A Valiant Life Chapter 75

Lin Fan knew that he was a gourmet but really didn't want to say anything.

Lin Fan admitted that he was impressive but no matter what, he should try the scallion pancakes first.

Kang Wei Fan stood there, with the scallion pancake in his hand.

He sniffed it a few times.

"This is the fragrance of scallions, and the scent of coriander, but how could it be? That coriander was obviously too dry, how could it still release this fragrance"

He talked to himself. Despite not having taken a bite yet, he savored the fragrance and everything encompassed within it.

Kang Wei Fan looked puzzled, "This fragrance scores full marks. Is this even a fragrance that can come from just a mere scallion pancake?"

He studied its appearance. It looked magnificent. Layers and layers piled upon each other, and that golden outer layer was extremely crisp.

"This is a masterpiece."

He was at a loss for words to describe the scallion pancake in his hands.

Fraud Tian looked at Kang Wei Fan and thought that he was weird. Other people would instantly devour the scallion pancake upon receiving it, but this guy was just standing there, talking to himself.

Lin Fan leaned back in his chair as he looked outside at Kang Wei Fan.

Kang Wei Fan took a deep breath, then gradually put the scallion pancake into his mouth.

This appearance, this smell, they all score full marks, but how's the taste? Perhaps it would just be average.

Any food, without good ingredients, would not taste good. No matter how good the chef is, the rule cannot be broken.

He lowered his head and took a bite.


A crisp and clear sound exploded from Kang Wei Fan's mouth.

Fraud Tians jaw dropped as he stared unblinkingly at Kang Wei Fan's facial expression.

To him, the face made by the customers when they ate the scallion pancakes was an art form.

At this moment, Kang Wei Fans pupils dilated. His eyes widened till they were like a bull's.

In his mouth, a taste that he had never experienced before overwhelmed his taste buds.

It was as if time had stopped.

Everything around him became silent.

The fragrance of the scallion, the strength of the dough and all the different flavors were like a bomb that exploded inside his mouth.

Kang Wei Fan looked up at the heavens.

He felt as if he was at the edge of a volcano. It's scorching hot air spread throughout his body, and his heart was burning.

This was the flavor of the onions and chili.

Suddenly, Kang Wei Fan trembled. He felt as if icy cold rainwater was falling upon his body, extinguishing the flames from before.

This was the fragrance of coriander, which brought with it a refreshing feeling.

The coolness and the heat clashed.

The contrast was extremely pleasurable to the taste buds. This was the pinnacle of gourmet food.

Fraud Tian stared blankly at him, "God d*mn, this guy's expression is even more exaggerated than any of the other townsfolk."

Kang Wei Fan didn't say a word, but his expression said all. He was filled with excitement and a sense of freedom.

His head lowered.


Eat, eat!

He wouldn't leave even a single morsel of food.

If he could, he would gladly eat even the plastic bag which had been tainted with the scallion pancakes flavor.

Kang Wei Fan closed his eyes. His tongue swirled around his mouth. The aftertaste lingered in his mouth.

Fraud Tian was stunned, "He's crying"

Even though Kang Wei Fan's eyes were shut, tears flowed from the corner of his eyes, which glistened under the sunlight.

This was the peak of the flavor, and it had an immense impact on him.

He was a gourmet and his biggest wish in life was to experience food that could move his heart.

Unfortunately, he had never been able to experience it, but this time, his wish was fulfilled.

Lin Fan glanced over at him but didn't really care. This much was expected. He took another sip of tea and continued to lean back in his chair.

"This scallion pancake isn't something that's possible in the human world. I've tasted the original scallion pancakes from Taiwan, and it can't even compare to this."

"This is really, really too delicious."

Kang Wei Fan opened his eyes, as he said in astonishment.

At that moment, he understood why the townsfolk were giving that ridiculous expression.

No, it wasn't ridiculous at all. That kind of expression was to be expected.

Fraud Tian scratched his head, "Sir, that would be $50. Can you pay now?"

Kang Wei Fan reached for his money immediately, "This deliciousness can't be fully paid for in cash, but it must have a price."

"To experience such delicious food, I would be willing to pay any price."

Fraud Tians eyes gleamed with delight when he saw the $100 bill in front of him. This was a rich guy!

Lin Fan then leisurely spoke, "The price is already stated. Just pay what is stated."

Fraud Tian had no choice but to give him $50 change.

Kang Wei Fan took the change, then immediately went in front of Lin Fan, "Boss, please give me one more serving. Any price is fine."

Lin Fan raised his head and declined instantly, "Rules are rules. If you want, you can come and queue again tomorrow."

Kang Wei Fan was refused just like that. He wasn't satisfied. For a food this tasty, one serving was far from enough.

However, judging by the boss attitude, he wasn't going to break the rule.

He was a gourmet. Every place around the globe had its own rules. He understood that rules were rules and they wouldn't be changed just for one person.

However, after tasting this delicious scallion pancake, he realized that all the best foods around the world, when compared to this scallion pancakewere simply a pile of sh*t.

That's right, "sh*t" was the only way to describe it.

"Boss, how exactly did you make these scallion pancakes? This flavor is enough to move a person's heart, but those ingredients were clearly average ingredients, maybe even low-grade ingredients."

Kang Wei Fan was confused. Everything he had known about food had been thrown out the window.

Lin Fan was starting to find him annoying.

It was just a scallion pancake, why must he ask so many questions.

How did he make them?

With his hands, obviously. What else could it be? With his a*s?

However, just to make this guy leave

Lin Fan laughed and then pointed to his chest. He said coolly, "With my heart."

Kang Wei Fan was stunned, "Heart?"

With a serious face, Lin Fan nodded, "A masterful painting is painted when the artist pours his heart into it. It's the same with this scallion pancake. The ingredients are common, but when I pour my heart into it, the taste that is produced is anything but common.

It was the first time Kang Wei Fan had heard such an explanation.

Then suddenly, it hit him.

"I understand now!"

Lin Fan was relieved, "If you must, come and queue again tomorrow. Fraud, send our customer off."

Kang Wei Fan still wanted to chat with Lin Fan, but Fraud Tian stepped forward immediately.

"Sir, here's your change."

Kang Wei Fan took one more glance at Lin Fan and etched this memory into his heart.

He made a decision, that such delicious food shouldn't only be known by himself.

After he left

Fraud Tian asked, "This is really made with your heart?"

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, "Heart my a*s, that was just bullshit."

Fraud Tian: "..."

Why was this scallion pancake so delicious?

That question can only be answered by the encyclopedia.

Even Lin Fan was confused at times.

The ingredients were clearly inferior, but the food it made was amazing. How mysterious.

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