A Valiant Life Chapter 686

The audience was completely stunned. Ever since the Qingtian Bay Race had first been held, nothing like that had ever happened before!

He didn’t slow down when making the turn, but instead, he sped up! How perverse must you be to make such a move?!

Soon after.

Two illuminated car headlights could be seen coming and a glorious figure appeared before the audience.


The sound of a car braking could be heard.

A race car came to a halt.

Everyone in the audience was completely stunned when they saw the car.

“How is this possible? Twelve minutes? The record for this Qingtian Bay racetrack is at least twenty-three minutes! How in the world did he do this?”

“Pinch me! I’m not dreaming, am I? This is impossible!”

“Exactly! How is this possible? How can he drive so fast?”

When he reached the finish line, the Encyclopedia’s notification popped up.

“Task completed: Joining the Qingtian Bay Race. Encyclopedic points +20.”

“Unlocking the sixteenth page of knowledge. Because it’s the sixteenth page of knowledge, a knowledge related to someone close to the host will be chosen.”

“Failure to select a related knowledge. Choosing the sixteenth page of knowledge. Unlocking the sub-class of the Plant Cultivation major classification of knowledge: Landscaping knowledge (With the Encyclopedia’s mystical boost)”

“Task: Lead the 365 children from the Children’s Welfare Institute to revamp the environment of the Institute. At the same time, at least ten students need to learn the knowledge of landscaping.”

“Task reward: Encyclopaedic points +20. The Plant Cultivation major class of knowledge will be unlocked. The seventeenth page of knowledge will be unlocked.”

“Remark: Because you are unlocking a small classification of knowledge, there is no need to be involved in the industry.”

“Encyclopaedic points: 4860.”

Lin Fan was stunned. This wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened. The task that was announced wasn’t for him to become the already brilliant and famous Master Lin, but it had become something else. Also, it involved the Children’s Welfare Institute.

The reward for completing the task was also plentiful. There was be no change to the Encyclopaedic points rewarded but there would be an additional major classification of knowledge. This was somewhat terrifying and unimaginable at the same time.

However, let’s not think about it anymore. Completing the task was already enough.

His trip to Beijing had come to an end. After returning back to Shanghai, he’d have to put his heart and soul into the Children’s Welfare Institute.

The car stopped. Everyone had stopped moving. They were still immensely stunned.


At this moment, Ye Tong Xian couldn’t hold it in anymore. She stumbled out of the car and lay flat on the ground at the side. She vomited rather severely. It was as if she had to vomit everything from her stomach.

At this moment, everyone finally reacted.

“F*ck! That was just too incredible!”

“He has already reached the end?”

“The others at the back are still biting the dust.”

Facing everyone’s stunned expressions, Lin Fan laughed calmly. As for Ye Tong Xian, she had thought that this was just a joke, but after this, it seemed that she wouldn’t ever dare to ride another car.

There wasn’t any more meaning in staying here.

“Hai Ge, I’ll drive this car for now. You can just take it from the hotel tomorrow.” Lin Fan got in the car, started the engine, and drove away.

Chang Hai Ge finally managed to react, “Master Lin”

However, at this moment, Lin Fan had already left the scene, leaving behind an astonished crowd, as well as a vomiting Ye Tong Xian.

Ye Tong Xian was left looking a sorry figure. At this point, she was too lazy to even lift her hand, but she was still trembling, “You…you”

She didn’t even manage to complete a single sentence and continued to vomit.

For her, this experience was both terrifying and devastating. There would definitely not be a second time. She would deeply remember Lin Fan. That b*stard, almost costing her her life.

After a long time.

Irvine finally reached the endpoint. The first thing he did after getting out of his car was to find the owner of that car from just now.

“Where’s the person? Where’s the person from before?” Irvine agitatedly asked. He was a professional racer, a world-renowned figure. But he had actually lost in such a small racing event? Moreover, he had been beaten by an absolute margin. How could he still remain calm after this?

Even the world’s number one didn’t have such capabilities.

Ye Tong Xian felt a little better now, however, she still felt slightly giddy. “Chang Hai Ge, just who the hell was that guy?”

Chang Hai Ge blinked, “Can I not say?”

Ye Tong Xian replied, “No.”

Chang Hai Ge was helpless. He replied, “He is Master Lin from Shanghai. However, Tong Xian, I would advise you not to go and find trouble with Master Lin.”

“Hmph!” Ye Tong Xian snorted. “You can relax. I won’t do anything to him.”

Chang Hai Ge shook his head, “I’m not worried about Master Lin. I’m worried about you. You are definitely not his match.”

“You” Ye Tong Xian didn’t expect that Chang Hai Ge wouldn’t have faith in her. She momentarily flared up.

While everyone at the event was trying to find Lin Fan, he already returned to his hotel, getting ready to fly back to Shanghai.

He didn’t want to ask any more about the situation at the Chinese Art Association. He had already given the painting and completed his task. He didn’t have anything left to do in Beijing, so why not return back to Shanghai to lead the children into a better future?

At night.

At the Liang family.

After Liang Hong Tian cried, his felt much better. Especially after the other party’s promises, he could finally relax. All he had to do now was to stay away from any trouble.

Entering the house.

“Little brother, I heard that someone taught you a lesson.” a man said as he stood before Liang Hong Tian. This was his second uncle’s eldest son.

“Brother, who did you hear this from?” Liang Hong Tian didn’t want to talk about the event. He knew that these people were here to mock him.

“Nevermind who I heard it from. But from what I know, you seem to be fearful of this person, and you do not dare to take revenge. How shameful is this for the Liang family?”

Liang Hong Tian was feeling slightly angry. He didn’t say much after that. He smiled, “Brother, this matter has nothing to do with you. If you feel like taking revenge for me, you’re more than welcome. Master Lin from Shanghai. His shop is at Cloud Street. You can go find him. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to rest first.”

He didn’t wait for a response from the other party before taking his leave.

Crazy b*stard. Revenge?

If he had the time, why not spend it doing something else?

The situation now was that, even if he did want to get revenge, he had to see what capabilities he had. The other party was friends with Young Master Zou, and it was hard to say whether Young Master Zou would stick his hand into the matter. If Young Master Zou was to do so, then he certainly wouldn’t dare to do anything.

The next day.

At the Beijing airport.

Chang Hai Ge was calling.

“Master Lin, are you really leaving? Why not stay a few more days?”

“I’m not staying any longer. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“No need to thank me. I didn’t even do much. You were here for such a short period of time. I didn’t even do much as the host.”

“There will be even more chances down the road. There’s no hurry.”

“Bon voyage.”

“Thank you very much.”

Thereafter, Zheng Zhong Shan and Wu Yun Gang also gave him a call each.

The departure this time didn’t alarm anyone. There also wasn’t anyone who came to send him off as they felt there wasn’t a need to.

However, Zheng Zhong Shan was trying his best to get him to stay. Lin Fan was afraid that he wanted him to take part in the International Art Exhibition.

But for Lin Fan, right now, all he really wished for was to go back to Shanghai and not to travel overseas. He had already left ten Chinese artworks behind, so why did he still need to travel overseas? It would just be a waste of time.

Right now, he just wanted to see how the International Art Exhibition would turn out.

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