Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Being Slapped Ruthlessly

Nan Yao pulled Bo Sijing to a corner and exclaimed in amazement as though she was very surprised, "Sijing, you already have an idea to make Nan Zhi leave the broadcasting station?"

Bo Sijing did not plan to hide it from Nan Yao, since they were good friends. As a result, she told Nan Yao everything about her back-up plan.

Nan Yao's eyes turned as large as globes and she clapped her hands in agreement. "Sijing, you're really smart! If the plan is a success, Nan Zhi would have a non-erasable stain in her life after this and no other broadcasting company would even think to hire her in the future!"

Bo Sijing smirked evilly. She was full of confidence that her plan would be a complete success.

Nan Zhi had caused her to lose her first love, and caused both Yaoyao and herself to humiliate themselves like clowns in front of her biggest idol, Alvis. She would definitely make her get kicked out of the industry in the most shameful way.

"Let's not talk about it for now. Nan Zhi is out."

Both Nan Yao and Bo Sijing looked towards Nan Zhi, who was walking out of the multimedia studio. She was wearing a purplish-pink long maxi dress that suited her tall and slender figure perfectly. Her dress was perfectly matched with a set of high heels and a pair of earrings in the same color scheme. Her fair skin was creamy and white, flawless and comparable to the whiteness of snow. The unique color of the outfit did not overshadow her beauty at all. The charm and loveliness of the gentle woman was brought out amongst the innocence she was exuding.

She had been brought up in a wealthy family from young after all. The clothes that Alvis designed seemed to have been made just for her. She looked elegant, modest and dignified.

Both Nan Yao and Bo Sijing clenched their teeth, hatred bubbling in their minds.

They had been gloating earlier to her about having an outfit that Alvis had designed. In the end, Alvis came to the broadcasting company personally to give Nan Zhi a long dress that was similar to that of the princess consort.

The pride they had felt in front of Nan Zhi had been thrown back in their faces and they felt utterly humiliated.

"Yaoyao, just wait for the good show!" Bo Sijing's anger and embarrassment went away slightly at the thought of what was about to happen. They just needed to be patient.

After the second interview, the few people who had been accepted were invited to tour the broadcasting company and begin as interns the following Monday.

Nan Zhi was feeling a little thirsty and walked to the kitchenette to get some water. As she finished her drink, a sharp cold draught of air blew towards her just as she turned her head. Following that, a tight slap landed on her right cheek.

A fiery pain spread out instantly, staining her cheek pink. She blacked out for a few seconds as her head spun.

Several people, including a few interviewers who had exited the multimedia studio, looked towards her direction at the sound of the crisp slap.

Out of the four people they accepted this time, Han Mo had the highest hopes for Nan Zhi. She walked over immediately, seeing that Nan Zhi had been slapped by a fierce Lin Wanyue. She asked in confusion, Wanyue, why did you hit her?"

Lin Wanyue's face was made up and twisted in aggravation, and her nostrils flared. She pointed at Nan Zhi's nose and shouted in anger, without any regard for her image, "Chief Han, I'm really starting to question your working ability. Weren't you the one who was always talking about high standards? Aren't you embarrassed to cover up for this type of person, who has such a questionable personality? What is it, any pretty face can come to work at the broadcasting company now?"

Han Mo furrowed her eyebrows. She was unhappy with Lin Wanyue's attitude. It was overstepping her boundaries and she wouldn't be afraid to put her in her place. "Wanyue, are you questioning my ability in hiring people? You'd better clearly clarify today what you mean by your accusing words. How is Nan Zhi's personality questionable?"

Nan Zhi's skin was as white and tender as tofu. Five bright red finger prints had appeared on her delicate skin immediately after Lin Wanyue's heavy slap. The prints were angry, red and swollen. The side of her lips were also bleeding.

Nan Zhi wiped away the blood at the side of her lips. She was not angered beyond control, nor was she flustered and exasperated. She merely stared at Lin Wanyue with eyes that were so calm that they were sharp and cold. She said slowly, her voice sharp and frosty, "Senior Lin, May I ask how I have offended you? What did I do to deserve this baffling slap from you?"

Nan Zhi was cold and calm. She did not bare her teeth in anger, even in such a situation. She did not look fearful at all as she stood opposite the unbearably arrogant Lin Wanyue. In fact, Lin Wanyue's imposing manner seemed to deflate from Nan Zhi's unruffled calmness.

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