Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 658

Chapter 658 Youre My Plaything From Now On

Older Sister how did you

Shangguan Wan threw the rope on Shangguan Rao, her eyes red and cold from her anger. Do you think you can tie me down with just a simple rope? Raorao, if you werent my younger sister, I would shoot a bullet into your head immediately!

Shangguan Rao shook terribly.

The lights in the room shone from behind Shangguan Rao, half of it landing on Shangguan Wans face. Her half-lighted face made her look slightly dangerous and cold.

Miserable tears swelled in Shangguan Raos eyes, her lips trembling. Older Sister, youre the best amongst the female and been my role model since young. But I cant understand. Why are you protecting a man that has done such a thing to you?

You dont understand? What about you? Why are you betraying yourself for that man that doesnt like you? You drugged your own sister, kidnapped and even forced her to film a video. Shangguan Rao, is this how I taught you to be a person?

The tears that Shangguan Rao had been holding back fell uncontrollably.

Shangguan Wans every word felt like a sharp sword, piercing into her chest.

The recording camera in her hand dropped down.

Older Sister, Im doing this for you. I want to help you get rid of that asshole


Shangguan Wan slapped Shangguan Rao in anger, her eyes filled with coldness and disappointment. Dont find excuses for your own mistakes!

Not wanting to say anymore to Shangguan Rao, Shangguan Wan immediately walked out of the apartment.

There was a bad feeling within her. Something bad might have happened to Sihan.

Shangguan Rao cupped her stinging cheek, her tears-filled eyes slowly darkening.

Shangguan Wan rushed downstairs with large strides. Her car was parked under the apartment building. She was about to walk over when a blinding car light flashed towards her eyes suddenly.

Shangguan Wan raised her hand up to block her eyes.

A dark-colored business vehicle stopped in front of her with extreme speed.

It had stopped barely a few centimeters away from her.

The window wound down, and the driver said to Shangguan Wan, Your Highness, Our Highness is inviting you into the car.

Shangguan Wans expression darkened, turning around to leave.

If you dont want to see your son again, you dont have to get on.

Shangguan Wan immediately turned around to stare at the driver that had spoke, her eyes so sharp as if she wanted to stab a million knives into him. What did you do to my son?

Get on.

Shangguan Wan gritted her teeth with a dark expression. Alright.

After she got on, the driver left the car knowingly.

The quiet vehicle was only occupied by Shangguan Wan and Ye Yanfeng, who was smoking.

Shangguan Wan already did not like Ye Yanfeng originally, but after Shangguan Rao drugged her, she hated and despised him even more.

Shangguan Rao had been her beautiful sweet sister and they had always been close. To think she had changed so quickly because of him that she did not know her anymore.

Ye Yanfeng, I know that some people would do anything to get what they want. But I didnt think that you would even kidnap a child who is barely a few months old. If anything happens to my Little Xingxing, I will definitely kill you!

Ye Sihan took out the cigarette he was biting on with his slender fingers, exhaling a mouthful of smoke at Shangguan Wan with narrowed eyes. Wan Er, Im giving you a last chance. If you beg me to return to my side and admit that youre that girl, Ill let Ye Sihan off and clear Nan Zhis name. I wouldnt even want the Crown Prince position anymore. Beg me, you only have to beg me!

Shangguan Wan stared at the crazy and stubborn man, whose eyes were completely red. She felt like all of her goosebumps were standing.

Although Im the Princes only son, you should know that my mother was only a maid. I was almost killed by the Princess Consort when I was born. If it wasnt because the Princess Consort wasnt able to give birth to any children and had passed away early, I wouldnt be acknowledged by the family.

Wan Er, you were my only warmth once. I can be a good person for you.

Shangguan Wan smelled the strong masculine cologne smell surrounding the man, her heart trembling slightly. Ye Yanfeng, do you have hypochondria? Stop finding excuses for your evilness!

Ye Yanfeng did not speak anymore, merely staring at Shangguan Wan.

He started to exude a bone-deep loneliness and sadness.

Slowly, the last hope and kindness he had in this world disappeared because of her words.

Maybe, he had gone crazy.

Or maybe, he was like a drowning person, wanting to grab onto the last strand of grass that could save him.


He was not able to grab that strand of grass.

He looked up, laughing out loud.

I gave you a last chance already, Shangguan Wan. From now on, I wont feel anything for you anymore.

Shangguan Wan stared at the mans devilish, crazy and horrible appearance, furrowing her eyebrows tightly.

Did Ye Yanfeng become crazy?

Ye Sihan will lose his reputation immediately and Ill become the Crown Prince. WIth the Queens current condition, I will become this countrys King very soon. Shangguan Wan, even if you run to the end of the world, you wont be able to run out of my grasp. From now on, youll only be a plaything to me!

The car lights had dimmed, with only the murky street lights shining in through the window. The light landed on his face, and on his half-lit face, she thought she saw a tear fall from his eyes.

She blinked, wanting to take a closer look when darkness filled her sight. Ye Yanfengs tall figure was pressing against hers.

Ye Yanfmmgh!

Without giving her a chance to speak, the man kissed her furiously with a force that wanted to swallow everything, kissing and nibbling her lips like a storm.

It was impossible for Shangguan Wan to not be afraid when faced with his beast-like actions. However, she was not a normal woman and never liked to beg or cry when she was in trouble.

She moved to stop him. However, the aftereffects of being drugged by Shangguan Rao were still present, and she lost her energy to fight against him within a few minutes.

Ye Yanfeng, do you dare rape me again?

The mans kiss moved from her lips to her cheek, then to her ears. His lips moved, biting her earlobe roughly. Think about your Little Xingxing.

Shangguan Wan froze immediately.

After tonight, Ye Sihan will lose all of his power, and S Country will become mine. If youre obedient, Little Xingxing will be alright, and if youre not, whether or not youll still be able to see him still depends

Shangguan Wan raised her hand to slap Ye Yanfeng, only to have her wrist grabbed by his large hand before she could touch him.

He glared at her coldly. Shangguan Wan, if you forgot about me, then you forgot about me. Stop making up lies about some shadow. If you dont have any feelings for me, I dont need to have any for you either!

Shangguan Wan smirked coldly and spat out, Ye Yanfeng, youre really pitiful and miserable! Even if you have power one day, youll still be lonely and alone. People like you dont deserve to be loved!

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