Attack Of The Adorable Kid: President Daddy's Infinite Pampering Chapter 663

Chapter 663 Detained

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When the Royal Guards stopped Ye Yanfengs car, he was lying down in the massage chair, resting his eyes.

He did not sleep however, as his brain was filled with the image of Shangguan Wans cold and indifferent expression.

He was like a traveler that went everywhere and did everything before he finally found her. After they reunited with so much difficulty, he thought that things would work out, only to receive the news of her getting married.

It was not that he didnt try forgetting her before. However, he desired that warmth and light in his life.

To him, she was his hope, his salvation.

The car suddenly stopped and he opened his completely red eyes. His thin lips moved softly, Whats wrong?

The driver looked out before he replied carefully, Your Highness, the Queens guards are here.

Ye Yanfeng sat up straight, before he wound down the window and looked outside.

He only stared as the Leader of the Guards, Lyn, walked towards him with a group of guards behind him. Your Highness, you are to return to the Palace immediately. You may not step out of the castle without the Queens permission!

Ye Yanfengs eyebrows immediately furrowed together. His well-defined fingers clenched up into tight fists. Why?

Im sure Your Highness knows very clearly why.

The moment they arrived at the Princes quarters, Lyn instructed several guards to stay and watch over Ye Yanfeng.

When he left, he met into the Prince, Ye Fengshu.

Ye Fengshu glanced towards Ye Yanfengs room, before he called Lyn over. What did Yanfeng do?

His Highness is detained because

After Lyn left, Ye Fengshu stormed into the living room in anger. Call Ye Yanfeng down.

The butler nodded in fear.

Bring my leather whip from the study as well.

Several minutes later, Ye Yanfeng got down with a cold expression.

Ye Fengshu held onto the leather whip, glaring at Ye Yanfeng angrily. Kneel down!

Ye Yanfeng straightened his back without moving.

What did I tell you? If you cant defeat the other party completely, you have to do things carefully!

Ye Yanfeng looked up at Ye Fengshu. Whats the reason the Queen detained me?

The investigating team found a set of surveillance bugs in the Queens office, and on the bugs were your fingerprints! Ever since the Third Princess betrayal, the Queen has developed grudges against anyone who may be vying for the Crown. In doing what youve done, arent you plucking a tigers whiskers while shes awake?

Ye Fengshu whipped Ye Yanfengs back three times ruthlessly.

Every whip was filled with strength, and his shirt was soaked with blood very quickly. Even though he was in absolute pain, Ye Yanfeng did not even blink, not to mention beg.

He did not explain that he did not place those surveillance bugs, because he had lost to Ye Sihan in their fight this time.

He thought that he would win for sure at first. In the end, he was unexpectedly defeated by a stronger plan.

He had been overconfident, and that was his mistake this time.

When he asked Nan Zhi to get in his car during the day, she probably tripped on purpose for him to hold onto her!

He remembered that he had touched her back when he held onto her to stabilize her. His fingerprints were obtained from then probably!

With this, Ye Sihan would get the advantage. From what I see, the position of the Crown Prince is 80% likely to go to him!

Ye Fengshu whipped Ye Yanfeng twice more ruthlessly. You useless piece of sh*t!

Ye Yanfeng closed his eyes, gritting his teeth tightly. It was only until Ye Fengshu got tired and waved his hand and left, that he allowed his tall figure to shake unstably.

So, you calculated that Ye Yanfeng would definitely come and find me after seeing my scandal? Nan Zhi walked to the garden with Mu Sihan. He pulled the chair in front of the square table for her, making sure that she was comfortable before he sat down opposite of her.

In this moment, Mu Sihan was undoubtedly a gentlemen.

His sculpted handsome face had a refreshing smile on it. His black outfit covered his well-built figure perfectly. He poured a glass of red wine for her elegantly, acting every part a gentleman who had walked out from the Romantic period.

Wasnt the DNA that the overseas reporter had taken from your hair during that time?

Nan Zhi furrowed her eyebrows. I didnt notice.

Mu Sihan smirked coldly. Hes cunning and filled with tricks. Its natural for you to not notice his actions.

Nan Zhi rubbed the goosebumps surfacing on her arms, letting out a long breath. Today was really scary, I was so scared I almost got a heart attack. But did Wan Er really work together with Ye Yanfeng? I dont believe that Wan Er would

Mu Sihan sipped onto a mouthful of red wine slowly, his expression tense. Whether its her or not is not important anymore.

Staring at Mu Sihans emotionless eyes, Nan Zhi looked down, not continuing this conversation.

The two of them ate for a while before Nan Zhi could not help but break the silence. Are they really going to announce our relationship tomorrow?

Mu Sihan put down his utensils, his black eyes staring at Nan Zhi as he raised an eyebrow. Isnt that what you wanted all along?

What she wanted all along?

That was true, but why did it sound slightly strange when he said it like that?

Dont you want it too? She asked him instead.

Mu Sihan wiped his lips elegantly, his straight back leaning against the chair. I said before that I would make you my Princess Consort.

Nan Zhi bit her lip, losing all of her appetite to eat. She stared straight into the mans depthless black eyes. I want to become your Princess Consort because of our love. If theres no more love between us, I dont want to be your Princess Consort.

Nan Zhi closed her eyes, her fingers resting on the dining table clenching slightly. Do you still have any love towards me? Even if its only a little

Mu Sihan stared at her with dark eyes that showed no emotion. You know what will happen to me after Im cured.

Nan Zhis long lashes fluttered. You already know?

I sent someone to the village to ask Master Bai. Mu Sihan raised a wine glass, downing the glass of red wine. You can seduce me to see if Ill be interested in you again.

Nan Zhi was speechless.

Yi Fan will send you a set of clothing later. After eating, you can shower and change into it.

Nan Zhi furrowed her exquisite eyebrows. Can you stop asking Yi Fan to bring me clothes every time?

Hes my butler. After you marry me, he will have to take care of everything for you.

But you even asked him to take my underwear every time, I

The man interrupted her unfinished words. If he dares to have any inappropriate thoughts, I will not let him off!

The moment Mu Sihan finished speaking, Yi Fan brought an exquisite bag over.

It was clear that he had also heard the conversation between Mu Sihan and Nan Zhi earlier. He coughed slightly, as he explained with a slightly awkward expression, Miss Nan, I always got the maids to prepare your intimate clothing before they are passed to you. I never touched them, so please be assured about it.

Nan Zhi cupped her forehead in embarrassment, not daring to look at Yi Fan.

Seeing Nan Zhis embarrassed expression, Mu Sihan looked at Yi Fan. You can go.

Yi Fan put down the bag and left almost immediately.

Nan Zhi took a glance into the bag, though her expression changed almost immediately after seeing what was inside!

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