A Valiant Life Chapter 969

Edward pointed at the Good Citizen Awards on the wall. “Master Lin, what are the stories behind these awards?”

After sitting down, Edward started to inquire. He was very curious about these awards.

To him, for a scientist to be able to receive such awards was something worth being curious about.

Lin Fan smiled. He cared a lot about these Good Citizen Awards. He pointed at one of them and said, “This one, I got it when I raided the human traffickers.”

“This one, I got it when I attacked the drug traffickers.”

“This one…”

Like family heirlooms, he had remembered the story behind each award in his heart. These were all filled with memories.

But to Edward, what Lin Fan said were simply fantasies. He was dumbfounded.

These things seemed completely unrelated to being a scientist. They were completely different things.

Raiding the human traffickers!

Attacking drug traffickers!

And catching a thief!

This train of thought that jumped all over the place made him confused.

The reporters had surrounded the shop.

This was the first meeting between Lin Fan and the Nobel Foundation Chairman, Edward. The two of them didn’t know each other but their topics of conversation were quite casual.

To the reporters, Master Lin was the first person in the country to meet and chat with Edward. It was considered a pioneering moment.

Edward said, “Master Lin, thank you for your contributions to the medical world. You deserve to receive the Nobel Prize in Medicine.”

Lin Fan replied with a smile, “This is just to help normal folk avoid the suffering of disease.”

Edward really respected scientists who contributed to the world. To him, there were no boundaries due to nationalities. He would respect anyone who was a true scientist.

He knew that during research, every scientist had to endure solitude and hardship that most people wouldn’t be able to imagine.

Scientists might have to repeat experiments hundreds or even thousands of times before being able to confirm whether something is right.

Edward said, “Chinese medicine is China’s traditional school of medicine but Chinese medicine isn’t very recognized internationally as of now. You are a true master of Chinese medicine. Could you talk about the reason behind that?”

Lin Fan had not expected him to talk about this kind of thing. But since the question had already been asked, he had to give a proper reply.

“It is difficult. Chinese medicine is unlike Western medicine where there are fixed values and references. It requires a large amount of experience to grasp. Hence, it is difficult to pick up and even more difficult as you study further,” explained Lin Fan.

Edward continued to ask many more questions. Of course, he had always known about Chinese medicine but he hadn’t been very impressed by its effectiveness. However, this recent leukemia prescription incident had drastically changed his view.

Lin Fan had wanted to keep it simple to stop the opposite party from asking more but then, he realized what he should do.

“Chairman Edward, I can tell the condition of your body without even touching you. Do you believe me?” asked Lin Fan.

When Edward heard that, he was momentarily stunned. Then, he shook his head. “I don’t believe you.”

The reporters at the side heard Master Lin’s words and instantly became excited. They knew that Master Lin was about to show his skills and they started cheering him on in their hearts. However, they maintained the quietness of the scene.

They wanted to watch Master Lin show off in silence.

“Alright, sit still. I’ll just look at you with my eyes,” said Lin Fan with a grin. Then, he looked at Edward and scanned him from head to toe. “Your internal heat is quite heavy.”

Edward’s face was emotionless. He didn’t quite believe it as he felt that it was too baseless.

“You have hemorrhoids right now.”


Some reporters couldn’t resist bursting into laughter.

In their hearts, they were crying out. Master Lin, can’t you be nicer? How can you say such a thing? Can’t you give him some face?

Edward’s expression changed slightly. It seemed that Lin Fan had been spot on. However, this wasn’t something that was impossible to see. When he had been sitting on the sofa, he kept shifting his butt. A professional at behavioral observation might have been able to guess it.

Lin Fan seemed like he wasn’t done yet. He continued, “Judging by your complexion, your left leg has been injured before. When the weather is cold, you feel a dull ache in that leg. But you’ve taken good care of it and the pain can basically be ignored.”

Edward’s expression suddenly changed. Besides his family, no one knew about this.

However, before he could say anything, Lin Fan opened his mouth once again.

“Mister Edward, I suggest you do a check-up on your body. Your liver may not be functioning very well.”

“Your blood pressure is a little high too. Although it isn’t too high, you’ve exceeded the average.”


Lin Fan seemed to have seen through Edward completely. Nothing could be hidden from his eyes. Even little problems could be revealed.

At that moment, it wasn’t only Edward who was stunned.

Even the reporters were astonished. They wondered whether what Master Lin had said were true.

But judging by the situation, it seemed that they were true.


Lin Fan clapped his hands together and said, “Alright, that’s enough. I’ve said pretty much all that should be said. The rest are minor things and they aren’t problems. Your body will slowly recover by itself.”

But then he realized that Edward still had a blank look on his face as if he was immersed in deep thought.

“Mister Edward, are you okay?” Lin Fan extended his arm and waved his hand in front of Edward’s face.

At that moment.

Edward suddenly regained his senses. He stood up in disbelief. His eyes gleamed with astonishment.

“How did you know?” Edward really didn’t dare to believe. How on Earth had Master Lin managed to see those things?”

He cared about his own body a lot, so he would occasionally go for check-ups. He knew about those major problems himself. Even those smaller problems that didn’t really affect his health had been included in test reporters. But now, Master Lin had simply looked at him and was able to tell all those things. That was simply scary.

There wasn’t another person who could do the same as Lin Fan had done. Perhaps his disciple might have been able to see through those things but he definitely couldn’t do it as comprehensively as Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled. “Mister Edward, it’s not a question of how I knew. I just took a look at you and saw these things.”

Edward stuttered, “This…”

Lin Fan waved his hand and revealed an expression as if to say that it was actually very simple. “Actually, this isn’t something that every Chinese doctor can do. It requires one’s medical ability to be at a certain level.”

“My eyes have been opened,” said Edward. Indeed, that was the case. If he hadn’t experienced this personally, he definitely wouldn’t have believed it.

Hence, he gradually changed his view of Chinese medicine. He felt that it wasn’t as he had once thought.

Perhaps Chinese medicine was really a mystical school of medicine. But the requirements to learn it were way too high.

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