Aethernea Chapter 152

Chapter 152


Nelaira decides to descend into the pit where Luki and Aurel had fallen in and gives Lorafiel her luggage and her Beacon. However, she doesnt give them the diary they found in the village ruins. Lorafiel sends the other two to restrain and search her for the diary. Nelaira realizes that during the battle it was them who hindered her escape which caused Aurel, and subsequently Laica and Luki, to fall prey to the Tainted.

Her own comrades send her flying into a pool of Ink causing her to take a bath in the creatures disgusting remains. Lorafiel explains the reason why they had turned against her. It is because she had continued to translate the diary they found, even though she was ordered not to. Lorafiel, as the hidden Overseer of the group, has been given the job of ensuring that forbidden things forever stay in the forbidden zone. And Nelaira, due to knowing things she shouldnt know became one of the things that should forever be buried in the forbidden zone.

* * *

YOU BASTARD!! Her shriek almost ruptured their eardrums as she charged towards them like a splitting image of the Tainted monstrosity that had done so earlier.

Same wild abandon, same bloodshot eyes, same black liquid dripping everywhere.

With every passing second, she was looking more and more like that which she lived to kill.

Grass and Scotty looked towards Lorafiel, seeking confirmation.

We can take the diary from her corpse. He nodded. Whether she is dead or alive makes little difference.

Episode 152 Last Resort

Scotty the scout nodded in confirmation and his muscular brown arms rose up as if he was molding something invisible.

Grass ran his left hand through his green crew cut while pointing towards Nelaira with his right hand. Following his signal, a fresh set of arrowheads came whizzing from his belt.

Expecting Nelaira to use a ground attack, all three of the men kept their eyes glued on her as they rose into the air. They were unable to spread their mind out due to the risk of Ink contamination, however, they had still caught subtle signs of her mana drilling into the ground.

Nelaira completely ignored Grass and Scotty, charging towards Lorafiel with no poise, her bloodshot eyes never leaving his form. She would occasionally morph ice shields to block the arrowheads, but otherwise, she paid the duo no attention.

Unlike Grass who was quick to start his offense, Scotty seemed to be weaving something more intricate for his attack still hadnt appeared.

Little did they know that their assumption was completely off the mark.

Since he was most proficient at Morph which he was using to scout, Scotty had intended to Morph the ground to stop Nelairas approach. However, his magic had failed to activate. His nostrils flared, and his eyes bulged as he tried again to no avail.

Something wasnt quite right!

If his magic failed once, he would assume that it was because Nelaira already had a spell active on the part of the ground he wished to target. But failing twice? Did she perhaps extend the radius of her mage armor?

He had no chance to ponder the issue further because, at that moment, Nelaira who was charging straight towards Lorafiel suddenly made a sharp turn.

And at that exact moment, the entire battle, too, made a sharp turn.

The entire valley started to shake, raising white snow and dust into the air. Completely concealing Nelaira and the snowy surface of the valley under white mist.

The trio was stunned for a brief moment, but due to the years of training, they recovered a moment later.

Hmph Grass grunted in displeasure. Useless tricks.

He quickly accelerated the air around him and directed it downwards. He was kicking up a storm to blow away the mist and reveal Nelairas position.

Yet, when the mist cleared what greeted the trio was a flat snowy ground with no Nelaira in sight.

She hid herself underground. Lorafiel clicked his tongue. Scotty, scout her out. Lets see how long she can continue to hide.

Scotty spread his mana out, channeling it into the ground. Since they couldnt use their mana sense, he would need to do a large area of effect Morph and feel the ground underneath them.

Yet, no matter how he tried, his Morph wouldnt activate.

No matter where he placed his spell roots, his spell still wouldnt solidify.

How is it? Lorafiel shot him a questioning glance.

Scotty stayed silent for a moment before erupting into a loud swearing fit. I cant feel anything! The entire ground is already under her Morph!!

Lorafiels calm face morphed into a grimace. So thats why she had been stalling us. She was weaving a large-scale Morph spell

He rubbed his chin in thought. If you cant set up a Morph spell, then set up some other spell that doesnt interfere with her Morph.

With his mouth pressed into a thick line, Scotty glanced bitterly towards Lorafiel. All transmutation spells used for sensing the terrain are Morph based

Lorafiel closed his eyes and rubbed his temples in exasperation. Use your brain. We dont need to sense the terrain, we just need to sense her presence. Even using a wide scale Temperature spell would be enough to sense a temperature difference between snow and a living elibu.

I cant use augmentation magic. Scotty retorted. He then turned to Grass as if to say, He is an argel, he can use Temperature.

Grass put his hands up and refuted. You cant sense someone by using Temperature. You wouldnt be able to weave spell roots close enough to them to be able to feel their temperature.

Lorafiel took off his monocle to wipe it clean even though it was already spotless, a clear sign that he was getting frustrated. That was an example. And if you cant cast the spell in an area, then obviously that area is where she is. Who cares about her temperature?

Ooooh Grass and Scotty let out a sigh of understanding.

Lorafiel put his monocle back on and looked at Grass expectedly.

The bulky man seemed to shrink as he mumbled: Im not good at wide area-of-effect spells and if my spell is too slow and small scale, by the time I am done scanning the entire area she could have just reallocated to an area Ive already scanned previously

He had a point. Lorafiel let out a long sigh and turned to Scotty.

Can you hear any movement from below? He stared at Scottys long elibu ears as if waiting for them to start rotating like windmill blades.

No, not with all this chatter. Noticing that the two stopped talking and were watching him expectedly, Scotty hastily added: nor from this distance.

Lorafiel let out a frustrated exhale. Then go closer.

Heavens, he never realized how hard it was to effectively control a team. Nelaira made it look easy. Only now did he realize just how much thought had to be put into every single command.

It really made him appreciate her all the more. There was a good reason why she managed to become a lieutenant even though she wasnt a loyalist. Truly, it was such a pity that she had to die.

Scotty didnt move.

What are you waiting for? An invitation? Lorafiel was starting to lose patience.

The whole ground is under her control, Scotty complained.

Yes, weve been over this, Lorafiel sighed again.

If I put my ear to the ground she can kill me in an instant

Then dont put it near the ground! Lorafiels voice turned a pitch higher as he pointed his index finger towards Scotty. Just do something! Anything! Dont you know any transmutation spells other than Morph? Transmute ice into water, conjure flames, just do something for heavens sake!

* * *

Although the trio couldnt spread their minds to locate her in fear of getting tainted, that didnt apply to Nelaira. Since she had already been tainted, she need not fear her mind touching Ink.

They were blind, but she could see both them and their spells clearly.

Being able to use her mana sense again was liberating. Like a short-sighted person that had put on glasses. No, it was more exaggerated, like finally opening ones eyes after a long sleep.

With her mind locked on them, they had no chance at finding her position. Especially because she wasnt laying in wait, no, she was quickly making her way towards the exit of the valley.

Clouded by rage, she had indeed lost her reason for a moment there, but it was only for a moment. Soon after she remembered her plan. Only by careful preparation would she be able to achieve her aims.

She wasnt a fool, fighting bravely was exactly what they wanted her to do. To fight and die in vain.

And while she really, really wanted to beat them up, she had to force herself to do the exact opposite. She had to run. She had to hide.

All in order to live and make them regret everything.

While she wanted nothing more than to tear Lorafiel apart, she was in no condition to fight. Her body was on the verge of collapse, and her mind was getting more sluggish by the second.

She would probably lose her consciousness before long.

With her mind getting hazier by the minute, her spell casting speed and weaving ability were rapidly degrading.

Luckily she was a Helyot, raised in a family of architects in order to become an architect. Doing large scale construction and destruction through Morph was what she was raised to do.

She might not be able to fight effectively, but at least she could shift the ground aside slowly to make an underground path.

Run, hide, rest and recuperate. That was the plan.

Hopefully her mind would clear back up soon enough, otherwise, the trio might decide to stop chasing after her and teleport back.

It was ok if she wasnt in a battling condition; as long as she managed to set up an ambush and steal their Beacon, she would have a few more days to recover and deal with them one by one.

She would then return for Luki, Aurel, and the bodies of her other fallen comrades.

Hopefully, Luki and Aurel will manage to survive until then.

If they were still alive in the first place.

The pit was too deep so when she tried to stretch her mind inside she was unable to reach the bottom.

* * *

Nelairas vision had already turned completely black, but she still continued to stumble in the dark tunnel created by her own Morph.

She tried to feel the surroundings with her mana sense, but everything was one big blur. Her mind was too hazy to concentrate, too painful to think. She could no longer sense Lorafiel and the others, or anything at all.

Her mind was quickly turning just as dark as her vision.

Her legs have long given out, forcing her to use her flying boots in order to escape. But now she couldnt even control her boots properly.

Her flying form wavered and then she slumped onto the ground.

Her lungs felt like they were on fire, her breathing short and labored.

Somewhere along the way, she had lost the ability to conjure oxygen, but she must have conjured enough of it previously for the air in the tunnel wasnt stuffy.

She figured that if she never woke up again, the cause for it certainly wont be suffocation.

With the last of her consciousness, she relinquished the control of her Morph spell, turning it into a useless enchantment. She wasnt sure shed be able to keep it up after fainting, so it was safer to make it self- sustained.

Hopefully, the mana powering the spell would allow it to be sustained until she woke up. Otherwise, if it failed, the trio might be able to locate her hiding place.

No sooner had she relinquished her control than her consciousness fell into a deep slumber.

* * *

Nelaira didnt know how long she had laid there on the hard ground. Her body was chillingly cold. Her limbs had turned stiff and she had trouble moving them.

Her uniform had rather good heat insulation properties, so she wouldnt freeze to death in a short amount of time, but the cold was nonetheless, rather uncomfortable.

Perhaps the source of this chill wasnt the gentle snow around her, but rather the Ink running through her veins. She felt like her blood was about to freeze. Like the chill was coming from inside out.

Her body felt a bit better, she could breathe a bit more easily now and she didnt feel the extreme weakness in her limbs.

Her mind slowly returned from the darkness, but no matter how she tried, she couldnt lift the perpetual haze around it.

Her mind ran all over the place, seemingly without her control. Feverish, stuck in between sleep and wakefulness.

All kinds of strange thoughts occurred to her, she even chuckled at the irony of it all. The irony of how instead of being tainted by a Tainted, she had been tainted by her comrades. It was them that pushed her into that pool of Ink.

Its alright. Itll be alright. She muttered to herself. Ill deal with those three and then and then

And then what? Save Aurel and Luki?

Ah, but they are already dead. A little voice whispered her fears right next to her ear.

Coming up in the next episode:

It was a flower. A stunningly beautiful flower.

Everything grew completely silent and still.

Nelaira felt like she had just taken off tinted glasses. Like she was seeing the world in its full, bright glory for the first time. As if all this time her entire world had been dim and gray, and now, she could finally see color.

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