anxious, like there were a million ants crawling inside. They all wanted to be the first to see the painting.

Zheng Zhong Shan was the same. But he asked, “Elder Lin, are you done already?”

Lin Fan replied, “Yes, I am done. I’m going to take a rest, you guys can go take a look for yourselves. However, don’t damage it.”

After hearing that, Zheng Zhong Shan was the first to rush right in.

Then, the rest of them followed suit.

“No one is to get close to it and touch it. Everyone, stand far away and just look,” Zheng Zhong Shan said. He thought of the importance of this painting, so he reminded everyone at the first chance.

It was not like they had never seen Elder Lin’s paintings before but when they thought about the time he had taken to paint it, it was not even worth mentioning the previous paintings.

What kind of painting would cause Elder Lin to spend so much time? Everyone was all anxious just thinking about it.

When everyone looked at the contents of the painting, they were dumbfounded.

The whole scene was filled with silence. The only thing you could hear was the sound of breathing.

Even after so much mental preparation, at this moment, they could not help cursing.

“F*ck! How is this possible?”

“This is really frightening.”

“I feel like the people in the painting are alive and are walking right in front of me.”

Zheng Zhong Shan’s eyes opened wide. His face did not move at all. He was deeply engrossed in the painting.

No one dared to step near it as they were scared that they would accidentally damage this art piece. However, Zheng Zhong Shan could not help taking a step forward, his eyes shining brightly.

Especially when he saw the level of detail in the facial expression of one of the people in the painting, he was even more shocked.

“Absolutely wonderful!”

There was no way to assess this painting. They were afraid that because of the high level of this painting, they would never match up to it.

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