Ancient Godly Monarch Chapter 1611

Hes here. Many people turned their gazes towards Qin Wentian who was approaching. They couldnt help but make comparisons about him and Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was one of the top elites among the younger generations. He has surpassed many seniors and now, not many in his Sword Spirit Sect could exceed him in terms of strength. He had a sword-angled brow and a demonic charm to his demeanour. Although he knew Qin Wentian has arrived, he still didnt look up. He continued drinking with his concubines, as though he didnt give a damn about this challenge at all.

As for this mysterious challenger. Even until now, no one knew his name or which power he came from. It was like he appeared from thin air, suddenly showing up all of a sudden in Lifelong City, wanting to use Xiao Yu to shoot to fame.

The truth was also as they have speculated. Qin Wentian was precisely attempting to use Xiao Yu to become famous. He checked up on the background of all 36 governors, this Xiao Yu was a peak genius that was nurtured heavily by the Sword Spirit Sect. Xiao Yu didnt let down the expectations of his sect and managed to climb to the position he had today. His character was extremely arrogant and lustful, putting on airs everywhere he goes. He already has over ten concubines and all of them were young misses from major powers that were extremely beautiful as well. He felt that ordinary beauties werent worthy to even become one of his concubines.

All these clearly were his flaws, but they were all masked by the radiance of his halo. This supreme genius of the Sword Spirit Sect, this youngest governor of Lifelong City, to everyone else, it was only normal that he should be arrogant and have many beauties around him. No one would care about these flaws at all. From the conversation Qin Wentian had with the old man, this point could clearly be seen.

Qin Wentian continued forward step by step, walking towards the governors manor. As he stared at Xiao Yu, his aura gushed forth, his intent to battle was evident.

Among the crowd, an old man stared at Qin Wentian with astonishment. He walked out and mumbled, Its actually you?

Qin Wentian glanced over and smiled at that old man. So it turned out that it was none other than that initial-stage immortal emperor old man whom he once had a conversation with.

Old sir, how are you? Qin Wentian laughed.

The eyes of the old man flashed, staring at Qin Wentian as he spoke, Little fellow, you might be talented enough to win against three other governors consecutively but its best that you know when to stop. You should apologize to Governor Xiao Yu and he might choose to spare you.

Challenging governors wasnt a fun thing to do. A governors manor was after all, the representative of authority in a certain area. It was fine if you won, but if you lost the challenge, no one would say anything if the governor chose to slay you. After all, the challenger was the one who took the initiative, he naturally has to pay a price. If not, what happens if everyone started issuing challenges just because they had nothing better to do?

Such incidents had occurred many times before in the history of the Lifelong Realm. If the challenger won, they would gain fame but they wouldnt really dare to do anything to the governor. But if they lost, the best scenario would be that they got heavily injured, even being crippled or killed was a common consequence.

Many thanks for your advice, but I still wish to give it a try. Qin Wentian nodded to that old man. That old man stared at him as he sighed. Why must you do this. You young geniuses have already broken through to the immortal emperor realm at such a young age. Is fame really that important to you all?

Qin Wentian smiled but he didnt say anything. Fame? What he needed most now was none other than fame. If he had enough fame here, the Lifire Empyrean definitely wouldnt dare to intentionally target him. Since the Lifire Empyrean refused to bring him here, he could only come here himself. If not, he would always be in a passive position, trapped in the palm of the Lifire Empyrean.

There are many who wish to use me as a stepping stone to rise to fame, you are not the first one. As to why Im sitting here waiting for you, its purely because you defeated a few other governors, you have the qualifications to meet with me. Xiao Yu inclined his head and stared at Qin Wentian, his voice tinged with cold arrogance as he continued, Now, I will give you two choices. The first is because you challenged the governors manors prestige, you have to kowtow three times. If you do that, I will treat it as nothing has happened and you are free to leave here.

What about the second choice? Qin Wentian asked.

You will die. Xiao Yu calmly spoke, his tone ringing with unquestionable authority.

As arrogant as the rumors stated. A smile appeared on Qin Wentians face. Maybe, theres a third option. You lose.

A cold and mocking smile curled Xiao Yus lips as he laughed coldly. He lose?

A mid-stage immortal emperor wanted to challenge him who was a peak-stage emperor that had no equal? This sounded like an extremely funny joke. Most probably, the vast majority of the spectators felt that this was a joke as well.

Only to see Xiao Yu standing up at this moment. Both his arms were wrapped around two women as the three of them soared into the air. These two concubines of his were immortal emperors as well. Although immortal emperors couldnt be considered people with high statuses in Lifelong City, being the concubines of a governor was not too bad.

The third option? You want to use me as a stepping stone? The mocking smile on Xiao Yus face widened. To me, this is nothing but an amusing diversion. But to you, its a path that will lead you to death.

As the sound of his voice faded, he released his hold on his two concubines as he stepped out. Killing you? I can do it in an instant.

Governor Xiao, please provide me with some guidance then. Qin Wentian calmly glanced at Xiao Yu with a faint smile on his face. His carefree attitude made his words seem laden with absolute confidence. The more he acted this way, the more no one dared to underestimate him. This young man should also belong to an extraordinary power, right? If not, how would he have dared to do such a thing?

However, the person he was challenging now, was Xiao Yu!

Xiao Yus aura suddenly changed. In just an instant, the atmosphere became extremely tense as everyone felt a stifling pressure pressing down on them. The surroundings around him changed together with his aura. This ability was too terrifying. He hasnt even moved a single step but the surrounding area around him had already become so heavy.

His eyes blinked, all of a sudden, two bolts of lightning appeared in the air, shooting through space, aiming for Qin Wentians eyes, wanting to slay his soul.

At this moment, Qin Wentian only felt the force of the soul attack slamming into his soul. It felt like he was a rock in the midst of raging oceanic waves, enduring the intensity of a storm of energy that was repeatedly slamming at him. Xiao Yus eyes seemed to have been imprinted in his soul.

Only a very minor amount of cultivators were proficient in soul attacks. It was even rarer to meet someone who was so powerful executing a soul attack. If his opponent was an ordinary immortal emperor, his opponent would probably die in an instant with his soul snuffed out. However, Qin Wentian was also proficient in soul energy. In that instant, his soul became a blade of grass, fluttering wildly, standing tall in the midst of that raging torrential energy storm. Despite the power of Xiao Yus attack, it was unable to slay Qin Wentians soul.

Qin Wentians eyes also changed, turning somewhat demonic as spirals appeared within his pupils. In an instant, Xiao Yu only felt himself being teleported into a separate dimension. In here, swords of light filled the skies, imbued with Qin Wentians soul energy. This wasnt just a soul attack, it encompassed a material component capable of causing physical harm to Xiao Yu as well.

The immaterial and the material, both aspects were fused together in a perfect manner.

Xiao Yu narrowed his eyes. He didnt expect Qin Wentian to be so powerful and had such a strong soul. In fact, Qin Wentian was even skilled in soul energy attacks.

However, he merely laughed coldly and took a step forward, causing the skies to change color. Boundless sword might radiated from him as he forcefully broke free out of the dimension.

After that, a supremely powerful sword domain manifested. Silhouettes of sword sages could be seen everywhere, each brimming with an overwhelming might as they rushed towards Qin Wentian. For an instant, the space around Qin Wentian rippled with lacerating energy, wanting to rip him apart.

Qin Wentian gushed forth with immense spatial might, his body seemed to only exist in another dimension. His own sword domain manifested, the humming melody of ten thousand swords could be heard as they flew towards each silhouette of the sword sages attacking him.

For a period of time, the area between them transformed into a violent world of swords. A scream suddenly rang out, one of the spectators that were too close to it, had one of his arms torn off from a strand of sword intent. Everyone revealed expressions of fear as they hurriedly retreated. They discovered that the area outside of the governors manor was already completely permeated with sword intent. Those who got too close to it would all be torn into pieces.

Bzzz~ Xiao Yus silhouette vanished, as he integrated with one of the sword sages. That sword sage directly appeared before Qin Wentian as he cleaved out with a powerful strike that was akin to a bolt of thunder. This thunder sword strike was capable of killing gods and buddhas. The sword sage astral soul was too terrifying, at this moment, Xiao Yu was like a true sword sage that has been reborn.

Boundless radiance gushed forth from Qin Wentian as swords of light shot out unceasingly, crushing everything that got near him as he chose to collide head-on with his opponent. When the glare of the radiance shone upon the sword sages body, the sword sage actually disintegrated.

However, things were yet concluded. Xiao Yu gave up on the body and chose to integrate with another sword sage. As he stepped out, his sword might grew even stronger, capable of toppling space around him.

Qin Wentian directly soared into the air, appearing before Xiao Yu. He punched out tyrannically, causing a chain of fist imprints radiating immense radiance to link together, crushing yet another sword sages body.

However, the sword sages in Xiao Yuns domain seemed to be endless. It seemed that he would only stop after he killed Qin Wentian. Qin Wentian radiated emperor light as he resonated with his constellation. With a roar, he unleashed Gods Hand, as thousands of golden palm imprints blotted out the area. Buddhic chants could faintly be heard in the air, each of his attacks actually held the same level of power.

Rumbling explosive sounds rang out continuously, space seemed to be almost shattered. All the sword sages had been obliterated by now. The spectators all felt their hearts trembling as they watched on.

This mysterious challenger was actually truly more than capable enough to fight against Xiao Yu!

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