Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 424

Chapter 424 Missing 3

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The other big change towards the end of the diary happened after Ye Qings accident.

He wrote that Ye Qing had the habit of writing a diary like he did, and he had gotten Ye Qings diary from his butler.

As a result, he found out why he left the Ye family, and why he lost all of his memories from before twelve years old

He said that he was a sinner in front of Ye Qing.

Nan Zhi continued to read the diary.

He stopped writing his diary for a very long time.

Until not too long ago.

[Older brother, you actually left her behind on the deserted island. Why did you hurt her?]

[I felt a warmth I havent felt in a long time when Im with her. I need warmth.]

[Youre not allowed to hurt my Kitten.]

In the next page, it was filled with a different-styled reply: [Why are you so useless? I told you to find Xueer, where is she?]

[I dont like it when youre with another woman. Xueer will be sad when she returns. Break up with her as soon as possible!]

There were a few blank pages in between the entries, with the next one being a warning from Ye Qings personality: [Xueer is back. I want to be with her. I dont want to lose my fever. Sihan, youve owed me too much. You wont blame me even if I take your body, right?]

At this, the goosebumps crawled across Nan Zhis arms and she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end.

It was no wonder that he was not willing to take any medicine of injections after he got a fever. It turned out that he even had the thought of taking control over Mu Sihans body.

The next page was written by Mu Sihan: [Kitten is ignoring me now. Your goal might be achieved soon.]

[I dont dare to tell her that I have split-personality disorder on top of my bipolar disorder.]

[It seems like she doesnt like me anymore.]

[She kissed another man.]

[I might be out of the game.]

[Even if I was to get together with her, you would still chase her away when you come out next time. She can handle one or two times of me hurting her, but would about the third or fourth time?]

[Maybe, I should talk to her. If she doesnt mind and is not afraid of my split-personality disorder, I should consider giving her a home.]

Nan Zhi closed the diary. Sparkling tears circled in her eyes.

He asked to meet her because he wanted to give her a home.

Nan Zhis hands cupped her face. Her heart was in great pain from the content in his diary.

Nobody was perfect in this world, and one was only a real person if he or she had a weakness!

That afternoon.

Xueer returned to the manor.

She had lost wrigj down again within these few days. Her face was so pale it lacked complete color.

She found Nan Zhi in the kitchen, making dinner for Xiaojie.

Nan Zhi had stayed here for the last few nights to accompany her son since Mu Sihan was not at the manor.

Xiaojie did not know what happened, and Nan Zhi lied to him that Mu Sihan was on a business trip.

Xueer asked Nan Zhi to meet at her the living room.

The two of them sat on the sofa. Xueers eyes were red, and it was obvious that she had not stopped crying, Miss Nan, Ah Han cares for you so much. Do you not know where he went now that hes missing?


Nan Zhi stared at Xueer, I dont know.

She searched all the places they went together before these few days, but she still could not find her.

Miss Nan, Ah Han only left after he could not take the blow from watching the video of Grandma and you in her final moments. Can I know why Grandma knelt in front of you? Arent you scared of the retribution from accepting her kneel?

Xueer was treating as the murderer that killed the Old Madam!

Im very sad with the Old Madams passing as well, no one wanted such an accident to happen. Miss Mu, I understand what youre feeling, but I cant accept you blaming me!

Alright, then tell me why Grandma was kneeling down? Why did you accept her kneel too?

Nan Zhi pursed her lips, as her hands clenched into tight fists, I will explain it to Mu Sihan clearly when he returns.

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