A Valiant Life Chapter 94

Lin Fan didn't know anything about songwriting, but the Encyclopedia did. Anything was possible.

The song cost Lin Fan 5 Encyclopedic Points. It was a rather expensive trade and he felt a bit of heartache.

However, he knew that he had to do it.

Ethereal voice!

Difficult tune!

Time constraint!

As long as one had the Encyclopedia, none of these was an issue.

Song title: Sky.

Music style: Chinese Pop

Original singer: Faye Wong

Lyrics: Huang Gui Lan

Score: Yang Ming Huang

Composer: Tu Ying

Honors: 'Sky' is original singer's best selling record to date.

Lin Fan didn't recognize any of the names written in the Encyclopedia. He didn't have any knowledge of singing techniques or emotional expression when singing. However, everything was in the Encyclopedia and all he had to do was to copy and replicate the contents.

The rest of the situation should be handled by a professional.

Everyone was silent.

Teacher Yang's expression was lively. He grabbed the two pieces of paper as if they were two pieces of treasure. Teacher Yang followed the contents of the two pieces of paper and intuitively sang the tune of the song.

Wang Ming Yang, despite not being a professional, thought the tune that Teacher Yang sang wasn't too bad. It conveyed the emotions of the song.

"It's good." Teacher Yang looked at Lin Fan with shock and amazement.

The song was really well written. It was not just any ordinary song.

"Chief Wang, you have such a talented music guru here. You have nothing to worry about!"

Wang Ming Yang was stunned. "He's a guru? That song is that good?"

Teacher Yang nodded. "The lyrics, tune, and the music style are all appropriate for each other. In all my years in this industry, I've never seen something as detailed and rich as this. Moreover, this song fits the music style of Wu Huan Yue. It's a good match."

Wang Ming Yang shook in awe. "My brother, since when did you learn how to write songs?"

"I have no idea. I was bored just now, so I thought that I would write something. Whatever works, let's use it," Lin Fan said.

Teacher Yang was a famous music composer and had a good reputation in the country. He looked at Lin Fan suspiciously.

"With this kind of standard, you would be famous in the industry. With this kind of standard, there's no way I wouldn't know you!" Teacher Wang had his suspicions.

Lin Fan grinned. "I'm not a composer. I'm only a fortune-teller and a scallion pancake seller."

Teacher Yang looked in shock. "How can it be?"

"This is my brother. He's a fortune teller and scallion pancake seller!" Wang Ming Yang said proudly.

Teacher Yang couldn't believe it. Lin Fan only took half a day to write the song and he wasn't even in the industry.

Lin Fan laughed softly. "I think you guys better hurry and get everything sorted, and get Wu Huan Yue to familiarise herself with the lyrics. Time is of the essence."

"Right, right. Xiao Chen, can you quickly arrange for the music team to come over and start preparations?"Wang Ming Yang said immediately.

"Yes, sir!"

Wang Ming Yang patted Lin Fan on his shoulders. "I never thought you'd know how to write a song."

"I was just dabbling. This song isn't written for you though," Lin Fan said casually.

Wang Ming Yang laughed boisterously. "I understand. You wrote it for your sweetheart, right?"

"I'll take my leave first. Your troubles are over, but mine aren't." Lin Fan waved as he left immediately.

"No, no. If we encounter any problems, I'd still need your help!" Wang Ming Yang shouted across the hallway.

Lin Fan didn't even turn his head back. "Teacher Yang is here. If there's anything, look for him. I have enough troubles of my own. We'll meet next time."

Wang Ming Yang shook his head. "Wow, this brother of mine is such an able person. Teacher Yang, if you have any interest in getting your fortune read, you should look for him. He's quite accurate."

Teacher Yang chuckled politely. "Thanks for your good will, but I don't really believe in all of these."

"What a shame." Wang Ming Yang didn't say any more. Lin Fan was such a talented fortune-teller. If you didn't believe it, it was your loss.

On the car.

He definitely couldn't return to his shop in the meanwhile. Even if the journalists had left, the customers would never let him go.

Looking at his phone.

There were more than twenty missed calls from Fraud Tian. He had been spam-calling him. It was rather terrifying.


Trending: Last night's episode of 'The New Voice'

Teacher Qi Ming's Weibo had gotten on the trending page.

Ying Jin's Weibo had gotten onto the trending page.

Wang Yu Chen's Weibo had gotten onto the trending page.

Wu Huan Yue's Weibo had gotten onto the trending page.

Han Lu rejoiced as his scandal got kicked off the trending page due to 'The New Voice'.

Lin Fan opened Ying Jin's and Wang Yu Chen's Weibo. Ying Jin was a very experienced first-class smooth talker, making herself look like she played fair.

Wang Yu Chen was a little arrogant. Although she didn't explicitly state it, her posts were all hinting that Wu Huan Yue was not as good as her.

Lin Fan shook his head in disapproval.

Young people shouldn't be this arrogant.

However, Lin Fan wasn't one to pick fights with others. He believed in cultivating one's own mental fortitude and looking at things with clear judgment.

He opened his Weibo top friends list.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer!

These four big words would look ordinary to anyone else. But for those who knew him, he was a terrifying figure, and one wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Lin Fan: "Wang Yu Chen sang well."

Ten seconds later.

Lin Fan: "Oops, I sent it to the wrong person. It's none of your concern."

Ever since he had gotten discharged from the hospital, Autumn Sword Fish Killer put his whole heart and mind into his work. Apart from that, he only ever devoted his time to suppressing the fraud's Weibo account.


Autumn Sword Fish Killer's boss looked on in horror as he saw Autumn Sword Fish Killer down three bowls of Lan Zhou noodles. Autumn Sword Fish Killer rapidly downed his food as layers of flesh folded and jiggled upon one another. His appetite was appalling.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer gave a twisted grin when he saw Lin Fan's private message. His eyes twinkled with delight.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "HAHA, she did sing very well."

Lin Fan pocketed his phone when he saw that message.

Ten minutes later, Autumn Sword Fish Killer sent another private message to him.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Go look at her Weibo. It has already been thoroughly subdued by me. Are you angry when you see your beloved singer get crushed by me and that you can't do anything about it? Are you burning with rage? I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer, will say it today. If you do not concede, you will die."

Lin Fan read the message a few more times. The problem had just escalated.

Lin Fan: "I'm so scared. (crying emoji)"


Autumn Sword Fish Killer: "Be afraid! Goodnight! The best part of the show is yet to come. Whatever you do to me, I, Autumn Sword Fish Killer, will return it a hundredfold. And Wang Yu Chen will be your substitute."

At that moment, Lin Fan went over to Wang Yu Chen's Weibo page. He sighed in dismay. It was too terrible to look at.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer's troll army had overrun and defamed her Weibo page.

However, this free favor wasn't all too bad. It looked like saving his life the last time hadn't been in vain.

Autumn Sword Fish Killer!

Please continue your show!

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