Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 406

Chapter 406 Embarrassed

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Nan Zhi really wanted to slap this shameless man.

If only her beloved Xiaojie was not with them.

Even though Nan Zhi wanted to ignore him, she could not help but blush from having heard his crude words in such a public place like the supermarket.

Mu Sihans gaze darkened at the sight of her blush. His long arm wrapped around her slender shoulders and she looked up instinctively, What are you doing Mm!

His handsome face leaned towards hers, kissing her lips as though he was intoxicated.

Nan Zhis mind buzzed as it seemed to short-circuit temporary and turn blank.

A teenage couple not too far away from them saw Mu Sihans action and the girl pouted as she said unhappily to the boy, Look at that uncle, hes still so romantic to that auntie even though theyre already married with a child.

The corners of Nan Zhis lips twitched. She was probably only a few years older than the girl, how was she an auntie?

The boy glanced at Nan Zhi and Mu Sihan, then at Xiaojie. Are you as pretty as that auntie? Im not as handsome as that uncle either. Them kissing in public is like a drama, and is a beautiful sight no matter who looks. If we kiss in public like that, itll be harmful to society.

Ehhh you think? But that uncle and auntie really look like they came from a drama. Oh my, their baby is so cute!

Mu Sihans kiss earlier had attracted several different gazes. Nan Zhi was not as shameless as he was, and she hurriedly walked away from him, not even caring about Xiaojie.

She only stopped when she stood in front of one of the racks.

Are you buying underwear for your man?

The sales staffs voice trailed from beside her and it was then that Nan Zhi noticed that she was standing in front of a rack of male underwear in her hurry to leave Mu Sihan.

Without Xiaojie with her, Nan Zhi looked like a university student staying on campus, with her white t-shirt, denim shorts and casual ponytail. The blush on her cheeks had yet to go away, and the sales staff asked calmly again, thinking that she was shy, How tall and heavy is your boyfriend? Ill help you with the size if you tell me.

Nan Zhi did not have the chance to say anything when her phone rung.

Nan Zhi answered the call with her eyebrows furrowed when she saw that the call was from Mu Sihan.

The mans pleasing baritone voice said, Help me buy two pairs of underwear. He then gave his height and weight.

The sales staff was standing very close to Nan Zhi, and she heard the mans voice. She said enviously after Nan Zhi ended the call, Your boyfriend is so tall! His body is also very ideal, you should get 3XL!

Nan Zhis lips twitched.

3XL was too big!

She was only wearing M herself.

The sales staff smiled at Nan Zhi, You probably dont know this, right? With your mans figure, he must wear such a big one, otherwise, itll be too tight!

Nan Zhi was speechless. She was just buying underwear, talking about such an embarrassing topic was too much for her!

Oh, since your face is so red, youve probably seen your mans size before. Listen to me and take this one.

Mu Sihan was standing in the next aisle, and his lips curled up uncontrollably when he saw Nan Zhis face turning redder.

Tsk, a shy Kitten was really adorable.

He really wanted to pull her into his embrace and knead her cheeks.

After they returned to the apartment from their trip to the supermarket, Nan Zhi made three dishes and a soup.

The food that she made were all those that Xiaojie usually liked to eat.

However, the child did not end up eating much as most of it went into the stomach of that man.

Xiaojie was a little sleepy and Nan Zhi gave him a shower before carrying him to his bed to sleep.

By the time Xiaojie fell asleep and she returned to her room, the corners of her lips twitched when she saw Mu Sihan also asleep on the sofa.

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