Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 316

Chapter 316 His Goddess

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Nan Zhi stared at Mu Sihan’s disappearing figure that seemed to carry anger with him.

Her eyebrows were furrowed together.

What right did he have to be angry at her?

Was it wrong that she didn’t want to follow him to a gathering in the middle of the night?

Not to mention, he never gave her a proper identity.

He kept treating her like a mistress that he could just play with at any time.

Nan Zhi exhaled a vexed breath and retracted her gaze before she turned and walked back into the ward.

In a luxurious VIP private room at a well-known high-class clubhouse in Ning City.

A handsome young man with short gray hair and blue diamond studs on his ears sat on the sofa with one of his legs up.

“Is Fourth Brother really bringing my goddess over?”

Lan Yanzhi stared at this young master Ji Chuan, who was currently the most popular young celebrity in the entertainment industry. He smacked his lips together. “How are you so sure that Miss Nan is the blogger behind Sweet Gourmet House?”

“Goddess wanted me to be the guest for her show’s first episode originally, but I needed to go overseas to film a show and then she found Yannis. That’s why we didn’t get to meet each other. I remember you once said that my goddess looked ugly, apart from having a pair of slender and pretty hands. Ha! Now you can eat your words! If she looked ugly, Fourth Brother probably wouldn’t fall for her, right?” Ji Chuan said smugly.

Lan Yanzhi’s expression was full of irritation when he saw Ji Chuan’s proud expression. You would have thought that his goddess belonged to him. “If you dare to show how much you like your goddess when Fourth Brother arrives, I’ll give you the NCR Mike Hailwood TT car that I’ve collected.

There were only twelve cars of this model produced in the world. It had a Spartan-style appearance, with a semi-bare cooler, an L-shaped double-cylinder engine and double cylinder bumpers. It was impossible to buy such a retro-styled car, even if one had the money.

Ji Chuan rubbed his palms together. He panicked a little at the thought of Fourth Brother’s unique possessiveness and bad temper, but he still replied to Lan Yanzhi.

“Why not? I can say it as long as Fourth Brother brings my goddess over. I’d only get hit by Fourth Brother at most.”

The corner of Lan Yanzhi’s lips twitched. “Alright, you’re really putting in a lot to get the NCR Mike Hailwood TT.”

Ji Chuan glanced at Bo Yan, who was drinking silently in one corner of the sofa. He nudged Lan Yanzhi with his elbow. “What’s with Third Brother?”

“What can happen to him? He probably fell for that fat girl. I heard that the fat girl’s father sent her for a matchmaking session tonight.”

Ji Chuan laughed without any regards, “I would never have imagined something like this would affect Third Brother.”

The door to the private room was pushed open and a cool and tall man with long legs walked in.

Ji Chuan stood up hurriedly and rushed over to the door. “I’ve been waiting all day and night for Fourth Brother to arrive and you’re finally here.” Ji Chuan wanted to give Mu Sihan a big hug, but was avoided immediately.

Ji Chuan kept his arms out awkwardly, only these brothers would treat him like this! He was currently the hottest young celebrity around, and was the ‘husband’ of millions of female fans.

Peering obviously behind Mu Sihan, Ji Chuan did not see anyone following him. He then walked to the door and stretched his head out of the room.


Where was his goddess?

Ji Chuan turned back to look at Mu Sihan, who had sat next to Lan Yanzhi and asked with a confused expression, “Fourth Brother, you came alone?”

Mu Sihan lifted his eyes coldly. “Why, do you have anything to say about it?”

“No, weren’t you with my goddess earlier?”

Mu Sihan’s expression darkened further. “Did you come back to the country just to see your goddess?”

“My goddess doesn’t only have pretty hands, her face is pretty also. It’s natural for me to want to meet her when I’m back.”

Lan Yanzhi silently gave Ji Chuan a thumbs-ups for being so brave.

A dark glint shone in Mu Sihan’s deep and black eyes as his gaze locked on Ji Chuan frostily. “Why? Are you interested in her?”

Ji Chuan immediately became timid when Mu Sihan’s cold gaze moved to him. “I’m not interested in her, it’s just admiration. Fourth Brother, didn’t you go to look for her, why didn’t you bring her?”

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