Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 235

Chapter 235 Reunited

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The fiery coil of anger still seethed in Nan Zhi’s chest when she thought of Mu Sihan finding a group of people to lie to her, tricking her into believing that he fell down into the abyss. The recollection gave her a sour taste in her mouth and she frowned again.

She kicked Xia Xi under the table and signaled for her to get the first-aid kit.

Regardless of how slow Xia Xi was, she could see that Sister Zhi and young master Mu had argued. Getting up hurriedly, she went to retrieve the first-aid kit.

Nan Zhi found she had lost her appetite and could not eat anymore. Walking over to Zhang Yijun, she him she would go back to her room to rest.

Nan Zhi’s mind was still a jumbled mess of anger and disbelief as she walked herself back to the room.

Was Mu Sihan really the teen who had saved her from the kidnappers nine years ago?

Were the two of them tied together by a string of fate from that early on?

Nan Zhi had her head drooped. She was immersed in her messy thoughts and did not notice someone following behind her.

Arriving at the door, she was about to push the door open to enter the room when her thin wrist was grabbed by someone.

She did not have the chance to exclaim when her lips were covered by a large palm that carried with it the faint smell of blood. The man’s hoarse and cool voice fell into her ears. “Don’t scream. It’s me.”

Nan Zhi looked up and saw the handsome face in front of her. Her long eyelashes trembled.

Mu Sihan glanced at her and picked her up easily, carrying her like a princess as he took her with him.

“Where are you taking me?” Nan Zhi punched his shoulders and chest, not at all pleased at being taken away by him.

The man pursed his lips tightly and did not speak. His long legs walked so quickly it seemed like he was flying.

He carried Nan Zhi to a small forest behind the hostel.

By now, the rain had stopped.

The forest was quiet and beautiful with the misty humidity from the rain.

Nan Zhi struggled to get down from Mu Sihan’s embrace.

What was he doing, carrying her here instead of bandaging his hand?

Mu Sihan leaned against a tree lazily. He used the hand that was not injured to take out a lighter from his pocket. The flickering blue flame made him appear more attractive and dangerous.

“Did you think I was dead when you flirted with that boy?”

It took Nan Zhi a few seconds to finally understand what he meant.

“Can your thoughts not be so dirty? How am I flirting with someone, just by talking to a male colleague?”

Mu Sihan’s handsome jawline tensed as he hummed coldly. “Even a blind person can see that he’s interested in you.”

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows into a pretty frown. She did not want to discuss these things with him. Clasping her hands tightly, she looked up into his deep dark eyes that were hidden in the darkness. “Why did you make those people lie to me? Do you feel very happy seeing me being fooled like an idiot?”

Mu Sihan placed the lighter into his pocket. With his long arms, he stretched out and pulled Nan Zhi into his arms.

The forest had no lights and it was also completely dark without any moonlight. Nan Zhi did not think that Mu Sihan would be able to grab her so accurately.

Caught off guard, she fell into his embrace. Her delicate nose collided into his firm chest and she felt an indescribable pain for a little while and she rubbed at it unhappily.

She could hear the evil smirk in the man’s lazy voice as it rang from above her head. “Oh, are you throwing yourself at me?”

Nan Zhi had never met such a shameless and mean person. He was the one who had pulled her into his arms, yet he was saying now that she was throwing herself to him…


She disregarded the pain on her nose and straightened herself, intending to leave. However, her slender waist was grabbed by his large hands in the next second.

It was too dark, making it hard for her to see his expression clearly. All she could feel was an intense gaze piercing into her that was so deep she could almost feel the scorching heat on her.

“I never thought that you would have been fat and ugly when you were 13 years old!” Mu Sihan’s large palm caressed her face and pinched her all over. “Have you done plastic surgery?”

Nan Zhi was angry and embarrassed. She hit his hand away without a care and could not help but growl at him, “What plastic surgery? You, on the other hand, have always been bad tempered since you were young! How can there be girls who like you? Those girls must really be blind!”

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