A Valiant Life Chapter 86

Cloud Street.

In front of the 'Master Lin' shop.

"You bought a new phone?" Fraud Tian sat there and looked at Lin Fan's phone with envy.

"Yeah, it's pretty good." Lin Fan smiled and said.

Fraud Tian had also wanted a new phone but the money that he had saved was set aside for his funeral fund. Then, he just sighed, "Sigh, it's so good to have money. You can change your phone anytime you want."

Lin Fan placed the phone down, smiled and said, "The way you're talking feels like you're hinting at me for something. Don't complain about me treating you badly. Go get one for yourself and pass me the receipt. I'll pay for you."

After hearing his words, Fraud Tian was both surprised and happy. "Are you for real?"

"If you don't believe me then forget it. I've already said my piece." Lin Fan said as he lowered his head to play with his phone again.

Fraud Tian was extremely excited. "You're such a good boss. I'll go buy a new model now."

"No, just go at night instead. If you leave now, I won't be able to handle it if there are customers." Lin Fan said.

"Sure," Fraud Tian said as he nodded.

On WeChat.

Huo Han: "Little boss, if you still don't reply me, you're going to lose me completely."

Lin Fan smiled at her message and just replied with a blank emoji.

Huo Han replied, "We're already so close to each other. Do I still have to queue up for the scallion pancakes? I'm overseas now and I'll be back in a few days."

So this girl had gone overseas, no wonder there hadn't been even a sight of her these days. But Lin Fan was firm on his rules. How could he let a girl break the rules just like that?

Lin Fan replied, "If you want to eat the scallion pancakes, please queue up."

Huo Han was speechless.

The next day.

A video went viral on the Internet.

'China's best MMA artist, Han Lu, got defeated by a mysterious youngster yesterday afternoon.'

"Who exactly is this mysterious youngster? How could he be so powerful?"

'There's a pro amongst us. This mysterious youngster taught Han Lu a lesson about humility.'

'Han Lu claims that he wasn't prepared and the man secretly attacked him and caught him off guard.'

'Master Xin Zhen used his internal powers to drain Han Lu of his strength. This was advantageous to the mysterious youngster.'

Meanwhile, on Weibo's forums.

The best national MMA artist, Han Lu, vowed to fight the false claims against him during the fight with Master Xin Zhen which only lasted for 11 seconds. It was actually a good thing to clear the air about the claims made against him but it was regarding Master Xin Zhen, who was an important figure in the nation's culture. Furthermore, Han Lu was arrogant and he even wanted to challenge the President of the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

The president was already an old man and if they really were to have a fight, who knew if he would be able to make it out alive? He was an old and frail man. Even if he really had the capabilities, he wouldn't be able to defeat the tall and muscular Han Lu. Perhaps he would even die in the arena.

But the Chinese netizens all supported Chinese martial arts and believed that it was really existent. But until now, nobody had been able to stand out and defeat Han Lu, which made them a little uncomfortable.

But today's video made them extremely excited about the prospects of a fight.

Meteor Garden "That felt good, it felt so good to see Han Lu get beaten. I have watched this video for more than twenty times. This brother has true capabilities and although it was rather simple, he did it so smoothly and easily. There weren't any unnecessary movements, especially when he pressed his hand against Han Lu's stomach. It takes a special kind of skill to do that. It's not something that anyone can do."

Happy Strawberries: "To the one above, you're so good at praising the youngster. Now he sounds like a God."

Huang Guo Li said, "Meteor Garden is right. I am still pretty fit, but when my son charges towards me, I can't possibly stop him with just a finger. The force is strong enough to push me a few steps backward. The force that is produced by a trained and skilled person like Han Lu should be even greater and it'd be harder to withstand."

"To the person above, that makes sense. That was pretty eye-opening."

"This is getting intense."

"Han Lu is extremely dissatisfied and he keeps thinking that it was because he wasn't ready."

"Master Xin Zhen has spoken about it. It was because he had drained Han Lu's inner energy, so this youngster got it easy."

"That might not be true, did you guys even watch the video? Master Xin Zhen got beaten up until his face started to swell and bleed. How could it be?"

On Han Lu's Weibo.

"I hope this person can contact me. I would like to have a fair battle with him. I can accept any rules."

The netizens were all discussing as well.

"Does anyone of you know who this man is?"

"The video was quite clear but if we are to try and find a person in such a large country, it would be nearly impossible."

"He just left after beating Han Lu up. How exciting."

"D*mn you! Just a random youngster can beat you up like that and you claim to be a pro."

Master Xin Zhen was feeling great. Although he had been badly beaten up by Han Lu, he felt like he was part of the reason why Han Lu had been beaten.

On Master Xin Zhen's Weibo.

"This youngster has some skills indeed. But everything was built on my powers. If I hadn't drained his inner power, the youngster wouldn't have been able to beat him so easily."

"666 I admire you so much for talking bullsh*t so openly as if you were the one who beat him up."

"Master Xin Zhen is a master of Ba Gua Zhang but his Ba Gua Zhang is not as good as his ability to spout nonsense."

"I've seen the video of the fight between Han Lu and you. Even Master Lei Lei could do better than you. You were already on the floor after 3 seconds. You rolled around like a carp and then you ran away."

"Please do not humiliate Master Xin Zhen, his abilities are not to be doubted."

At the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

Most of the people were afraid of challenging Han Lu but they had become less worried.

Everyone in the office was jumping for joy. "Good. That was a good hit. This youngster is really something."

"This Han Lu is too arrogant. He thinks he's capable enough and actually wanted to challenge our President. Who does he think he is?"

"Do anyone of you know this youngster? He's got real potential. We should recruit him."

"We don't even know who he is, how do we recruit him?"

"Although he only used a few moves, his technique was amazing. It's not something that can be easily achieved even with 20 years of experience."

An elder in the Association started to speak, "We have to find him no matter what. Our association is lacking talented new blood just like him."

In a Dou Yu broadcast room.

Zhao Zhong Yang had just had his operation and he was recovering on his bed as he did a live stream.

"Brother Yang, did you see how Han Lu got KO-ed by a mysterious man yesterday? What are your thoughts?"

"This video has become really viral. It's the most searched on the Internet."

"Who the hell said our Chinese martial arts have no use?"

"Stop trying to bring that up, Han Lu already said that it was a fake battle."

"Fake my a*s. You actually believed in his words? He wants to challenge the President of the Chinese Martial Arts Association. What if he beats the President? Wouldn't it be saying that Chinese martial arts are a hoax? He's using this to push himself up the social ladder. That scheming b*stard."

"That's logical too."

"Everyone's searching for the man in the video but we don't even know if they've found the person or not."

Zhao Zhong Yang just lied on his bed in the ward and did his live stream. After which, he did a search out of curiosity and when he saw the man in the video, he was shocked beyond words.

"D*mn, I know who this person is." Zhao Zhong Yang exclaimed.

The fans listened more attentively to his broadcast and asked, "Who is it, Brother Yang?"

"Yeah, Brother Yang, just tell us who it is."

"I've donated a rocket, please tell us."

Zhao Zhong Yang looked more closely and said, "He is Master Lin!"

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