Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 657

Chapter 657 Getting Past This Difficulty Together

In the manor.

Mu Sihan sat on the sofa, crossing his slender legs elegantly. He had a cigar in between his lips. After he lit the cigar, his face was covered by the swirling smoke, making him look extremely serious.

Nan Zhi sat next to him, unable to stop herself from speaking when she saw his tensed expression. Did you manage to find out who the one against me is?

Mu Sihan exhaled a mouthful smoke slowly, narrowing his black eyes at Nan Zhi. Shangguan Wan.

Nan Zhi was completely shocked, her long lashes fluttering terribly in disbelief. It cant be Wan Er.

The corners of Mu Sihans sexy lips curled up. Shes your rival, but youre actually speaking for her.

Shes not. Nan Zhi glared at the handsome man, pouting. Although shes your wife in name, she doesnt have feelings for you. You can stop being so smug over it.

Mu Sihan raised an eyebrow, smirking wider. How many women can remain unaffected for such a charming man like me?

Nan Zhi really wanted to hammer this narcissistic man to death!

She took a deep breath, changing the topic. Why did you ask me to come here? If people find out about us, the two of us would be dead.

Mu Sihan tapped the cigar against the edges of the ashtray, his well-defined fingers lifting up Nan Zhis exquisite chin. His voice was low as he raised an eyebrow. Do you really want to be an unseen mistress for the rest of your life?

Nan Zhis breathing tightened, her fingers curling up tightly unconsciously. What do you mean?

We have to face this eventually.

Nan Zhi got more confused the more she heard. She was about to clarify her confusion when a loud commotion appeared outside.

Yi Fan used his body to block them from the outside. He said something, but the ruckus did not stop, merely getting louder and messier.

Nan Zhi watched the man beside her press out the fire of the cigar before he stood up from the sofa.

He took off the coat he had on his shoulders, leaving on the fitting black shirt and suit pants on him. His hair was combed neatly, his expression void of any temperature as his aura blasted out. His eyes were filled with dominance and cold arrogance.

Nan Zhi stared at the man who suddenly changed his gaze and aura into that of a King, feeling both familiar and unfamiliar towards him.

Whos outside? Staring at his well-defined face, Nan Zhi asked softly.

Mu Sihan glanced down at Nan Zhi. Did you go everything that Yi Fan had told you to?

Nan Zhi nodded.

If I didnt guess wrongly, those are reporters outside. Theyre not only the local ones, but also some from overseas.

Nan Zhis breath tightened.Read latest chapters at vipnovel.com

She would not have thought she would need to face a mass hoard of reporters in such a situation. She furrowed her eyebrows. Even if I can clarify that Im not that woman in the video, our relationship now still cannot be exposed. If the reporters caught us

Mu Sihan interrupted Nan Zhis unfinished words coldly, I said before that we have to face this eventually.

Before Nan Zhi could say anything, Mu Sihan was already walking towards the door.

Nan Zhi being framed online suddenly, Shangguan Wans disappearance, and the reporters appearing suddenly Everything seemed like they had been arranged by someone beforehand.

As long as a person had the ambition of a wolf, they would want to become a King that was above everyone else.

If he wanted to become the Crown Prince, he could not be involved in any scandals openly. If the other party was successful this time, even if he had earned points from leading a victory in war, he would be ruined by the scandal. Everything he had done before would all have been in vain.

Mu Sihans expression was cold, his lips pursed tightly. A few seconds later, he spoke lowly, Yi Fan, let them in.

When Nan Zhi heard Mu Sihans words, she felt like her heart was thumping so fast it seemed like it was about to jump out of her throat.

They were the only ones left in the manor right now, but he really dared to let the reporters in.

Nan Zhi was tensed, her breathing quick as she did not know whether she should stand in her spot or hide away.

As if sensing her nervousness, Mu Sihan turned back to look at her. If you want to be with me openly, we have to face this battle together!

Just as he finished speaking, the doors were pushed open. Amongst the unending loud ruckus, the flashes continued nonstop, as if they were going to blind peoples eyes.

In Block 5, Apartment 201 of Tianxin district.

Shangguan Wan slowly woke up with a splitting headache. When she opened her eyes, she froze slightly when she saw the white ceiling above her.

She wanted to get up from the bed, only to find that her hands were tied together with a rope.

Leaning against the bed stand, she tried her best to recall what happened.

Raorao said that she had learnt to cook a few dishes from the houses cook recently, and asked her to meet at this apartment.

After they were done eating, she became really dizzy and sleepy. The next time she woke up was now.

Shangguan Wan immediately understood that Shangguan Rao had laced the food with sleeping pills last night.

Shangguan Wan immediately furrowed her eyebrows tightly.

Their sisters relationship had been very strong and close. What was she trying to do when she laced her food with sleeping pills and even tied her up?

Older Sister, are you awake?

Shangguan Wans pretty face was immediately taken over by a cold expression, glaring at Shangguan Rao coldly. Why did you tie me up?

Panic and helplessness appeared in Shangguan Raos eyes after being glared at by Shangguan Wan, though she still mustered her courage to reply, Old Sister, I went to see Brother Yanfeng a few days ago and saw photos of Brother-in-law with another woman on his desk. Brother-in-law is cheating on you with another woman behind your back, but youre still foolishly in the dark

Shangguan Wan interrupted Shangguan Raos words coldly, Thats between your Brother-in-law and me. Why did you drug me and tie me up?

Shangguan Rao took out a recording camera from behind her timidly, her eyes red. Older Sister, please make this video and tell everyone that Brother-in-law has betrayed you and your marriage. You have to tell everyone that he is cheating on you with that Nan Zhi girl outside!

Shangguan Wans cold eyes turned slightly, immediately understanding why Shangguan Rao was doing all of this.

Her face tensed, gritting her teeth furiously. Ye Yanfeng told you do this, didnt he? He wants to use a scandal to ruin Sihan! Tell him that I wont record it and to give up!

Older Sister, I was the one who wanted to help him. It has nothing to do with Brother Yanfeng!

Shangguan Wan stared at Shangguan Rao with both disappointment and anger. Look at yourself, what have you become ever since you fell for him? Did the past you dare to do this to your older sister?

Older Sister, I want to make Brother Yanfeng the Crown Prince at any cost. Im not scared!

What potion did he give you? Why do you want to embroil yourself into this political fight? Shangguan Rao, wake up!

Older Sister, youre the one that needs to wake up. Why are you still protecting Brother-in-laws reputation after he had betrayed you? As long as you agree to say something, he would lose this right to fight for the Crown Prince position with Brother Yanfeng and your reputation wouldnt be ruined either. In fact, you would be sympathized by the public. Sister, treat it as me begging you, please help Brother Yanfeng!

Shangguan Wan closed her eyes. Suddenly, she stood up from the bed.

Seeing that the rope tying Shangguan Wans wrists together was loose, Shangguan Raos eyes constricted. Older Sister, you




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