After Rebirth I Became A Powerful Minister’s Beloved Chapter 992

Chapter 992: Only Gave Birth To A Little Princess Can My Second Brother Blame Me?

"Little cousin..."

Nan Baoyi whispered softly.

The arms of the little cousin were soft and warm.

Nan Baoyi breathed the unique nutty fragrance of her body, and couldn't help her nose sour.

She raised her head and looked at Nan Baozhu carefully, and smiled with tears: "It is said that the sands in the north are raging and the supplies are scarce. How can I see that we have rounded up the beads again? Little grandpa must treat you very well-no, it should be. Called the father of another country!"

Nan Baozhu wiped away her tears, and squeezed her face vigorously: "Just your mouth is poor!"

After she finished cursing, she held Nan Baoyi's hand reluctantly: "I will follow him back to Chang'an. I don't feel tired for thousands of miles. Every day I look forward to seeing you soon. But I arrived in Chang'an. , But I didn't see you... They call you a minister, they call you an abuser, I don't believe it or are convinced, I know my sister is the best little lady in the world!"

With gentle eyebrows, she reached out and picked up a strand of broken hair from Nan Baoyi's temples and gently pinned it behind her ears.

Nan Baoyi's nose was sour.

She refused to tell the little cousin to see her crying, and joked: "What if I really are a minister?"

Nan Baozhu resolutely said: "Then I will protect you too! I will hate and dislike others who help others to abuse, but if you change to Jiaojiao, then I think you must have difficulties!"

Nan Baoyi felt warm in her heart.

Nan Baozhu took out a set of brocade boxes like a treasure: "Jiaojiao, you dont know. Last time the emperor came back from Jiangnan, he said that you gave birth to a little princess, and said that the child was annoying, but the brow The corners of my eyes are smiling, like a hypocritical thing! Here, this is a little bit of my heart and Wanwan, you keep it!"

Nan Baoyi opened.

Inside the brocade box is a complete set of gold bracelets, gold anklets, and gold collars, which are not only exquisitely carved, but also inlaid with precious rubies.

She thanked Nan Baozhu, and when she looked up, she saw a young man coming from the end of the bamboo forest.

The young man wore thin armor and a plum-red cloak. The blazing sun in the north dyed his complexion into wheat. The raging wind and sand raised his spine. His facial features were more profound and handsome. He is no longer what he used to be. If a good woman's town government official mansion young son.

Approaching, he took Nan Baozhu into his arms.

He was a head taller than Nan Baozhu, and his eyebrows drooped when he looked at people, giving people a condescending sense of majesty and distance, like a grandfather of the country.

Nan Baoyi gave a gift and said obediently: "Brother-in-law."

Ning Wanzhou ignored her, untied her cloak and put it on Nan Baozhu's shoulders: "The island is windy, go back to the pavilion?"

Nan Baoyi clearly sensed a trace of resentment.

She pursed her lips, guessing it was because of Empress Shen.

At the time when Zhen Guoguo and his wife were killed, Ning Wanzhou wanted to kill Empress Shen, but she did not hesitate to protect her from the knife.

Nan Baozhu said crisply, "I haven't seen Jiaojiao for two years, what are you urging?"

Ning Wanzhou's lips curled up, his voice could not distinguish between joy and anger: "It's just a traitor."

Nan Baozhu's heart bursts: "Jiaojiao is not a traitor!"

Ning Wanzhou's eyebrows became deeper and darker, and he stared at Nan Baoyi coldly: "Following Empress Shen to proclaim the emperor, framing the family, humiliating the poor, how can you not be a traitor? I will always remember the scene where she blocked the sword for Empress Shen... I will never forgive."

"No! I've told you so many times, Jiaojiao must have troubles, why don't you listen?!" Nan Baozhu was very angry, "She is my sister. If you want to blame her, you will join me. Resentment is over! Empress Shen is on the island. You dare not kill her because of the emperor's order, but you have a temper at Jiaojiao. What kind of man are you Ning Wanzhou?!"

"I don't want to argue with my sister again because of Nan Baoyi. When she is not mentioned, you and I are always affectionate, why must she get involved?"

"You are stubborn!"

"Sister is unreasonable."

The two quarreled more and more.

Nan Baoyi's face was pale.

I want to explain, but I don't know how to explain it.

Tell Ning Wanzhou that Empress Shen could not be killed by his strength that night, would he believe it?

Tell Ning Wanzhou that she prevented him from taking revenge for his good. Would he believe it?

The pampered young man in the past did not hesitate to abandon his prosperity and wealth, and went to the barren Northland for two full years. The sufferings and sins he suffered were all for revenge.

Her explanation might not be enough to extinguish the flame of his hatred.

Nan Baoyi was still in a daze, and the quarrel between the two opposite had already escalated.

Ning Wanzhou was furious, and raised his hand to overturn the brocade box she was holding in her arms: "I will never give her anything from the town government office! I have said that my sister is not allowed to give gifts, but my sister can't understand it?!"

Nan Baozhu was furious: "That is my dowry!"

She stretched out her hand to scratch Ning Wanzhou's face!

Nan Baoyi lowered his eyes.

The brocade box fell to the ground, and those beautiful and exquisite gold jewelry were scattered on the bamboo leaves, looking distressed.

But I don't know if it is the distress of jewelry or the grievance that I have suffered.

She knelt down and went to pick up those little jewelry.

A black shadow overturned, and the big palm with a thin callus picked up the gold bracelet first.

Nan Baoyi raised his head.

A man wearing tuanlong pattern vermilion and black rim uniforms, with golden crowns and hair, high nose and thin lips, holding a brocade box in one hand and putting small jewelry into the box in the other.

She was startled: "Second brother?"

Xiao Yi buckled the lock of the brocade box and pulled her up with her hand.

He took her into his arms in a protective manner, bowed his head and kissed her on the forehead: "I heard the dark guard report that you are coming, so I hurried to pick you up."

He stared at Ning Wanzhou again, his brows with chills: "If you dare to lose your temper and disrupt my plan, you will go back to Chang'an."

Nan Baozhu Chaoning Wanzhou replied: "If you dare to bully Jiaojiao, then go back to Chang'an!"

Ning Wanzhou was unhappy, turned around and left without being polite.

Nan Baozhu happily took her younger sister's hand: "Jiaojiao"

Xiao Yi's eyes are like mountains: "I still have a lot to say to her."

The implication is to tell her to get out.

Nan Baozhu sighed, and didn't dare to splash Xiao Yi, so he reluctantly returned to the small pavilion first.

Xiao Yi stared at Yuchi again.

Wei Chi scratched his head and was forced to leave with one step and three turns.

There are no others in the bamboo forest.

Xiao Yi took Nan Baoyi's hand, put her on a bamboo tree, and stroked her cheek: "I'm thin."

Nan Baoyi was funny: "Where did you lose weight? Yuchi asked people to make soup every day. I gained a full four catties. By the way"

She took out the brush from her wide sleeves: "The small brush made of A Chou Lanugo is a custom in the South. I brought it here and gave it to my second brother."

Xiao Yi took it.

The lanugo is soft, with a pale grass yellow color.

His eyes were more gentle, and he bowed his head and kissed the little brush.

Nan Baoyi touched her flat abdomen and hesitated: "I heard those women say that big families like sons, especially the royal family... I only gave birth to a little princess, can my second brother blame me?

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