Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 426

Chapter 426 An Emotional Night 1

Chapter 426 An Emotional Night (1)
The man standing outside was dressed in full black.

Unlike the neat and dignified appearance he always had, now he was covered in the stench of alcohol, while his clothes were extremely crumpled. There was even stubble on his chin.

His cheeks had slimmed down quite a bit, and it made his facial features look more well-defined. His fringe had grown as well, and blocked his pair of black eyes slightly.

The lights in the living room were not on, only the sound-controlled lights in the corridor were lighted and shone from behind the man. She could not see his expression too clearly, but she could feel a strong sadness wrapped around


Nan Zhi held back a sniffle, as she moved forward to hold his hand. Come in!

He naturally would not tolerate her going to a hotel with another man, with his overbearingness and arrogance.

Even if he was angry at her or blamed her, he still could not help but come and find her.

He did not enter the apartment behind her, and pushed her hand away to walk towards the elevator instead.

Nan Zhi stared at his tall but depressed back view. Her fingers sunk painfully into her palms as she shouted with a trembling voice, If you dare to leave, Ill really let another man take me to bed!

The man turned around and came back.

He grabbed her shoulders tightly and pushed her into the apartment.

He kicked the door closed roughly.

The sound-controlled lights outside turned off, and the living room entered a pitch black.

Nan Zhis slender figure was thrown towards the cabinet at the entrance, and her waist was pulled into the mans embrace before she could react. The moment she looked up at him, his kiss landed on her lips perfectly with a practised ease.

The entire process was executed perfectly, even down to the angles. He seemed to be wearing night-vision glasses, but he also seemed to be in perfect chemistry with her and managed to find where her lips were based solely on her breathing.

Nan Zhi did not know how much he had drunk. She was drowned in the strong scent of alcohol on him, and his scorching touch made her heart clench tightly.

His kiss was fierce and fiery, like he was fighting for power against her in a nameless war, while also like he wanted to eat her up.

Nan Zhi could not catch her breath. Her hands pressed against his shoulders, wanting to push him away. However, her action only resulted in a stronger, crazier and more possessive kiss.

Mu Sihan was like a dormant volcano. He seemed to be calm on the surface, but the lava within him could burn a person.

She did not resist at all.

Combined together, their breathing was messed up within a short while.

All of her energy seemed to be sucked clean by him as well.

Her legs felt weak like jelly, as she punched his shoulders lightly. Her hands slowly opened and moved to grabbed his shirt collar instead.

He only released her when she was almost out of breath.

The heavy and quick breathing sounded especially clear in the quiet and dark night.

Nan Zhi had many things she wanted to say to him. She opened her mouth, wanting to talk, but he leaned his forehead on hers. His heavy breathing surrounded her senses as warmth brushed against her lips. Kitten.

His voice was soft, yet low and hoarse, and contained an emotion she could not place.

Nan Zhi had never felt like time was so slow and unbearable until she experienced the four days when he was missing.

She did not dare to show her worry and panic in front of Xiaojie. She could only reveal the emotions in her heart in the quiet silence of the night.

Even though she could not see his current expression, she could still feel the heat in his gaze. Mu Sihan, about your grandma

His breathing became heavy, as his hands grabbed her chin. His words were sharp while his voice was low and hoarse, Did you do it with Gu Sheng?

He was still asking this at such a time

Then again, she did use this method to force him to show himself, so she shook her head hurriedly. No, Butler Yi found someone whose back view looked like Brother Gu.

His calloused fingers caressed her lips. Did you kiss him?

Before she could say anything, his warm tongue poked out of his mouth and traced the shape of her lips and teeth teasingly. He sucked the sweet liquid in her mouth before he moved back and asked hoarsely, Did you do this?

Nan Zhis scalp tingled and she almost lost her words in his lips. No, we didnt do anything.

He did not seem to have heard her words, as though he had sunk into his own world of insanity. He kissed her again, his tongue exploring every inch of her mouth.

What about this?

Nan Zhi noticed that something was wrong with him. She could only accept his crazy kisses since she could not push him away. Her hand that was on his shirt, however, slowly lifted up and felt the wall.

A loud click sounded, and the dark room was immediately lit up with a glaring brightness.

The man that was kissing her let go of her immediately as well and walked towards the bedroom.

Nan Zhi sighed in relief, it was a good thing that he did not leave the apartment.

She went to the kitchen and made a snack. She also heated a glass of milk, before bringing it all to the bedroom.

There was the sound of the shower in the bathroom, so he should be taking a shower inside.

Ten minutes passed, then twenty

Nan Zhi did not see him coming out. She could not wait anymore and she hurriedly pushed the bathrooms door open, disregarding everything.

The man inside did not even take off his long pants. He stood under the shower, with a hand on the wall supporting him. He was not showering, but was zoning out.

There was no mist in the bathroom at all, and Nan Zhis heart skipped a beat. She moved towards him hurriedly, and he was indeed taking a cold shower.

Not caring that she was getting drenched as well, Nan Zhi turned the switch of the shower to the hot water.

When she was done, she looked up at the man in front of her. His black eyes were filled with red blood veins, and his handsome but slim face was slightly pale.

Nan Zhis heart clenched.

She lifted her hands and wrapped them around his neck, forcing him to look at her amongst the dense downpour of water.

Sihan, you watched the video, didnt you? Youre blaming me for killing Grandma, right? Its alright, you can vent it all out of me, just please dont torture yourself like this!

The man looked up slowly, as his black eyes stared into hers. I dont blame you. Its my fault for not letting her enjoy her late


Nan Zhis pupils constricted slightly.

The sadness in her became even more complicated.

He did not blame or hated her when her uncle collided into his adoptive fathers car. He did not blame her either when the Old Madam passed away from anger after meeting her.

However, it was because of her that he carried such a heavy lock that kept him in such a devilish state of guilt and self-blame that he could not escape from.

Im sorry Streams of scorching hot liquid fell from her


His large hand grabbed her slender shoulders and shook her hard. Why are you saying sorry? You didnt cause Grandma to pass away, why are you apologizing?

Nan Zhi opened her mouth, wanting to say something but he kissed her ruthlessly once more.

He opened her mouth with his tongue without a care. His scorching hot tongue entered her mouth, bringing the force and heat that could swallow anything into the kiss that made her lose any hint of rhythm in her breathing.

In that kiss, Nan Zhi felt pain and sadness. She felt even more complicated deep down in her heart. She did not push him away, letting him vent the emotions he couldnt express otherwise.

She did not know whose lips were bleeding, but she taste the metallic tinge in their mouths.

The two of them were completely drenched from the shower and the pajamas she was wearing clung to her smooth skin. His large palm roamed from her collar bones, down to her soft breasts.

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