Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 660

Chapter 660 She Is His Woman

The flashlights went off nonstop, as the reporters all started to become excited at the explosive news.

Your Highness, the chef from your quarters has already testified. Besides, Miss Nan and you were indeed having a date here. Are you still not admitting to having an affair out of your marriage?

Miss Nan is immoral with her uncouth photos and proof of her smoking marijuana everywhere. If Your Highness is cheating on your wife with such a woman, we have to question Your Highness morality as well.

The Fourth Princess Consort is the oldest daughter of General Shangguan who have made countless brilliant wartime achievements and toiled with sweat and blood for this Countrys peace. Your Highness, by doing this, how are you respecting the Princess Consort and the Shangguan family?

Every reporter was adamant to say their piece, making the situation very messy.

However, Mu Sihan just remained motionless, standing there like a statue with not an ounce of temperature or emotion on his stiff expression.

Nan Zhi could not listen to it anymore. She walked next to Mu Sihan, speaking calmly with verdict, After His Highness returned to the Royal family, Im pretty sure everyone had seen the contribution he had brought to the country and the people. We dont have to talk about how he brought victory back with his soldiers under what dangerous circumstances he was under, but lets talk about how brought back new skills in transportation and technology in his overseas visit these few days. He has never disappointed anyone before, so how can all of you erase his contributions and question his morals based on the baseless words of a chef?

Nan Zhi was used to facing the camera after all, and even though she was extremely nervous under the countless number of flashlights, she did not appear to be panicked at all. She was extremely calm as she voiced out all of Mu Sihans contributions to the country under the unending questioning and accusations towards him.

Hearing Nan Zhis words, Mu Sihans dark eyes landed on her.

This woman He remembered that he never told her what he did during his overseas visit.

Nan Zhi had only found out about this after searching it on her phone on the sofa earlier..

When he looked towards her, she looked towards him as well.

The scene of the two of them looking at each other made the reporters extremely excited again.

With a gaze like this, a chemistry like this, were they still going to deny that they were having an affair?

Your Highness, I have a paternity test report with me. It belongs to Young Master Xiaojie and Miss Nan here. The overseas reporter took out the report and read the contents out loud for the other reporters. The two sets of DNA belonging to Miss Nan and Young Master Xiaojie matches up to 99.99%! That means that Young Master Xiaojies mother is this Miss Nan!

Since Young Master Xiaojie is slightly more than four years old, that means that His Highness knew this Miss Nan for a very long time now, and even had a son together!

The Princess Consort is too pitiful! Its fine if she had to marry a person that didnt love her, but she still has to experience the pain of her husband getting back together with his first love!

When His Highness returned to the Royal family back then, he had nothing besides his title. If it wasnt for the Shangguan family, how else would he be able to stand where he is now?

This is a typical backstabber who used the Shangguan family and kicked them away after he was done using them!

From what I understand, Miss Nan was only 18 years old when she was pregnant back then. In China, she just became of age. She even had a fianc then, so it would be impossible for her to have anything with His Highness willingly. She might have been raped!

Mu Sihan stared at that overseas reporter intently. It was clear that the other party had already investigated Nan Zhi and his matters back in Ning City.

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. The situation seemed to become more complicated by the second.

Could it be that they even wanted to frame Mu Sihan for raping a girl who was barely of age?

Mu Sihan raised his hand, silencing every reporter present. The commotion quietened down in an instant.

His expression was cold, his gaze sharp, his aura strong as well. He raised his hand suddenly, making all the speaking reporters silent.

After that, he did not speak immediately, only moving to hold Nan Zhis hand.

When he held onto Nan Zhi suddenly, Nan Zhi felt like her heart was about to jump out of her throat.

For the first time in front of the camera, she showed a panicked expression.

She tried to struggle out of the mans hold, but he tightened his hold instead, making her unable to get free.

Holding his hand was directly admitting that there was an unspeakable relationship between them.

The reporters were like wolves that smelt blood, taking photos nonstop in a frenzy.

Several reporters even thought that the Fourth Prince had either gone crazy or lost his mind for love.

The moment such a scandal was exposed, how could he still possess the peoples trust?

Mu Sihans dark eyes moved across every reporter present, speaking calmly, She is indeed my woman. She was in the past, she is now and she will be in the future.

Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered terribly.

She was touched, yet her feelings were complicated as well.

Wasnt he afraid of ruining his own future?

Was the now emotionless Mu Sihan really giving up everything that he had worked for with so much difficulty?

Several female reporters glanced at Nan Zhi again enviously after hearing Mu Sihans words. They couldnt help but feel touched.

If a man chose to carry the entire burden at a moment like this, they were honestly very responsible and trustworthy. However, this Miss Nan was embroiled in a scandal that very day. Was she worth His Highness love and protection?

Your Highness, are you really throwing your entire political future away for this clown-like woman? The moment we report what happened tonight, it will definitely cause chaos in the country and every achievement that you worked for the country would be ruined as well!

Staring at the fierce and ruthless reporters, Nan Zhis palms were covered in sweat while the man beside her was acting like nothing had happened. He was not explaining for himself, and he was not panicked either.

Just as she did not know what plan he was playing at, loud and uniform footsteps rang outside the villa suddenly.

Within a few seconds, guards wearing the Royal Guards uniform entered the villa with their strong auras.

When the reporters saw the guards, their expressions changed.

Your Highness, are you using violence to suppress us? The Royal Guards should only listen to Her Majesty, shouldnt they? Is Your Highness trying to start a treason?

The moment that overseas reporter finished speaking, an old but authoritative voice suddenly trailed from outside. Who is starting a treason?

This voice

All of the reporters became silent immediately!

Everyone turned towards the door in unison, their gazes respectful.

The Queen entered the villa. She was wearing a navy blue Royal-styled long dress, with a waist band that made her waist look extremely slim. She was wearing a feathered hat and exuded a dignified countenance.

After she entered the villa, she glanced at the reporters that filled the room, before her energized eyes landed on Mu Sihan. Why did you invite so many reporters when you invited Grandma over for a meal?


The Fourth Prince was meeting the Queen today?

Not only were the reporters frozen, even Nan Zhi, whose hand was still held by Mu Sihan, froze as well.

Did he ask her to come over to meet the Queen?

That overseas reporter was the first to react. Your Majesty, His Highness is enchanted by his mistress! He has betrayed his marriage with his Princess Consort and brought shame to the Royal family! We ask the Royal family to give all of us a satisfactory explanation!




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