Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 606

Chapter 606 The Cute Baby Is A Sweet Talker

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Nan Zhi had received a call from the bodyguard who usually took Xiaojie to school and picked him up after.

He said that on the way back, more than a dozen men with guns had taken Xiaojie and An Feng away.

After answering the call, Nan Zhi was in a daze.

Qiao Yanze saw that her face had turned pale and he asked nervously, Whats wrong?

Nan Zhi bit her lip, trying to clear her head.

The bodyguard just called and said that my mom and Xiaojie have been kidnapped.

Nan Zhi had just finished speaking when Qiao Yanzes phone rang.

Seeing that it was his mothers chauffeur who had called him, Qiao Yanze frowned and did not take it seriously, hanging up the call directly.

But in two seconds, the phone rang again.

Qiao Yanze realized that something was wrong. Usually, his mothers chauffeur would not call him if there was nothing wrong. Could it be that something had happened?

After answering the call, Qiao Yanze frowned deeply.

Zhizhi, my mom, along with your mom and Xiaojie were kidnapped!

Nan Zhis face instantly paled. How could this have happened?

Mu Sihan had just left and someone had kidnapped Xiaojie, and even the Duchess. Who was so bold?

In an abandoned building.

Madam Qiao woke up slowly and she opened her heavy eyelids. Her hands and legs were tied with hemp rope and she could not move.

She was sitting on a wet concrete floor with her back leaning against the mottled walls.

The air was damp and smelled disgusting.

When she regained consciousness, Madam Qiaos first reaction was to look to her side. There was a panicked look on her face when she saw that An Feng and Xiaojie were also kidnapped.

Madam Qiao opened her mouth but before she could say anything, the tightly shut door was pushed open.

Several figures walked in.

When she saw the figure in the lead, Madam Qiao widened her eyes in disbelief. Yanrong?

Qiao Yanrong ignored Madam Qiao and sat on a worn leather sofa, his legs crossed on the coffee table. He took out a cigarette and held it in his mouth, and the people behind him immediately lit it for him.

Yanrong, arent you locked in the dungeon? Why

Before Madam Qiao could finish, she was interrupted by Qiao Yanrongs dark gaze. Mom, did you forget that Im an engineer? When they were building the dungeon, I was also an integral part in its construction. If I want to escape, who can stop me?

Madam Qiao looked at Qiao Yanrong, and felt that he was so familiar, yet a complete stranger at the same time. Although they were not biological mother and son, she had raised him for over 40 years, how could she not have any feelings for him?

You kidnapped us over after escaping from the dungeon? Yanrong, Im your mother. What youre doing now is worse than that of an animal!

Qiao Yanrong seemed to have heard something funny and he laughed. I wanted to kidnap An Feng and Ye Sihans son. You cant blame me if you offered yourself to deaths door. In the end, in your heart, I cant be compared to your biological child. Look, you knew there was danger but for the sake of your child, you still have no hesitation in saving them!

There was a pain in Madam Qiaos heart. She had poured in countless efforts and love on Qiao Yanrong, but he did not know how to be grateful.

Madam Qiao was disappointed in Qiao Yanrong and disappointed in her past self!

Qiao Yanrong did not want to waste time talking to Madam Qiao and said to the woman behind him. Go wake the little one and slap him a few times, cut off one of his little fingers and send it to Nan Zhi.

The woman took a basin of water and went to Xiaojie, who was tied up in the corner.

When she was about to throw the water at him, the little fellows long and thick eyelashes moved and under his tall nose, his sakura-like lips pouted slightly, like he was about to wake up and he looked cute and adorable.

No woman would be able to resist such a beautiful and lovely cute child.

Xiaojie slowly opened his glass-like, large and ink-black eyes. When he saw the woman standing in front of him, his black eyes moved around with no fear and he said, Beautiful Sister, what are you doing with a basin of water?

When the woman heard Xiaojie call her Beautiful Sister, a smile appeared on her lips. She was already over 30 years old and when other children saw her, they would call her auntie and some even called her old auntie. No one ever called her Beautiful Sister.

The woman put the basin down and touched her own face, asking softly, Do you really think that Im beautiful?

Xiaojie nodded, his eyes black and bright, which could make anyones heart soften into a puddle of mush. Yes, and Beautiful Sister your voice is so gentle. I know with one look that you like children very much, right? You wont hit me, will you?

Who would bear to hit such a cute little thing?

Of course, big sister wont hurt you.

Xiaojie had already woken up when Qiao Yanrong was telling the woman to come and hit him. Although he was small, he knew that he was in a dangerous situation. He would not use rough methods, letting people slap his face and cut off his little finger! Otherwise, Pretty Zhizhi would be very sad!

Xiaojie smiled at the woman, revealing his white and neat teeth. Beautiful Sister, I have a drawing in my bag. If you show it to my Pretty Zhizhi, she would know that Ive been kidnapped.

The woman felt that her heart was almost melted by this little fellow.

Oh my God, whose child was this. So good-looking and such a sweet talker!

The woman was a mistress of Qiao Yanrong and he did not really like her that much, but she looked a little bit like Lian Yun in the eyes. Every time he saw her, Qiao Yanrong would think of how Lian Yun smiled in front of him.

On the contrary, when the woman cried, Qiao Yanrongs heart would also soften.

Okay, we wont cut of his hand. Send someone to deliver the drawing!

Qiao Yanze helped Nan Zhi into the house. Her legs were shaking and she was unsteady on her feet after learning that An Feng and Xiaojie were kidnapped.

Soon after entering the house, he received more news.

Qiao Yanrong had escaped from the dungeon!

Qiao Yanze had a bad feeling in his heart.

This kidnapping was probably related to Qiao Yanrong.

Nan Zhi sat on the sofa. She took out her phone, wanting to call the police when the doorbell rang.

Qiao Yanze went to open the door and a little boy was standing at the door. He handed Qiao Yanze a box he was holding in his hands. Somebody asked me to give this to you.

Without waiting for Qiao Yanze to speak, the little boy turned and ran away.

Mr. Qiao, whats in the box? Nan Zhi walked over with weak legs, taking the box from him and opening it.

Nan Zhis eyes turned red when she saw a drawing, a pair of pearl earrings and a jade bracelet inside.

The drawing is Xiaojies and the earrings are my moms.

Qiao Yanze pursed his lips. The jade bracelet is my moms.

Qiao Yanze could almost be certain that this was related to Qiao Yanrong.

He grabbed onto Nan Zhis shoulders with both hands and said with a hoarse voice, Zhizhi, I heard that Qiao Yanrong escaped from the dungeon. He probably sent someone to kidnap them.

Nan Zhis body swayed. If he wanted revenge, he could target the adults, why isnt he letting a child off? Just because Lian Yun is dead, he has to kill off my family?

Not only because of Lian Yuns death Zhizhi, theres something I have to confess to you!

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