A Valiant Life Chapter 80

Master Lin.

In the shop.

Lin Fan was lying there. He had finally sent his customers away. He made scallion pancakes in the morning and the afternoons were reserved for fortune-telling. He was satisfied with the life that he was leading. Fraud Tian stretched for a bit and did some shadow-boxing, then he said, "There seems to be re-sellers."

Lin Fan wasn't even surprised, he asked, "What's wrong with that?"

"We're too high in demand. These re-sellers took this opportunity and hired people to queue for them. The others are complaining about it." Fraud Tian was full of admiration for Lin Fan. As the business had expanded and became more popular, even international customers came to queue up for their services.

Although the foreigners were complaining, they still queued up properly. Fraud Tian was envious of the re-sellers. "These re-sellers are selling the tickets for high prices ranging from $500 to even $1000."

Lin Fan just yawned and said, "Looks like this problem is getting serious."

Fraud Tian nodded and said, "Yeah it's really quite serious. We gotta revamp it again."

Lin Fan sat upright on the chair and thought about it for awhile, then he had a strange expression. Fraud Tian was a little shocked at his facial expression and he asked, "What is it? You look so shocked."

Lin Fan behaved mysteriously and said, "I sense a calamity coming towards us, it's quite serious."

Fraud Tian was afraid and he quickly said, "Should we close the door and hide?"

Lin Fan shook his head and said, "It's too late, it's here."

Then, Fraud Tian looked in the same direction as Lin Fan. There were two people standing at the door. Fraud Tian wasn't interested in the old man but he was fixated on the pretty girl beside the man. She was really pretty and had long and slender legs.

Ever since he had started following Lin Fan, Fraud Tian felt that his life was blessed as he got to see so many pretty ladies. Although he had not touched any of them before, he was satisfied to see them.

An exaggerated expression could be seen on Lin Fan's face. "What a strong aura of bad luck."

Wu Tian He stood at the door with his daughter and looked at the signboard which said 'Master Lin'. That's right, they were at the right place. Wu You Lan felt that the place was a little familiar. Just when she thought of it, a voice could be heard from the shop.

Bad luck? Who said bad luck?

Wu Tian He looked at Fraud Tian and confirmed that he wasn't the great Master. Then, he looked at Lin Fan who had a different expression from before, he wasn't as calm as he had been.

Lin Fan looked at Wu Tian He suspiciously. Both of them made eye contact and it was like they were martial art experts using their eyes to battle each other.

Wu You Lan wanted to speak but she remained silent as she realized that the atmosphere was getting a little tense. Although she didn't study Metaphysics, it was the first time that she saw her dad with such an expression.

Fraud Tian looked left and right and wondered what was going on. They were looking at each other so seriously. Then, Fraud Tian realized that the old man was familiar and exclaimed, "You are Wu Tian He from Lian Zhou!"

When he had still been a fortune-teller under the bridge, he had paid attention to Wu Tian He. He was really envious of him but did not worship him. Sometimes, comparing oneself to another would really drive one crazy.

A long while later

Wu Tian He shook his head and said, "I can't see through you."

Lin Fan replied, "Wu Ah Bing".

Fraud Tian was confused, what did that mean? But then again, how would he know what it meant? The eye contact that they had made earlier was already a bloodless battle.

Wu Tian He then entered the shop and said, "Master Lin".

Lin Fan just smiled and when he saw Wu You Lan trying to enter the shop, he quickly stopped her and said, "You, stand at the door and don't come in."

Wu You Lan froze, with a leg raised in the air.

"You Lan, wait for me outside, I need to speak to Master Lin." Wu Tian He said.

Wu You Lan suddenly remembered that Master Lin was the one that made the prediction about her on Weibo. Then, she angrily stomped her feet and said, "Who would want to go in? Hmph," Wu You Lan said.

Fraud Tian took a small stool and went towards Wu You Lan.

She's a beautiful woman! That kid's behavior was inappropriate.

Wu You Lan just sat there angrily. She wanted to find out what could have caused her father to value this meeting so much.

"Master Lin" Wu Tian He tried to continue his words but he was interrupted by Lin Fan.

Lin Fan waved his hands and said, "Listen to me speak about Metaphysics first."

Wu Tian He was taken aback but he nodded and said, "I'd be glad to hear it."

Then, Lin Fan started to rattle on about it. After becoming a fortune-teller, he had tried to explain it to Fraud Tian to gain an Encyclopedic Point. Now, it was Wu Tian He's turn.

After he was done

"Encyclopedic Point +1."

What a great feeling!

On the other hand, Wu Tian He was shocked beyond words. He said, "Master Lin's views on Metaphysics are unique and deep."

Lin Fan didn't know sh*t about Metaphysics, he had merely read it all from the Encyclopedia. It wasn't to converse with him, he just wanted to gain the Encyclopedic Point. Now that he had gotten the point, he was satisfied.

"What issues are you facing?" Lin Fan asked as he sipped his tea.

Wu Tian He finally understood. Lin Fan was a young and capable master. As for Master Lin's life, he couldn't see through it at all. But Master Lin had recited the names of his first-generation ancestors. This meant that Master Lin had seen through all his eighteen generations of ancestors. That amount of power was enough for him to be recognized as the best master of Metaphysics.

Then, Wu Tian He pleaded, "I just need you to help my daughter, Master Lin."

Lin Fan waved his hands and said, "You've committed too many sins. Your daughter is basically hopeless. It's fated."

Wu Tian He was not going to resign to his fate just like that. He said, "Master Lin, don't mind me saying this. I heard about you helping someone to escape death but nothing happened to you. May I know how you did it?"

Lin Fan pointed at the door and asked, "What did you see earlier on?"

"Master Lin," Wu Tian He replied.

"That's right. I am Master Lin. I'm not a normal fortune-teller." Lin Fan said.

Wu Tian He didn't say anything and stood up.

Lin Fan was a little taken aback, he quickly swung his arms and said, "Sit down, we can just talk about it. You don't have to stand up or move around. Now that the Internet is so powerful, I might get roasted to death for making you move."

That woman outside the door had terrible fortune. Once Wu Tian He dies, she would definitely suffer a horrific fate. It would be an unimaginable consequence.

Wu Tian He sincerely pleaded, "Master Lin, I really need your help. I'm willing to give up anything for it. I have only one daughter. I will bear the consequences of my past sins but I can't let my next generation be affected by it."

If this conversation was made known to those wealthy businessmen in Lian Zhou, they would definitely be in disbelief. Lian Zhou's divine fortune-teller, Wu Tian He was actually pleading a youngster for help in a small shop in Shanghai. Who would believe it?

When Wu You Lan heard his words, she was shocked. She was born into a family that specialized in Metaphysics and although she didn't take over his business, she believed in it more than anyone else. She knew that her life was going to be horrific in the near future and she wanted to focus on living happily from now on.

Lin Fan didn't reply and just looked at Wu You Lan outside the door.

She has a big a*s, which means that she can give birth easily.

She has big breasts too, which means that she can provide more nutrition to her kids.

Ah, what the f*ck am I thinking?

Then, he looked at the girl sincerely with pity.

Wu Tian He had never been nervous about anything before but this time, he was looking at Lin Fan anxiously.

In his heart, Lin Fan sighed. The heavens had given him good morals after all. Facing a teenage girl that was about to lose her footing in life, how could he just leave her without helping?

Wu Tian He wasn't exactly a bad person. When he had been young, he had a wealth of knowledge in Metaphysics and he became extremely arrogant after the wealthy people praised and trusted him.

It was rare to find someone like him who was so capable and low-profile.

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