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  • Apocalypse: Opening All Attributes Fragments

  • Genres : Action -  Adventure -  Sci-Fi -  Harem -  Transmigration -  Apocalypse -  Male Protagonist -  Zombies -  System Administrator -  System
  • Status : Completed
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    Apocalypse: Opening All Attributes Fragments8 votes : 3.19 / 5 1

Apocalypse: Opening All Attributes Fragments summary:

Through the end times, you can become stronger by picking up pieces.In the last days when zombies and mutant beasts are rampant, others are struggling to survive and hide desperately.Su Chen did the opposite. Wherever there are zombies, there is his figure.Wherever they went, the zombies were destroyed.Picking up fragments, driving a mobile base, rampant in the last days, happy and happy.- Description from MTL

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Apocalypse: Opening All Attributes Fragments Chapters

Time uploaded
Chapter 1118:a month ago
Chapter 9: Killa month ago
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