Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 25

Chapter 25: He is a Devil

Nan Zhi clenched her teeth tightly, the stubborness in her came out and she refused to ask him for mercy.

She was a person that do not back down and she would rather die than surrender.

Mu Sihan looked at Nan Zhi's stubborn face with cold eyes. Under his forceful manner, she did not cry or panic even at the edge of death. She even looked back at him with a pair of proud-looking eyes.

He lifted his lips into a cold and almost merciless smile but instead of letting go, he tightened the grip on Nan Zhi's neck.

Nan Zhi's throat was very painful, her ability to breath lessening, her fair face was flushed red and her consciousness was gradually disappearing. The images in front of her eyes were slowing blurring into nothingness.

The ruthlessness of this man was not superficial..

It came from deep inside his bones.

If she did not ask for mercy or surrender, he would really strangle her to death.

Xiaojie's small and delicate face flashed in Nan Zhi's mind. What would happen to her darling if she was strangled?

Seeing the panic in her eyes at last, the man's grip on her neck slowly loosened.

The moment he let go, Nan Zhi fell to the ground weakly.


This man is insane!

She almost died in his hands and he wouldn't have blinked an eye.

She opened her bloodless lips, coughing and gasping for air.

She had sat in his car just this morning, thinking that he might have been the man from that night four years ago.

But now, whether he was or not, she did not want to have anything to do with him anymore.

He was too dangerous, too terrifying.

The man lifted her from the ground, pressed his lips against hers and his fingertips wandered all over her body roughly.

Nan Zhi had no strength left to resist again. A tear that was hanging from the corner of her eye slipped out and fell onto her hair.

The man kissed the tear away, lowered his head and sucked on her ear, his wet and hot tongue light against her delicate face. He asked in a low and husky voice, "Are you a virgin?"

His heavy breath fell into her ear like a gust of chilly wind, and Nan Zhi had goosebumps all over her body.

Nan Zhi shook her head. "I'm not, let me go."

Her face was still unnaturally red, her voice was hoarse, her long eyelashes trembling and her lips pale but the way she looked at him was very serious, without the slightest sign of backing away out of fear.

His powerful long fingers pinched her cheeks and his cold lips moved near her lips, not touching, but intimately close, about the distance of a thin sheet of paper. His hot breath fell upon her dangerously. "In that case, don't ever try to seduce me or let me see you again. Scram!"

He released her and went into the bathroom with a cold face.

Nan Zhi did not even had time to think about what he meant, holding her neck, which was about to break in pain, she fled the room hurriedly, doing her best to not stumble in her haste to escape the madman.

Lan Yanzhi sat in the living room and had not even finished smoking one cigarette before seeing the woman staggering down the stairs.

"Oh, she really was the girl who was swept off her feet by Fourth Brother earlier!"

Nan Zhi ignored Lan Yanzhi, she just wanted to leave this god-forsaken place as soon as possible.

Butler Yi came over. "Miss, You have to be blindfolded when you leave. I will arrange for the driver to send you back."

Nan Zhi nodded her head silently.

This was that pervert's territory, if she did not listen to him, she might be fed to the Tibetan mastiffs!

Butler Yi covered Nan Zhi with the black ribbon and prepared to escort her to the entrance where the car was waiting.

Lan Yanzhi rose from the sofa and came over. "Butler Yi, let me take this little girl back!"

Sitting on Lan Yanzhi's sports car, Nan Zhi looked out of the window, seeing nothing.

The man's voice fell into her ears, "Little girl, did you slap Fourth Brother before being strangled?"

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