After Rebirth I Became A Powerful Minister’s Beloved Chapter 991

Chapter 991: But Still Remember My Little Cousin

Yu Chishan followed his line of sight.

The girl in the pavilion has a variety of charms, she is a rare beauty in the world. She wears three golden hairpins on her buns, but her overall temperament has reduced the richness and customs of golden hairpins. Unlike her, she wears gold. Wearing silver is nondescript.

She looked back at Shen Yichao.

His eyes were unblinking, filled with resentment and admiration, Xiuzhu-like body showed an unprecedented tight posture, his body leaning forward as if he was about to take that step.

She wringed her hands anxiously, and whispered, "Is she the cold girl that Shen Langjun was thinking of? She is really beautiful..."

Shen Yichao did not answer.

He witnessed his brother tie the cloak to Han Yanliang himself, and his eyes turned red.

Immediately, he turned and left blankly.

Yu Chishan hurriedly caught up: "Shen Langjun!"

The sound alarmed the people in the pavilion.

When Shen Yijue and Hanyan looked coldly, they saw the familiar white figure walking away quickly, with long knee-length hair tied behind his waist with a black ribbon, and the wind was the wind, and the grace was high.

Shen Yijue immediately blushed, and quickly stepped into the veranda, stopping in front of Shen Yichao in two steps.

Four eyes face each other.

Shen Yichao avoided the opponent's gaze and bowed his hand: "Brother--"

"In your eyes, there is still my brother?!" Shen Yijue interrupted him, "Let me see my father!"

Shen Yichao took two steps back: "Today's fruit, future cause, the bitter fruit is planted by myself, and I bear it myself. I can't help my brother in Luoyang, and I will apologize to my brother."

He thought deeply.

Shen Yijue was very angry and smiled: "What have you taken? What kind of crime did you pay me? Luoyang's first line of heaven and ten thousand Buddhas collapsed, and those soldiers who were killed need you to apologize!"

Shen Yichao bowed his head and said nothing, but his posture was resisting.

Shen Yijue rubbed his forehead and softened his tone: "A Chao, follow me back to Chang'an to confess. There is no man from the Shen family who is a deserter, let alone a pawn. You should admit if you do something wrong, even if There is no chance to turn back to the shore, and I should ask for a clear conscience!"

Shen Yichao still lowered his head.

The remaining light fell on the veranda.

The petals fell by the steps, the beauty lotus moved lightly, and the breeze rolled up her silk, her little face was still charming and affectionate, but the slightly raised apricot eyes were full of thinness.

That kind of coldness stung his heart.

He slowly raised his head, as if asking casually: "I heard that you are going to get married? When will I have a wedding wine?"

The wind was light on his face, but the hands trapped in his wide sleeves clenched secretly.

Asking this is just a decent temptation.

Shen Yijue said: "She has not accepted my marriage request."

Shen Yichao faintly said "Oh", and a bit of bright light appeared in his eyes by luck.

He turned to Han Yanliang: "The Luoyang thing is probably my fault. The beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River is not inferior to Chang'an. I will take you to enjoy it when I am free in the future."

Han Yanliang curled up the corners of her lips, smiling but not smiling.

She leaned against Shen Yijue, raised her eyes and raised a glance at Yu Chishan: "I'm afraid Miss Yuchi won't agree."

She was born charmingly, and Yu Chishan, a girl who had not come out of the pavilion, was blushing and heartbeat when she saw her, and quickly waved her hand: "No, it won't..."

Once she realized what she had said, she closed her mouth quickly.

Han Yanliang laughed lightly, her eyes softened: "Ms. Yuchi is very different from the ladies of Chang'an. I like Ms. Yuchi. If Shen Xiaolang married you instead of Wei Chuchu, maybe nothing else would happen. ."

Yu Chishan blushed, not knowing how to answer.

Chang Feng sent the sandalwood incense from Shen Yichao's clothes to the tip of her nose.

She suddenly plucked up the courage: "My father intended me to marry Shen Langjun. Although the North and South wars are tense, I still hope to receive the blessings of Brother Shen and Girl Han."

Han Yanliang didn't hesitate at all, his eyes smiled like crescent moon: "I will send a gift."

Shen Yichao stared at the cold smoke.

She smiled so happily and so relievedly, even leaning against his brother, like a girl who is about to become the bride of the Shen family.

She really didn't care about the affection of the past years.

He didn't want to tell her to read a joke. After all, he didn't reveal the suffering of lovesickness for several months, so he left the veranda with a calm face and Yu Chishan.

Shen Yijue helped the golden hairpin for Han Yanliang: "The banquet is about to start, right in?"

Han Yanliang nodded, and followed him to the Xianhe Tower with a smile: "I don't know if Nan Jia Jiaojiao will come today, I thought of a good name for the little princess..."

She no longer mentioned Shen Yichao.

There is no love and no resentment.

Veranda corner.

Shen Yichao leaned on the pillar and kept breathing.

He stretched out his hand to loosen the placket, and the messy belts added a bit of embarrassment, like a mourning dog.

Yu Chishan worried: "Shen Langjun"

"Who made you talk more?" Shen Yichao suddenly opened his eyes, sulking, "What kind of marriage, there is still no word in the character, what are you talking about in front of others?!"

Yu Chishan has never seen him angry.

She cautiously said: "I like Shen Langjun. During the New Year period, Shen Langjun clearly attended various banquets with his father as the new son-in-law of the Yuchi family, and made friends with the wealthy dignitaries in the south. I thought, I thought this marriage was considered a marriage. It has been decided...I, I want to inform Shen Langjun's family..."

She observed Shen Yichao's face, and said, "What's more, there is no way back for Shen Langjun? Once you choose a path, there is no turning back. You clearly understand."

There is no turning back...

Shen Yichao looked gloomy.

Except for helping his aunt and Yuchi Changgong, he has no turning back.

Xiao Daoyan can't tolerate him, Shen Jia can't tolerate him, and the court can't tolerate him...

He really has no turning back.


A small boat slowly approached the island.

The ship stopped, Yuchi Beichen threw away the bamboo wormwood, jumped ashore sensitively, and turned to Funan Baoyi: "Sister, be careful."

Holding the skirt, Nan Baoyi cautiously set foot on the island.

Looking around, the banquet has not yet begun, the sound of silk and bamboo orchestras is faintly heard from the pavilion, and ladies are laughing in groups by the handrails of the high platform.

She smiled slightly, shook her Bai Yutuan fan, and walked towards the pavilion lightly.

After passing through a small bamboo forest, he was thrown on his forehead by someone with a handball.

She covered her forehead, leaned over and picked up the small temari, looking up.

A charming figure trot out of the bamboo forest, cursing: "Oh, you Nan Jiaojiao, you have to bear so many things, and you have to bear so many infamy. Do you still remember my sister?! In Guancheng, my mother always said that there was something that made me rush to the front, and there was a fight that asked me to fight, did you forget?! In your eyes, there is still my little cousin?!"

The girl was born round and round, cursing and cursing, suddenly hugged Nan Baoyi and started crying.

"Jiaojiao... I miss you so much during my two years in Northland!"


I took the train to Lijiang today, and I will be home in a few days

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