Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 661

Chapter 661 Deep Love

Hearing that overseas reporters questioning, the Queens expression immediately changed, her eyes turning sharper. Who gave you all the courage to trespass the Princes private villa? Not to mention, he doesnt have to report to all of you about his marriage status. All of you trespassing into his private property is illegal in our country!

Your Majesty, as a reporter from M Countrys Universal Newspaper, Im not afraid of authority. In our country, our Presidents would always have scandals but we will still report them as usual. If you use violence to suppress us, you will only make the people angry!

Mu Sihan smirked coldly. He let go of Nan Zhis hand and took two steps forward, his black eyes staring at that overseas reporter. All of you keep saying that Im betraying my marriage, but do you really know everything about my marriage status with Shangguan Wan? Before I left for the war, I already broke up with her peacefully. Both of us are single now, and the Crown Palace will announce this news very soon. Since Im single, its my freedom to be in a relationship with anyone, so how am I embarrassing the Royal family?

That overseas reporter showed disbelief on his face. Its impossible. If Your Highness separated with your Princess Consort, how can there be no news at all?

The Queen spoke seriously, The Fourth Prince already told me this before he left for the battlefield. I was the one who suggested to announce this after he returned with a victory!

Hearing the Queens words, the other reporters did not dare to have any more questions. That Universal News reporter was the only one who remained stubborn and strong-headed. Your Majesty, this chef just said that it was because of Nan Zhi that caused His Highness and Her Highness

The Queen interrupted that reporters words coldly, her eyes glancing towards that chef sharply. A servant who betrays their bosses for money will never be easily pardoned by our Royal family. Take him away and keep him in the jail!

Hearing that, the chef immediately fell to his knees in fear, trembling. Your Majesty, please pardon me. T-There was someone who instructed me to do this!

Take him away!

After the chef was brought away, the Queen looked towards the reporters present, her powerful aura flaring. The Crown Palace will announce the news about the Fourth Princes and Fourth Princess Consorts divorce tomorrow. If any of you dare to misreport anything before the Royal familys official media, our Royal family will definitely pursue this matter till the end legally!

All of the reporters looked at each other. No one would have thought that the Fourth Prince and the Fourth Princess Consort had long divorced each other!

If the Fourth Prince was single, then there was indeed nothing wrong about him having a date with Nan Zhi.


That overseas reporter quickly raised another question. Your Majesty, have you seen todays news? Although the Fourth Prince is single now, as a Prince, the people he enters a relationship with should be dignified young ladies with high morality. However, Nan Zhi has uncouth photos everywhere on the internet and has even taken illegal drugs. How can such a woman date a Royal Prince?

The other reporters also agreed, voicing their discontent vehemently. If His Highness is dating Nan Zhi, we cant help but question his morality and standards.

The Queens expression was stiff, as she furrowed her eyebrows slightly. What news?

That overseas reporter showed the Queen the video he had saved on his phone.

The Queens expression darkened completely after watching the video. She turned towards Mu Sihan, What is this?

That overseas reporter immediately became excited again after finding out that the Queen did not know about Nan Zhis scandal. Your Majesty, Nan Zhis morality is bad and lower than trash. If the Royal family members are tied to people like her, Im sure the name of the S Countrys Royal family would fall substantially!

Nan Zhi, who did had not spoken even once, watched as the Queens expression turned sterner and colder. She hurriedly stepped out. Sir, please play the video you have on the television.

That reporter froze when he heard Nan Zhis words, before he burst out in laughter. Miss Nan, this is your scandal. Are you sure you want to show it on television?


When that reporter connected the video onto the television, the Queen sat on the sofa while Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi stood by the side.

Nan Zhi only played the part of the video where that woman was pole-dancing in a while bikini, as well as the part where she was wearing a sleeping gown and smoking marijuana.

The reporters did not know what Nan Zhi wanted to do. The videos were terribly embarrassing, yet she still wanted them to watch the videos again. It was enough to show how thick-skinned this woman was!Read latest chapters at vipnovel.com

Nan Zhi paused the video at where the woman in the video was pole-dancing. She pointed at the fingernail-sized birth mark on the womans chest. Firstly, this woman has a birthmark on her chest, while I dont. If you dont believe me, we can get a female reporter to come in with me and take a look.

That overseas reporter retorted immediately, The red mark on the womans chest in the video is only the size of a fingernail. You could have painted it on because you didnt want people to recognize you, couldnt you? This point is not enough to make us believe you. After all, the face and figure of the woman in the video is extremely similar to yours!

Nan Zhi nodded. Alright, if you dont believe me with this point. Then, I still have proof!

The overseas reporter clearly did not believe her.

From the very beginning, he always thought that the woman in the video was Nan Zhi herself. No matter how much she explained herself, it was impossible for her to shake off her bad reputation!

Nan Zhi pressed the play button to replay the video. She started to say very calmly, Can everyone please look at the glass windows behind the woman? Theres lightning with heavy rain outside. Even though its clearly during the day, the skies are covered with dark clouds while we can see that the large tree that is blown is slanted by the wind, as well as the plastic bags flying around haphazardly

The overseas reporter interrupted Nan Zhis unfinished words. Your point? Why are you talking about all of these useless things? How can you prove that youre not the woman in the video with this?

Mu Sihan, who hadnt spoken in a long while, glanced towards the reporter coldly. Youd better shut your mouth before she finishes talking.

The reporter stopped speaking after seeing Mu Sihans warning and dangerous gaze.

However, he was not afraid. As M Countrys reporter, he only had to be righteous and speak the truth!

He needed to see, however, how this scandalous Miss Nan was able to clear her name in front of the Queen!

Nan Zhi glanced at Mu Sihan, smiling gratefully. Mu Sihan put one of his hands into his pocket, his expression cold as he raised an eyebrow slightly, gesturing for her to quickly clear her name.

The Queen noticed the couples small action without a sound, furrowing her eyebrows slightly. She recalled the conversation Mu Sihan had with her privately before he left for the Yukou Border.

Your Majesty, although I agreed to going to the battlefield, I have one condition.


I was forced to marry Shangguan Wan back then. The person I love isnt Shangguan Wan. If I can bring back a victory, I hope that Your Majesty can allow my beloved woman and I to be together.

And if I dont agree?

Then, Ill leave the Royal family and give my love a normal family.

Theres only one path if you leave the Royal family, that is death.

Then Ill die on the battlefield.

You! Alright, if you can come back with a victory and if the girls family status is not worse than the Shangguan family, I will grant you your wish!




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