Advent Of The Archmage Chapter 725

Chapter 725 Ultimate True God The Pioneer Of The Era Of Gods 1

Chapter 725: Ultimate True God, the Pioneer of the Era of Gods (1)

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When Link saw the Ruler of Light and Darkness, the other saw him as well.

That instant, their gazes crossed the boundless distance of time and space and collided. Their minds also crashed at high speed.

“It seems that I’ve underestimated you, Lord of Ferde.”

“I still have to thank you for your guidance. In this aspect, I should call you my tutor.” Link was talking about the God of Light and the game system’s help.

“That was the stupidest thing I’ve done in my life, but it has helped me too. I at least know about your power.”

“And I, you. I also learned about you through the system.” Link smiled. He’d indeed used the game system’s help, but when he left Fedaro, he’d cut ties with the God of Light. At that time, he was only Level-14. His understanding of the world and himself now was incomparable to back then.

“Hahaha, you’re still too young, and you developed too quickly. Your manipulation of power is too far from me. This requires time to settle in, but that’s what you lack most. If you fight me, you’ll definitely lose!”

They had a huge distance between them, but the fight of thoughts had already started. The Ruler of Light and Darkness used sharp words to crush Link’s confidence. If Link’s soul faltered at all, he would definitely lose in the later battle.

At their level, any flaw could lead to defeat.

Link saw through this all. He knew that when their minds had collided, the final battle had already started. Everything the Ruler of Light and Darkness had said earlier was the truth too.

He now had the same power, but his ability to use the power was far from this ancient god who’d lived for thousands of years. If they fought alone, he was destined to lose. But no one had said they had to fight alone!

“You think I’m alone?” Link burst into laughter.

“Huh? You’re not alone?” The Ruler of Light and Darkness was shocked. He’d slowed down, and his mind scanned the Sea of Void around Firuman and the other realms, afraid that another true god would be hiding somewhere.

He was absolutely confident in killing Link, but if there was another one, he would just turn and run without saying anything. But he didn’t find any sign of another true god.

A true god was a mighty existence. They would definitely cause a commotion if they appeared. For example, Link had lit the Divine Fire in a remote swamp. But once he did and entered the Realm of Gods, the entire Firuman could see him.

At that moment, no matter if it was in the ancient Firuman Continent, the Aragu Continent that had just been added in, or the Isle of Dawn, everyone could see a white sun rise up in the horizon.

That was Link.

The Ruler of Light and Darkness didn’t see a third sun now or before. However, he was still worried. He kept scanning the Firuman Realm.

“You can’t find him now.” Link laughed. “But he really does exist, and it’s not only one. This is the biggest difference between us!”

Hearing this, the Ruler of Light and Darkness froze. After a few seconds, he suddenly stopped and stared at Link in suspicion. “The mystery of time is obscure and unpredictable. Perhaps you can see the future, but you cannot use future strength!”

“I obviously can’t use the illusory future, but I know the definite future!”

As he spoke, Link brought the Ruler of Light and Darkness’ mind and moved to Ferde at the coast of the Firuman Continent. Their vision zoomed in and in until it stopped on a young man studying magic by the window. He was handsome and slender. His eyes shone with wisdom. It was the half-elf Eliard.

“Can you see his future?” Link asked.

Time was indeed difficult to predict, but if one just observed rather than actually time-traveling, it was much easier. Both Link and the Ruler of Light and Darkness could see easily.

The two both looked and saw Eliard’s actions speed up 100,000 times. A day passed in a second; a year passed in five minutes. In this illusion, Eliard kept strengthening, his reputation and status rising.

Around ten years later, he reached the pinnacle of Level-19. After another year, he shone with majestic light. After that, the prediction cut off.

All prediction spells in the world only worked on mortals.

Seeing this, the Ruler of Light and Darkness was silent for a minute. He obviously knew that Link and Eliard were good friends. Eleven years later, Eliard would also light the Divine Fire. Judging from the light, he wasn’t as strong as Link, but he was still a god. If he joined the fight, the Ruler’s chances of winning would be reduced to almost nothing.

“And look here.” Link took the Ruler of Light and Darkness to the other end of Firuman. There was a Beastman. He’d been practicing in the yard, but he looked up at the sky when the new sun rose.

After just one glance, the Ruler of Light and Darkness said, “This Beastman also has a mighty glow. It seems that he will also become a god in the future.”

It was Avatar, the Glorious Warlord.

The divine light showed his nature. The Ruler of Light and Darkness knew that if this Beastman became a god, he would definitely be Link’s ally. If he faced three true gods, he would be lucky if he could even escape.

“And look at this one.” Link didn’t stop. He took the Ruler’s mind to a woman with dark blue hair.

When the new sun rose, she wasn’t surprised at all. She just looked up and smiled as if she’d predicted this. Then she disappeared and continued playing with her blue magic fire gun. A few magic tigers were playing in the forest not so far away.

It was Celine Flandre.

The Ruler of Light and Darkness looked and sighed. “I’ve been trying to bring this daughter back, but I never succeeded My daughter is your ally too.”

She should’ve been his biggest help, but she’d ended up as his enemy’s biggest ally. This was unbelievable.

Here, he’d almost given up on approaching Firuman. What he was thinking now was where he should hide to avoid all these gods.

“Don’t go so fast. It’s not over.” Link laughed. He could sense the ruler’s thoughts. A big opening had appeared in his will.

Even if he didn’t have these future allies, he still had a chance to defeat the Ruler of Light and Darkness.

The Ruler had already started retreating. “I’ve given up. Goodbye, Lord of Ferde. I hope your allies won’t become your enemy Oh, wait!”

He realized he’d skipped something critical. “Wait, even if you can have these true gods help you in the future, their power is still power. It won’t come out of nowhere. The Firuman Realm can’t withstand so many gods. It will collapse! Even if they come to the Sea of Void to absorb power, it’ll still take time. You can’t make it in time!”

The Ruler of Light and Darkness laughed heartily. “Link, you almost got me. Indeed, if I’d left, these mortals would become gods in the future. But if I defeat you, their light will extinguish! You are the pioneer of the Era of Gods. If I kill you, I will end it before it begins.”

He started speeding towards Firuman again.

Link also laughed. “Yes, you’re right. I will start the Era of Gods. Every existence in the world has a chance to become a god. They can’t become gods at the same time, but their knowledge and experience can all be used by me! Ruler of Light and Darkness, you’ve lived for countless years and have seen countless things, but you only have yourself. On the other hand, I will have the knowledge of countless gods.”

As he spoke, countless images appeared around him. They were the people who would become true gods in the future. They appeared and stood behind him in the hundreds.

These hundreds of images all bowed to Link. This was their respect for the pioneer as well as anticipation. They would give their knowledge, experience, and techniques to Link so he could defeat this horrible enemy and start a new era.

Link also bowed to them. Then these images buried into his body.

When Link finally straightened, his glow started dimming. It wasn’t that he was weakening. Instead, his control over the power was increasing.

Finally, Link collected all the light. At a glance, he was no different from a mortal. The only uniqueness was in his eyes. The black pupil was gone. Instead, he had two spinning galaxies that contained boundless wisdom.

Then Link gripped his sword, pouring his power in.

Clang. The Ode of a Full Moon sang brightly and then went silent. The only strangeness was that slivers of light streamed out of the cracks in the sheath.

Now, Link’s power was at an indescribable level.

Now, his sword was ready to kill a god!

He gazed at the Ruler of Light and Darkness, looking down as if he was the judge from the heavens.

“Do you choose life or death?”

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