Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 655

Chapter 655 Settling Things

However, many people were still scolding Nan Zhi in her Weibos comments.

[Yo, you still have a powerful financier behind you!]

[Youre really powerful! Its only been a while, but youve managed to wipe the internet clean and even block your name.]

[Everyone must work together against an immoral female host like her.]

[No matter how cleanly the videos and photos were wiped, Id already saved everything. Anyone who wants it can add me on Weixin.]

[For people like her, if I saw her face in the future, I would only think about her]

Nan Zhi exited the comments, not bothering to look further.

She was going to wait for Qiao Yanze to return before going to the police station at night and finding a lawyer to release her statement.

When she was about to exit Weibo, she found a post that Li Ting posted a few minutes ago. [A piece of shit almost ruined everyone. Im glad she got suspended.]

Several comments appeared under Li Tings Weibo immediately.

[Even her colleague had posted, it seems like the woman in the video is indeed that Miss N.]

[Shes really a promiscuous prostitute.]

[Stop talking about Miss N quick. Be careful, she might please her financier with just opening her legs and her financier would settle things with all of you by bribing the police.]

[Oh, Im so scared!]

Several netizens commented with a secretly laughing emoji.

Nan Zhi exited Weibo with a dark expression.

She was about to put her phone back in her bag when her phone rang again.

Seeing the caller ID, Nan Zhis weak heart started to thump harder.

She walked to the corner of the lobby, accidentally pressing the reject button from her nervousness.

Poking pink tongue out, Nan Zhi hurriedly recalled the person.

However, the call merely rung once when the person on the other end hung it up.

When did this person become so petty?

However, it was not right for her to be angry with him now.

Just as she was about to call him again, Yi Fan called her.

Nan Zhi immediately answered the call.

Miss Nan, Young Master has seen the news about you.

Nan Zhis heart tightened uncontrollably after she heard Yi Fan say this.

Although she thought that he wouldnt believe the woman in the video to be her, she was still nervous unconsciously.

Its not me.

Yi Fan hummed, Young Master knows that its not you.

Nan Zhi could not help but sigh in relief. Where is he?

Young Master is busy with work. He has some words he wants me to tell you.

A flash of disappointment appeared when Nan Zhi heard this. Something like this had happened to her, yet he was still in the mood to work?

Miss Nan, the next thing you should do is

After hanging up the call, Nan Zhi put on a pair of sunglasses and a face mask. She looked down, walking out of the broadcasting company.

Just as she was reaching the carpark, someone shouted, Nan Zhi, its Nan Zhi!

Nan Zhi turned back at where the voice came from, only to see more than ten middle aged women rushing towards her like they were crazy.

Nan Zhi, you b*tch! My husband saw your pole-dancing video and he blamed me for not being as pretty and voluminous as you, you b*tch. Im going to tear your b*tchy face apart

Seeing that the situation was not right, Nan Zhi could not return to her car, as she turned around to run towards the road.

She placed her hands on the barrier, jumping over it easily as she ran to the opposite side of the road.

The women chasing after her did not let go of her though, as they continued to chase her.

Nan Zhi knew clearly that these women were definitely paid by the person who was framing her to cause trouble for her!

Those women were very fast. Seeing that they were about to catch up to her, and that there were no taxis on the road, Nan Zhi could only continue to run forward.

Suddenly, a black business vehicle stopped in front of Nan Zhi.

The door opened and a mans devilish voice rang, Get in.

Nan Zhi could not see who was sitting in the car, but the voice was not a stranger to her. Seeing the women that were going to catch up to her, Nan Zhi did not hesitate further and got on the car immediately.

The vehicle was luxurious and spacious inside, as a tall figure was sitting on a massage chair, eyes slightly closed, blocking all of the light inside.

Nan Zhi did not manage to sit properly after getting on before the vehicle moved off. Stumbling, she fell on the man.

The man helped her up with a devilish smile.

After she was seated stably, he spoke lazily and devilishly, Miss Nan can be considered as a celebrity after exploding the online news today.

Hearing Ye Yanfengs words, Nan Zhi merely smiled, her expression unchanged. If being framed and getting scolded and attacked for nothing can be counted, then I have indeed shot up to fame.

Ye Yanfeng sat up straight, his hand supporting his chin as he smiled blankly at Nan Zhi. After such a big thing had happened, I didnt think that you would be so calm. If it was any other girl, they would probably be sobbing terribly by now.

Nan Zhi stared at Ye Yanfengs handsome face, narrowing her eyes slightly. After all, its not me, why do I have to cry? On the other hand, why did Your Highness pass by our broadcasting company so coincidentally?

I just finished an interview in the broadcasting company. I was about to go back when I happened to see you. Ye Yanfeng said, raising an eyebrow slightly. Its no wonder why youre the girl my Fourth Brother likes. You can actually hold your emotions in so well after getting into such a situation.

Nan Zhis heart sank a little.

Ye Yanfeng sent Nan Zhi back to the Qiao family castles entrance.

It was only after watching the vehicle drive far away that Nan Zhi turned and entered the house.

Madam Qiao and An Feng were waiting in the living room, approaching Nan Zhi immediately when they saw that she was back.

Zhizhi, your grandma and I saw the news. Your uncle said that he would settle it and told us not to worry, but how can we not worry? What happened?

Nan Zhi held onto Madam Qiao and An Fengs hands, smiling slightly. Grandma, Mom, the truth will be out very soon.

Grandma, since Uncle isnt back yet, I have a favor to ask for.

What is it? Just tell me, Ill definitely help you if I can.

Nan Zhi whispered by Madam Qiaos ears.

Mrs. Qiao nodded, Alright, dont worry. Ill definitely settle it for you.

On Mu Sihans side.

He had returned to the Crown Palace, taken a shower and changed his clothes when Lan Yanzhi called him.

Fourth Brother, Ive found the IP address that posted the first video. The person used a fake IP address, though I still managed to crack it and find the real one in the end.

Mu Sihan walked towards the window, humming coldly.

They used a fake IP address that showed that it was from Canada. However, the real IP address belonged in the Capital. You also know the person who posted the video, shes called Nan Yao.

Nan Yao?

Mu Sihan smirked coldly. Im sure Nan Yao has been framed this time as well. Help me get the conversation records of Nan Yao.

Alright, give me some time.

Two hours later, Lan Yanzhi called him again.

Nan Yao had paid netizens to comment fake comments and even bought an account with more than a million followers to degrade your Nan Zhi to the core. And, she is indeed doing it for someone. I investigated her private account, which had a large sum deposited into it two days ago. I found the details behind the anonymous account that sent that large sum, as well as found the IP address of that person that contacted Nan Zhi. Ill send it to you now.

When Mu Sihan saw the message Lan Yanzhi had sent him, he furrowed his eyebrows tightly.




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