Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 381

Chapter 381 Entangled Together Until Death 2

Chapter 381: Entangled Together Until Death (2)

Yi Fan looked at Xia Yanran with a pained expression and raised his hand to touch the gauze on her forehead. “Next time if you see a mad dog, take a detour. Otherwise you’ll have to get a rabies vaccination if you get bitten.”

I’ve already been bitten, Xia Yanran mused silently to herself.

The expression on Xiao Yi’s handsome face became more and more dark.

Did the two of them treat him like he was dead? Flirting openly in front of him like that.

Taking out a cigarette from his pants pocket, Xiao Yi put it between his thin lips, lit it and took a few puffs and said, “Fan Zi, I recently played with a woman. She has a small red mole on her left breast, it’s especially sexy. Every time I do it with her, I wished I could bite that red mole off.”

Men sometimes talked crassly with each other without care. Since Xiao Yi was a bigshot in the mafia, he naturally would not be short of women. Yi Fan thought he was talking about another woman and replied with a smile, “Brother Yi, you always have beautiful women around you.”

Xia Yanran, who was sitting in the middle, blushed unconsciously. Yi Fan did not know who Xiao Beast was talking about, but how could she not know?

That area he was talking about still had a row of bite marks from him.

She glared at him angrily and when he met her glare, Xiao Yi gave a faint smile which made him look extremely bad.

Yi Fan had drunk a lot so halfway through the drive to the clubhouse, he fell asleep on Xia Yanran’s shoulder.

Xia Yanran’s body stiffened, but she was stuck. She couldn’t push him away, nor could she let him stay on her shoulder.

Xiao Yi, who was sitting by the side, stubbed out his cigarette and his tall body moved closer to Xia Yanran.

His slender long legs pressed close to hers.

Xia Yanran wanted to push his legs away, but he was faster and grabbed her hand first.

For a moment, Xia Yanran’s heartbeat sped up.

She tried to pull back her hand but he held on to it tightly.

She thought he was just holding her hand tightly but she did not expect him to bring her hand towards the zipper of his pants.

Something under the pants slowly swelled at a tangible speed and in seconds she could feel the strong, iron-like thing straining against her palm.

Xia Yanran’s breath tightened and her heart was beating wildly.

This beast, jerk!

How could he be so despicable!

Xia Yanran struggled to break free but he pressed on tightly and she could not break away. She gritted her teeth and pinched him angrily. She pinched him to make him let her go, but on the contrary, he was even more aroused.

“Pinching me like this, why, you want to have sex in the car?” His low and dangerous voice was husky in her ear as he breathed out a wicked laugh.

Xia Yanran’s face was very red. She looked anxiously at Yi Fan, who was sleeping on her shoulder, and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that he was still asleep.

But who would have known, her actions were seen by Xiao Yi. He released her hand but in the next second and reached underneath her skirt.

Xia Yanran jumped up in fright.

Yi Fan’s head tilted towards the car window by her frantic movement and with a bang, he knocked his head on the car window, hard.

“Yi Fan…”

Before Xia Yanran could finish, Xiao Yi’s dangerous voice slowly whispered in her ear, “If you care about him again, I will devour you in the car.”

Xia Yanran glared at him furiously and hissed, “People like you will go to hell!”

Xiao Yi gave her a half smile. “Indeed, my hands are already stained with blood. So if you dare to make me angry again, I don’t mind sending you to hell first!”

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