Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Meeting Secretly

When Mu Sihan saw the message Lan Yanzhi had sent him, he furrowed his eyebrows tightly.

The Tianxin district was the Capitals most luxurious residential district. Everyone that stayed there were elites and nobles in the high society.

Block Five, room 201.

This place was not unfamiliar to Mu Sihan.

He had even been to this place once.

The IP address and the anonymous account belonged to the same person.

Shangguan Wan.

Mu Sihans well-defined face immediately tensed coldly. Under his well-defined nose, his lips pursed into a tight line.

Did Wan Er betray him?

Although the two of them were not really married, they had agreed to form an alliance at the start. Right now, was she helping Ye Yanfeng become the Crown Prince?

Mu Sihan drooped his eyes a little, his eyes completely dark.

A few seconds later, he called Shangguan Wan.

However, he was notified that her phone was off.

Mu Sihan stood in front of the window for a few hours, until the sky slowly darkened.

Yi Fan came over to remind him, Young Master, its almost the time youd arranged to meet Miss Nan.

Mu Sihan spoke coldly, Have you done everything?

Yi Fan hummed once.

Walking out of the palace with a black coat on, Mu Sihan got on a luxurious bullet-proof sedan.

In a certain residential district.

Nan Yao, who was pregnant, was lying on the bed as she ate fruits and browsed Weibo.

When she saw Nan Zhi being attacked to nothing by the netizens and the people she hired, she was extremely happy.

She had been extremely unlucky in the past weeks, with her ploy to frame Nan Zhi for her miscarriage turning against her instead. In the end, she was tortured so much by Li Ying that she felt like dying.

However, the child in her was extremely strong, and she could not get a miscarriage no matter what.

She lived torturously everyday, wanting to die but could not.

These few days, the only thing that made her forget her misery was Nan Zhi being attacked by the entire online community today.

She knew that with Nan Zhis personality that made others jealous, she would definitely offend many people outside.

See, there was already someone willing to pay her five million dollars to help attack Nan Zhi.

Nan Yao stared at the uncouth comments under Nan Zhis Weibo, chuckling out loud.

What are you laughing at?

Hearing Li Yings voice, Nan Yao immediately stood up in fear, looking down timidly.

Seeing that Nan Yao was not replying, Li Ying shouted impatiently, Im asking you something, what were you laughing at?

Nan Yao passed Li Ying her phone. I was laughing at Nan Zhis scandal and her being scolded by the entire online community. Shes totally ruined this time.

Although Li Ying did not like Nan Yao, she disliked Nan Zhi even more.

If Nan Zhi was totally ruined and embarrassed the Qiao family, that was the one thing she really wished would happen.

What happened to her?

Uncouth photos, and she even smoked marijuana. Nan Yao could not help but gloat at Nan Zhis misery.

Hearing this, Li Ying was immediately interested.

Opening Nan Yaos phone, her expression changed slightly after a glance at it.

There are a lot of people scolding Nan Zhi this time. If she wants to climb back up again, Im afraid it wont be that easy. Throwing all those aside, even if the Qiao family doesnt mind, she wouldnt be able to marry into a good family in the future as well!

Li Ying furrowed her eyebrows, throwing Nan Yaos phone back to her. What video, what photos? Nan Yao, will you die if you dont lie low for a day?

Nan Yao hurriedly picked up her phone.

Opening her Weibo, she found that the trending topic was gone. The videos and the photos were all gone as well. If she mentioned Nan Zhis name, she could be banned from commenting as well. She was completely frozen at what happened.

Didnt the person who contacted her say that she had the ability to make this post remain on the trending list?

Li Ying raised her hand, poking Nan Yaos forehead with strength. Its because of you that I got chased out of the castle. If youre not able to give birth to a healthy son for our Bei Xuan, well see how I would punish you!

Li Ying left in anger.

Nan Yao fell onto the bed with a pale face, feeling extreme hatred and pain against what had happened.

When would such days end for her?

In the Tianyuan Manor.

When Nan Zhi arrived, Mu Sihan was still on the way.

In the manors garden, there was a square table, with a bouquet of fresh flowers placed on it. There were even bottles of red wine, champagne and crystal glasses on it. The flora tidied beautifully around the table were strung up with colorful lights.

They sparkled, looking extremely pretty in the night sky.

A thin candle was burning on the exquisite and retro European-styled carved candelabra, making the atmosphere look extremely beautiful and romantic under the starry night sky.

If it was before today, Nan Zhi would have been elated if she saw such a romantic scene.

Because the emotionless man had finally been enlightened!

Now, however, the dirty water on her had not been washed away yet. How was she in the mood to have a candlelit dinner with him?

Nan Zhi walked around the manor, not seeing anyone else apart from the chef that was cooking.

She had sat in the living room, staring at her phone for a while when Qiao Yanze called her. Im home, where did you go?

Nan Zhi did not dare tell Qiao Yanze that she was about to meet Mu Sihan. She needed an excuse. Im at Huahuas house.

Enough. Even though Qiao Yanze was not with Nan Zhi, he still managed to hear the hesitance and guilt in her voice. Did you go meet Mu Sihan? Ill let you meet him this once, because he had helped you remove the things on Weibo. However, youre not allowed to stay overnight, got it?

Nan Zhi was slightly surprised. He was the one who did it?

The person who is against you this time is too powerful that even your uncle, me, isnt able to go against them.

Nan Zhi remembered what Yi Fan had told her, a bad feeling rising within her.

What was Mu Sihan doing in asking her to come here at such a bad time?

The sound of a car engine trailed from outside the manor. Nan Zhi walked to the door, seeing Yi Fan get off to open the back door.

A tall and handsome figure got off the car.

He was wearing a tailored black suit, a black coat covering his wide shoulders. The perfectly tailored suit pants covered his slender legs while the top two buttons of his black shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his exquisite collarbones. The dim yellow lights in the yard landed on him, forming a layer of blurry light on him to make him appear even more handsome and cold.

Nan Zhi did not move forward to welcome him, merely staring as he stepped closer to her.

It had been a few days since they had met, and now that they did, her heart could not help but thump faster.

He stopped in front of her, lifting his hand which was wearing an expensive watch, to grab her. He stared at her. How long have you been here?

Not too long.

He pulled her to the living room, when the chef walked out. Your Highness, the food is ready.

Mu Sihan nodded without an ounce of temperature. Theres nothing for you to do now, you may leave!

The chef stared at Mu Sihan and Nan Zhis interlaced hands, a gleam flashing in his eyes.

After the chef left the manor, he went to wait by an inconspicuous corner. A dark-colored business vehicle drove over a while later.

The chef got on the vehicle, staring at the man in the seat as he said respectfully, Your Highness, the two of them are the only ones left in the manor.

The man leaning against the chair opened his eyes. A sharpness and coldness flashing in his pretty eyes. Since theyre so eager to meet, then well follow our plan!




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