Arranged Marriage: Dangerous Heiress Book 2 1chapter 363

Volume 2: The Phoenix And The Dragon Chapter 363 Keeping Her Safe Part 1

Andel rushed from the building and run a few blocks to his penthouse building. His eyes are fierce as a dragon. He's ready to kill. He's ready to turn down and burn whoever had got into his house where his fiance is.

When he stormed inside, Fin with his ninja men with a half-Dragon and half-Phoenix Emblem on their chest is clearing up the mess.

"Where's Ellen?" He asked quickly.

"I keep her in your secret room. I can't let her see the mess."

Andel rushed to his secret room located inside his bedroom. He found her there, terrified. She rushed into her arms and he kissed the head.

"I am here."

"What are they?" She asked.

"Baby girl. I can't leave you alone now." He murmured.

Fin knocked on the door and told them that he already cleared up the bodies and blood. Andel took her to bed and he went to their wardrobe and took a few of his clothes and her clothes.

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"We can't stay here."

She helped him and went to the bathroom to take a few personal things for her and him. She helped him pack up and he went to his secret room to take the hard drive and other important files. They left the penthouse with Fin escorting them.

Andel used one of his cars back to the company and he takes her with him inside. Since the guard let them into his office, he made her stay there while he finished a few works. She roamed around his office and took two bottles of water from the fridge. She gave one to him. He took it and swig it to his lips.

She hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek.

"This won't take long." He said softly and he took her hand and kissed it.

"I will wait."

Andel finished it all in fifteen minutes and then, he cleared up his table, organize it and turned off his computer. He took his coat and put it over her as he led her outside and he locked the door. The guard led them to the parking and then he thanked them.

"You feel okay now?" He asked as he clicked the remote to his car and he unlocked it. He opened the passenger seat.

He drove through the traffic and they turn to a pizza parlor as he planned and buy a box of pizza and take out pasta. He held her hand as he drove to somewhere. She didn't ask him where. She will always go wherever he goes.

They stop at Andel's grandfather's house. She looked at him in a questioning look. He held her hand and kissed it.

"It's better that we stay here where you are safe."

The security salute to them and they entered the mansion. He parked it and a maid came to greet them. They took their bags and the food that they brought, and, in the living, room are two old men playing chess.

"Grandpas, why are you still playing at this hour?" Andel asked and messed his hair.

Alexandro waved at them.

"Oh! Good that the two of you here without notice." He said. Manuel looked up at them with creased brows.

"Ellen, what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Hey, grandpa. I didn't know that you'll be here." Ellen said guiltily.

"We are sleeping here. My penthouse is filthy." Andel said and walked to the two old men and kissed their cheeks like he always does.

"Alexandro." Manuel faced the old man in front of him. Alexandro grinned and moved his Queen to checkmate Manuel's King.


"Oh! Goodness!" Manuel groaned and pushed his ch.i.p.s toward him.

Andel shook his head and strode to Ellen.

"Is this what you mean about the surprise that you are talking about?" Manuel asked Alexandro. Alexandro looked at Ellen and Andel.

"Maybe." He smirked.

"Ellen! Explain." Manuel demanded. Andel wrapped his arms around her.

"Grandpa Manuel, we are engaged." He said almost a whisper and then he kissed Ellen. "It's a secret." He said slowly and glanced around.

Manuel gaped and Andel let Ellen go. Alexandro calls the maids and told them to prepare his room and a room beside him for Ellen. They acted like they aren't a lover in the house. Maids and Butlers will always talk about it.

"There's a big problem in the penthouse building that I am staying. And in coincidence, Ellen is staying on the same floor of my penthouse." Andel said. "It's not safe there. They are targeting Ellen." He reached a glass of martini and pour himself.

Ellen sat on the sofa and put the box of pizza and pasta on the coffee table. The maids came in to set a glass with balls of ice on the glass and soda. Ellen gave the old men pieces of pizza and they make another round for playing.

Andel exhaled as he sat beside Ellen and lean on the sofa. He massaged his temple.

"How long have you been dating?" Manuel asked.

"Since last year." Andel murmured. "I proposed after it was declared lockdown." He yawned.

Ellen took a piece of pizza and tapped his arm. He took it and started taking big bites.

"When will be the wedding?" The old man asked again.

"Grandpa, there are lots of weddings coming up." She said. "Steven, Stanley, Selina we can't mash up our wedding together with them."

"Oh. But that doesn't mean that you can't give me a grandchild." He said strictly. Andel yawned and finished the pizza and the scotch that he's drinking.

"I will be upstairs." He said and then he kissed Ellen's forehead.

Ellen doesn't feel hungry, so she took her purse.

"The two of you should enjoy your chess party with pizza." She followed Andel and she went to the door just in front of his room.

She took a quick shower and put her robe on. Then she reached an ointment from her bag and she sneaked to his room. He's lying on the bed. He's still wearing his office outfit.

She crawled up to the bed and waked him. He sat up and she started unbuttoning his shirt and helped him remove it all. She took him to the bathroom so he could brush his teeth and wash his hands.

"Big bear, just a little more. Okay?" She assisted him shortly and then she takes him to bed. She went to the door and locked it then she removed her robe and joined him to bed.

"Baby girl" He murmured and she snuggled to his chest. He reached her face and kissed her passionately. "I need to keep you safe. I'm sorry that I took you here. But grandpa is the one that only knows about us."

"It's alright with me. I'll go with you wherever you go."

She straddled him and reached his shaft. She started stroking it with her hand as it slowly getting hard. Then, she adjusts a little and started sucking it. He growled and then hold her. She sucked him until he's fully hard and then, she sat on him with his shaft inside her and she started riding on him.

He watched his baby girl ride passionately and he's over the moon in euphoria. He thrust back hard and quick and shortly, she came hard and he followed. She collapsed beside him and smiled at him.

He reached her face and kissed her nose.

"It scared me that they are after you."

"Fin is already in the house before it happens. I think, he already predicted it."

"I am glad that Fin is there." He kissed her lips. "I don't know what will happen if I lose you."

"I am fine, and I didn't receive any scratch."

"They are lucky. Because, if you received any scratchI will make their life miserable."

She took the ointment.

"How about you relax? I will massage your head."

Ellen rolled the ointment to his forehead and on his nose line and to his brows. She started rubbing massaging it with his fingers and on his cheekbone. Facial massage will soothe his headache. Soon, he's already asleep. Then, she continued massaging down his shoulders and arm though he's already asleep.

Her poor big bear needs more pampering.


Andromeda sipped on her milk and she put down her phone. She exhaled and rubbed her chest. That was close. Ellen almost got killed. Adrian will keep threatening them. Damn that little sucker. Good thing that Fin had automatically responded after she called to tell him that Ellen is in danger.

"Hey, you okay?" Zachary asked as he turned on the television and sat beside her.

"Yeah, I am fine." She answered.

Zach adjusted the television and suddenly a s.e.x video is playing.

"What's that?"

"That's your m.o.a.n." He said seductively. "I keep our lovemaking back from Greece."

It was her third time with him, and she suggested that they should film it because she wanted to see it. She never thought that he will keep it.

"You are so s.e.xy my love."

"Hey! You didn't share that with anyone, did you?!" She scolded him.

"Of course not." He frowned. "Why would I do that? I wouldn't share my wife with anyone. Besides, there's a passcode for that and no one can ever have that video."

She bit her lip as she slowly getting turned on when he's growling like an animal in the video.

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