Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Traitorous Chef

Hearing Shangguan Wans words, Ye Yanfengs expression immediately darkened. He had been extremely successful in everything that he did for many years, and was never afraid of anything. Ever since he had been acknowledged by his family, no one had dared to speak like this to him.

However, this woman under him was challenging his authority again and again.

Staring at her charming face, her red eyes, her cold expression, a strong hatred pulsed within him.

If he had not seen the light before and kept living in the dark, he would not feel this much pain and suffering.

However, he was the only one embroiled in love and hate, while she had forgotten about everything so easily.

Ye Yanfeng did not say anything, his warm hand caressed her body as his scorching hot kiss landed on her lips.

His arms circled around her like metal chains, as he surrounded her with his masculine smell laced with the scent of cigarettes and a strong oppressive aura.

At the thought of being forced by him the previous time, Shangguan Wan immediately tensed up like a drawn bow that could snap at anytime.

Ye Yanfengs large palm moved down from her chest to her slender waist. However, she felt like she had been intruded by an offender as she trembled terribly. She curled up, she was so stiff that she could not relax from her position at all.

After trying to get her out of that position for a few times, Ye Yanfeng found out that she might actually be so afraid she was completely terrified, which was why she repelled and rejected him.

None of them said anything, as they tried to get the upper hand. Ye Yanfengs forehead was covered with sweat, his sweat-drenched shirt clinging to his body to make him look even more muscular and wild.

Ye Yanfeng clearly did not have the patience. He wanted to pull Shangguan Wans body apart. However, no matter what he did, she just could not relax.

She always had a way to torture him.

The two of them were seemingly venting their hatred and anger each, though none of them made any noise, entangling only through a soundless but intense physical fight.

Ye Yanfengs handsome expression completely darkened. He wanted to take out his belt to punish this ungracious woman ruthlessly.

However, the moment he saw the sparkle of tears in her eyes, he could only hold that thought back down.

If he injured her, he would be the one who suffered in the end.

There was never a lack of women by his side, and as long as he nodded, he would have a countless number of sexy and charming women. When was he ever rejected by one like this?

Shangguan Wan, dont you want to see your Little Xingxing anymore? He glared at her with dark eyes.

Shangguan Wan closed her eyes, her body still extremely tensed. Ye Yanfeng, Im completely repulsed by you, be it from my heart to my body. Even if you use Little Xingxing to threaten me, I still wont be able to relax with you!

Ye Yanfeng had touched her once, so he knew how good she tasted.

He knew that he would be completely hurt, but he still kept trying for that experience.

However, he had ultimately underestimated her resentment and hatred towards him.

From the beginning to the end, she was not willing to open up her body for him.

In such a fight, after the two of them were exhausted, he had no choice but to let go of her!

Shangguan Wan, what we have is time!

After calming down, Ye Sihan took his phone and called one of his confidants. How is it on Ye Sihans side?

At Tianyuan villa.

Nan Zhi stared at the countless number of reporters who had all rushed in like a herd of elephants. Her hands that were by her sides clenched into tight fists, sweat forming in her palms.

If their relationship were exposed in such a way, it would only be harmful for him.

Especially when she was still stuck with the scandal of uncouth photos and taking marijuana.

She remembered that the M Countrys President angered the public because of a scandal and was impeached out of his position.

Nan Zhi stared at the mans tall and straight back, his calm and strong aura as she sucked in a deep breath, forcing herself to calm down to face this impending storm with him!

After the reporters swarmed in, the flashlights continued nonstop. Everyones eyes were focused on the tall man with a strong aura.

Suddenly, a reporter saw Nan Zhi standing by the sofa, and immediately got excited.

That reporter wanted to rush forward and interview Nan Zhi. However, with Mu Sihan standing in front with his sharp eyes and strong aura, no one dared to do anything.

The reporters from within the country were more or less afraid of Mu Sihan, though the reporters from overseas were different.

An overseas reporter that was standing at the most in front raised his microphone at Mu Sihan. Your Highness, are you having a date with that lady tonight?

Mu Sihan pursed his lips tightly, not saying anything.

Your Highness, its been less than two years since you married the Fourth Princess Consort. The two of you have always been loving and have a cute little Prince. Can I ask why you betrayed your marriage and the Fourth Princess Consort?

The moment that reporter spoke, several local reporters started speaking. Why does that woman that His Highness is cheating on his wife with look like that woman who was on the trending list earlier today?

Yes, yes, yes! Its her.

No wonder the trending topic was removed very quickly, turns out that shes someone protected by the Fourth Prince.

Mu Sihan stared at the prepared reporters, narrowing his eyes slightly as he spoke. Yes, I am protecting her.

The reporters sucked in their breaths.

They did not expect for him to admit to it so easily.

Your Highness, are you saying that youre admitting to cheating on your wife? As one of the candidates in line to be the next Crown Prince, how can the public trust and support you after youve done such a thing?

Mu Sihans expression was dark, his eyes sharp. Who said that I was cheating on my wife?

Your Highness, we have a witness. That overseas reporter called in the chef that had cooked in the villa earlier. This is an experienced chef in His Highness quarters. He can prove that His Highness is not only cheating on his wife with this immoral Miss Nan, they even have a son together!

Hearing the reporters words, Nan Zhi was silently shocked, her heart raising up to his throat immediately.

This situation now even implicated Xiaojie.

Facing the fierce and prepared reporters, Nan Zhi did not know how Mu Sihan was going to deal with the aftermath.

If he told them that his marriage with Shangguan Wan was not a real one, then that would be blatantly lying to the Royal family and the people, and the consequences would be even worse!

Mu Sihan stood there without moving, narrowing his dark eyes a little. No one knew what he was thinking.

A few minutes later, the chef in question entered the room.

He glanced at Mu Sihan, pursing his lips before he pulled up his courage to speak. Ive worked in His Highness quarters for almost two years. In the beginning, his relationship with the Fourth Princess Consort was very good. However, ever since Miss Nan appeared, he started to bring Miss Nan back to his quarters daringly and forced the Princess Consort to move back to her maiden home.

This Miss Nan is very good at seducing and enchanting His Highness. A maid talked about her behind her back one time, and His Highness actually punished that maid afterwards.

As the chef spoke, his words were like a strong bomb, immediately causing a large commotion amongst the crowd.




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