Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Mu Sihan Im Scared

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“If that person is you, you also forced yourself on me at the beach four years later. We’re equal now.”

Mu Sihan chuckled. His scorching hot tongue curled around Nan Zhi’s earlobe again as he sucked and licked the insides of her ear.

Nan Zhi’s mind immediately blanked out.

Suddenly, there was a loud tear in the silent room.

Without warning, he tore a large hole in her white blouse.

“Mu Sihan, you asshole! Who said that you could tear apart my clothes?”

His large palm moved across her flat abdomen and grabbed her thin waist. He was half-smiling, “How do we do it if I don’t tear your clothes?”

“Who wants to do it with you?! Go away!”

He ignored her, seemingly not wanting to hear her speak again as he leaned down and pressed his lips firmly against her scarlet lips. To him, her lips were more addictive than drugs, he couldn’t get enough of her.

She only found the chance to speak when the aggressive kiss moved away from her lips and starting moving down her fair chin. She was panting as she tried to control her breaths, “Mu Sihan, I won’t forgive you if you dare to touch me again!”

He bit her fair neck as his voice was low and husky, “Kitten, I won’t let you feel pain this time.”

Nan Zhi did not want to speak with him anymore. She struggled as her fingers stretched above her head and a loud pop flooded the room with light.

The sudden light made the two of them look at each other.

A smouldering fire danced in his deep black eyes, while his facial features were tensed as beads of sweat fell from his forehead.

Nan Zhi’s heart skipped a beat when she managed to see his appearance clearly.

Even now, she didn’t know why, but she actually thought that he looked incredibly sexy like this.

He was exuded an indescribable manliness.

What the hell was she thinking at a time like this?

“Kitten,” he stared at her with his intense gaze. His lips were cut from having been bitten by her and beads of blood appeared on his lips to make his lips appear even more red. He looked like a devil that had gone crazy. “Be good, if not, you’ll be the one losing out again.”

Nan Zhi was scared from his sure-to-win expression and crawled out of the bed from under him.

However, she had just reached the edge and was about to get off when her slender and fair ankle was grabbed by his calloused palm with strength.

He pulled a little, and she was back underneath him again.

He pressed on her legs using his knees and with a tug, he tore open her skirt.

Nan Zhi could not get out of his strong hold, no matter how hard she struggled.

In the end, she could only give up. She wanted to use her body to tell him that it was impossible for a woman to accept him if they were unwilling.

However, she clearly underestimated his endurance this time.

His body was on fire from the desire, yet he did not seem to be in a rush at all.

Taking his time, he removed all of the clothes covering her body as his scorching kisses moved down her slender shoulder.

She felt like there was an army of ants crawling all over her body.

“Mu Sihan, you asshole! You only know to force yourself on mー”

Before she could finish her words, his kiss landed on her lips again. He forced her to open her lips and take in his tongue as he ravaged her sweet mouth.

As he explored her mouth, her two slender legs were forced open by him and she screamed, “No!”

“Kitten, stop resisting. I said that I’d be gentle.” His voice was low and hoarse, interlaced with a strong sexual desire, “Besides, you’re already feeling it, aren’t you?”

“I’m not!” Nan Zhi was completely mortified as he exposed her without mercy. She was not made of stone. Her body reacted naturally and traitorously to his perfect and patient kisses and the heat of his hands across her body made her react pleasantly to his touch down below. It made her feel both embarrassed and helpless.

A thin layer of moisture covered her eyes. Her body was tense like a bow that was pulled to its extremities. “Mu Sihan, I don’t want to do it, I’m scared…”

The experience of the tearing pain she felt that time at the beach made her heart palpitate. She still remembered how it was like she was being put to death when tore into her like a crazed beast.

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