Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 951

Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 951

Chapter 951 "Mountain (8)"

In that split second when Bai Yan smiled at him, Mo Li Shang could swear to the heavens that he's never seen something so beautiful in his life. He's finding it difficult to turn away and was blinded by this image.

“What's the matter?” she asks with a furrowed forehead after seeing the dazed look from the teen.

Scratching his head in a shy manner: “Yan Yan, you look so good, better than any woman I have ever seen…."

Finding the comment funny, she responds with another question: "But don't you have amnesia?"

Since your memories aren't working then how can you remember the women you met before?

Giggling a bit at that logic, Mo Li Shang didn't care and got all sweet in his words. “Even if I have amnesia, I still think Yan Yan is the most beautiful woman in this world. No one can compare."

The winged piglet that's been watching this whole thing in the teen's arm could only look at his owner in contempt like he's some sort of despicable flirt. Then from out of the blue, Piggy starts sniffing the air like he's picked up something.

“What's wrong with him?” Bai Yan asks after noticing the little guy jumping down from Mo Li Shang's grasp.

Answering her question was the pig making some oinking sound and then pointing his trotter at somewhere in front.

“Yan Yan, Piggy is saying he smells the scent of his kin. The place up ahead should be where his clansman is located." The teen explains after carefully listening to his friend.

That was unexpected. Making a startled face, Bai Yan eventually makes a suggestion after musing over the idea: "Then we should go check out the place. Perhaps we can even find Piggy's family and get some clues as to what he really is."

Not going to object to the idea, Mo Li Shang immediately picks up his little friend to leave: "Thank you Yan Yan."

Together, the four of them began their journey in search of Piggy's family. Though it's not something Bai Yan had planned ahead, but it never hurts in this case to help a friend.

Demon Realm.

Inside the majestic and mighty looking halls of this grand palace, Di Cang was currently eyeing his subjects with a bored expression while leaning that face against his own palm: "Did you pa.s.s on the letter I made to that Hu Bud Wei?"

Fire Plume was the one in charge of that mission so he had a duty to make the report despite there being others who went on his stead. "Sire, I have personally tasked my most trusted subordinate to the task. They already handed the package to that person so you can be at ease. If Her Highness does visit the border city, there won't be any danger."

Note: Fire Plume is the fire bird that went with Di Cang into the human world the first time around.

“But did you give her facial portrait to Hu Bud Wei?"

Freezing in the face, a bead of sweat came trickling down Fire Plume's cheek. Portrait? Is he talking about the queen's portrait?

“This…” Hurrying to clear the evidence of his unease from the face by wiping himself, "Sire, the humans also have a mean to mask and change their appearance. Having a portrait doesn't mean much. In the case of Hu Bud Wei, he will surely be deceived considering his intelligence if someone's really out to trick him…."

Di Cang's gloomy gaze now locks onto the bird man's body as if he's demanding an explanation of what he's implying.

“So…” completely wet behind his back now, "having the portrait of the jade token is enough. That item is infused with Sire's own personal signature, no one can impersonate that feature. Furthermore, every clan's chief should have a picture of the jade token by now, including Hu Bud Wei at the border city."

This time nothing will go wrong. If I do make another mistake then His Majesty definitely won't give me another chance, that I can't afford….

No longer diving for more, Di Cang instead turns the topic to another matter: "You can go down now. Also, go inform the various chiefs to come see me. Those inside the secret domain should be returning soon. Once they do, it will be our forces true collision with those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from the Celestial Realm!"

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